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Who doesnt love the great outdoors? Especially living in Spokane, where rivers run and lilacs bloom. But nature is better outside, not in the walls and carpet of your own home! All you want is a pest-free home, and you want it now. At Pointe Pest Control, we have professional and rapid service that will give you back your homeand your peace of mind.

In the last several years, bed bugs have become increasingly common when it comes to pests inside the home. You or a guest may bring them into your home without even knowing because they can hide out in luggage, clothes, or even animal fur. From there, bed bugs find small hideouts around humans, often in and around couches and beds (earning themselves the name of bed bug). If you find small, red, itchy bumps on your shoulders, arms, or back, you may have a bed bug problem.

The good news is that as bed bugs and other pests have been on the rise, so have Spokane pest control methods. We use the most effective products and techniques available without sacrificing the environment or your familys health. Our pesticides are effective and still the safest on the market. Even more, we make sure the pests dont come back.

Spokane Pest Control: Pointe Pest Control

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