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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs in Vancouver and Lower Mainland

Are you tossing and turning because you think you might have bed bugs? Bed bugs in Vancouver are far more common than you might think! Although they are only the size and shape of an apple seed, bed bugs can keep you up all night and rob you of precious sleep. Dont let them its time you show these tiny bugs who is the boss.

When bed bugs are beyond your control,Green Valley Pest Control Ltdin Vancouver can step in and eliminate the public health dilemma that bed bugs can cause. Our highly trained, licensed, and certified pest management professionals are ready to prescribe the most effective pest treatment program suited to your circumstances and needs. Call us on604-685-4344today so that we can determine the most appropriate bed bug control method for how to get rid of bedbugs in your home and to ensure the safety and peace of mind your family deserves.

We rarely think about bed bugs until they take up residence in our homes and when they do, the most common questions people ask to stop a bed bug infestation include:

Bed bugs are small and oval, ranging in size from 5 to 7 mm. They are reddish brown (more red after feeding on blood) and with their flat body, bed bugs are commonly mistaken for ticks or small cockroaches. Although bed bugs have wings, they cannot fly.

Yes! Unfortunately, bed bugs are more active at night when we are usually sleeping in our beds. And yes, they tend to bite exposed skin, although bed bug bites are painless and do not need treatment. However, bed bug bites can cause redness, swelling, and itching along with a restless sleep and a sense of insecurity in your own home.

Bed bugs in Vancouver can be carried into your house on used mattresses, furniture, and luggage from travel or even by guests who stay for the night. You certainlycant stop bed bugs from infesting, but with help from our bed bug exterminator you sure can stop bed bug infestations in their tracks.Contact usimmediately!

A professional bed bug exterminator with a recognized Vancouver pest control company like Green Valley is your best solution to effectively exterminating bed bugs. We are offering quality bedbug control in Vancouver. Killing bed bugs for good means performing deep-cleaning services and our professionals have the equipment and the expertize to ensure a successfulbed bug removal on the initial visit.

Green Valley is truly a Green Pest Control Company:

We focus on Integrated Pest Management, which involves thoroughly inspecting infested areas and adjoining living spaces. We can also perform pesticide treatments and educate our customers on how to eliminate future infestations of bedbugs in their Vancouver, Surrey or other Lower Mainland home. Green Valleys years of experience, continuing technician education, up-to-date pest control technologies and dedication to customer satisfaction are your guarantee for safe and environmentally sound Vancouver pest control management including bed bugs extermination and removal. Read more Vancouver bed bugs information here. Our high-end bed bugs control Vancouver and Surrey services are competitively priced and cover all theLower Mainland and Fraser Valley areas including:

We also provide bed bug extermination services to North and West Vancouver plus the Sunshine Coast!

Get rid of these unsightly, unwelcome pests naturally and quickly! Talk to one of our customer service representatives for a free quote on Vancouver bed bug control services. Remember, dont let the bedbugs bite!

Bed Bugs Removal Vancouver | Green Valley Pest Control Ltd

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