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They may be creepy, crawly, and downright disgusting, but they are extremely common in Vancouver.

Each year, pest control company Orkin compiles itslist of top bed bug cities in Canada. The company determinedits latestrankings based on the number of commercial and residential bed bug treatments carried out in each city between Jan. 1 and Dec 31, 2020.

According to Orkin, its ranking demonstrates"the national prevalence of this growing problem."

Canada's bed buggiest city is Toronto, followed by Sudbury, Ontario in second. The third most-infested city Canada-wide is Oshawa, Ontario.

This year, Vancouver ranked fourthon the list, which represents an improvement over last year when the city was the third most-infested Canada-wide. It was also the lone British Columbian city included in the ranking.

Winnipeg rounded out the top five, with St. John's ranking sixth most-infested. Scarborough came seventh, with Whitby in eighth. Edmonton took the number nine spot, with Canada's capital, Ottawa, rounding out the top 10 bed bug cities.

Orkin is also advising residents that the pesky critters may find themselves new homes over the winter season. Unfortunately, bed bugs are adept hitchhikers, and they can thrive in either clean or dirty homes.

Since bed bugs are talented home-hoppers, early detection is the best way to reduce the chances of an infestation.

The creepy crawlerscan move easily across a room and climb onto luggage or anything left on a bed in just one night

Some things you can do to reduce the risk of picking up bed bugs as you travel include:

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Vancouver ranks #4 most bed bug-infested city in Canada - Vancouver Is Awesome

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