Bedbug Registry: Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

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Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

February 01

1251 Cardero St Moved into furnished suite on 4th floor September 2015.

January 28

1748 E Pender St Hello, I've lived here for two years this March and

January 27

621 E 7th Ave I had been getting the occasional itchy bite, so I decide

January 26

1086 Bute St January 2016: Long time resident, for seven years. This is

1278 Granville St I've lived at 1278 Granville st since 2010. I was jus

January 25

1210 Jervis St May 2013 - 4th floor tenant had huge infestation. When s

888 Pacific St I had 3 times bitten since summer and not sure what it w

January 24

370 Jackson Ave This is a low cost housing unit and full of bed bugs an

January 22

1250 Comox St I'm thinking of renting an apt in this building when one

January 21

1348 Barclay St I'm thinking of renting in that building. Are there st

330 N Nanaimo St The tenants that complained below did not report the

1763 Comox St Spring 2015. Bed bugs noticed in the suite. This was repo

January 20

1095 Bute St I live in this building very long time the building was no

1201 W Georgia St Living here currently, no bug problems in sight and m

January 16

1275 Haro St I have been living in this building for about 2 years now.

January 14

1100 Jervis St We stayed in Travelodge Richmond BC before new year. we

January 13

1130 E Broadway What an interesting report on this building. Do take th

January 12

1595 E 6th Ave Was supposed to move into a suite on the 4th floor, howe

January 09

1600 Beach Ave Bed bugs on 9th and 10th floor of Laurier. Don't move he

January 08

8708 French St In 2014 We had a bed bug and let the land lord know they

January 07

1333 E Broadway june and july 2014: german roaches in the entire kitche

January 06

Cassandra Hotel Found many bugs so grossbites all over my leg. Never ag

320 Abbott St I moved into my unit here in the summer. It seemed alrigh

January 05

55 Powell St test

January 04

2111 Main St We booked three rooms for three nights to go to the PNE fo

2132 Dundas St I went to view the apartment on the 1st floor to rent it

January 02

1395 Beach Ave Update: great results, no bedbugs to speak of. Very prom

1835 Mclean Dr Saw an ad for a suite in this building - Can anyone tell

December 30

1222 Pendrell St Whenever anything broak he never fixed it so we had to

December 29

1644 Nelson St Considering moving into this building (Dec '15/Jan '16).

450 N Nanaimo St Mice infestation, bed bug infestations. Slumlords who

December 27

Super 8 Vancouver Dec 26 2015, my 7 year old son had two bed bug bites

December 24

1333 Haro St I had bed bugs for most of my stay in this building (sever

December 22

347 W Pender St as of december 20 2015 there is no more bed bug in this

December 21

205 Kingsway 12/19/15 Stayed at best Western plus on Kingsway. Both m

December 16

1090 Jervis St This report above in entirely false and was most likely

2025 W 1st Ave The land lord is a total *%&$#! she looks like a Q-tip!

December 11

2010 Barclay St 2015/12/ 08. Got bitten, thought it was a rash. Then m

December 10

3989 Dumfries St I am aware that there have been bed bug issues in two

1650 Burnaby St bedbug infestation that kept us sleeping on the couch l

December 08

1885 E Pender St Unit on second floor was rumoured to have bugs. My nei

December 07

1433 Commercial Dr Moe on 11/10/2009 got it wrong, I lived at 1411 Comm

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Bedbug Registry: Recent Bed Bug Reports for Vancouver

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