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It's not pleasant when you find your home has become a haven for bed bugs or other pests. If your living space is a safe refuge from nature, then you feel comfortable enough to call it a 'home'. On the other hand, when pests invade your home, you feel unsettled and sometimes downright threatened! Bugs, rats, mice, or spiders in your home might affect your health, social life, or cause damage to your property.

We understand exactly how you feel. We've helped lots of Vancouver homeowners get rid of pests fast. By calling OnSite Pest Control, you have taken the first step in pest removal and will shortly be able to rest easy in your home again.

While every home is different, through years of service, OnSite has created a standard procedure that ensures that we are continually pushing our teams to provide excellent, safe, and efficient pest removal service. Our 5-step approach is what sets us apart as an expert exterminator company in Vancouver, with specialization in bed bug removal.

Evaluate - Before we suggest any pest removal methods, we do a site evaluation of what we see in your home. During our initial consultation, we are looking for evidence of pests, potential health or structural hazards, clues to quantity and behaviour of pests, travel pathways and points of access and egress.

Plan - Once the evaluation is complete, we formulate a pest removal plan in order to bring your home back under your control and away from the carpenter ants, bedbugs, mice, or other pests that have invaded your space.

Communicate - This is the best way to ensure that you're aware of our removal strategies and the methods we use! Your compliance and understanding ensures that our methods will be as effective as possible.

Deploy - Once a plan is in place, OnSite Pest Control puts it into action ASAP. Bed bugs don't bother us, but we know that you'd like to feel safe and confident in your Vancouver home once again.

Follow Up - Pests are just that - annoying and persistent home invaders. Sometimes repeat visits are required but don't worry because OnSite has you covered!

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Onsite Pest Control - Vancouver Pest Control & Bed Bug Removal

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