British Columbia, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug …

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The June bug flaunts a gaudy wing, the fire bug flies for fame; the bedbug has no wings at all, but he gets there all the same. Unnamed American poet, circa 1890 In an Industrial Avenue strip mall, a working beagle named Stella vigorously noses into baseboards, bookcases, table legs and chairs. Continue reading

The federal government is rushing to hire pest control professionals who can deal with bedbugs that public servants bring home from the office, as the insects continue to pop up in government buildings around the national capital region. According to a tender posted last Friday by Public Works and Government Services Canada, the feds are looking to issue up to five standing offers to pest management firms that can inspect and treat its workers homes and vehicles for bedbugs as needed, over the next five years. The budget for each standing offer? Continue reading

Become a Vendor We are constantly expanding our dealer network. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate of 1st Defence Industries Get on Board We are happy to customize your order to reflect your brand. Colors, Logos and more can all be added large volume orders. Continue reading

RANT* DOES CANADA NOT WANT ME TO GET RID OF MY BED BUGS????? Proof: Can't buy Cimexa or Nuvan strips... How am I going to treat my over 1500$ worth of engineering textbooks that I had intended to keep indefinitely Continue reading

Are thinking of relocating to Canada? Moving your family to a different city can be overwhelming especially when you know little about the town. If you are moving to a new location and you are worried about who will foot the bills in case of bug infestations, then read on Continue reading

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British Columbia, Canada Bed Bug Registry Map Bed Bug ...

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