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Pest Entry: Bed bugs come from a variety of places, some come from the outdoors and others are generally found in-doors. They can be, and often are, brought in on people and household pets.

Environment: Most biting insects like bed bugs need a host to survive. This means they can survive a variety of environments but are often found in moderate climates.

Reproduction: Bed bugs and other biting pests can become a problem very quickly as they may go unnoticed for some time. Small bites and skin irritations are usually quickly written off as mosquito bites or the occasional spider bite. In some cases, people do not have any reaction to these bites and may not even know that they have a problem.

Health Concerns: These pests can cause a variety of symptoms from itchy bites and allergic reactions, to serious illness in the case of certain bed bugs. Reoccurring bite marks or skin irritations should be treated by a medical professional and a thorough inspection should be done on the home to inspect for these pests.

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Bed Bugs Removal & Treatment - Pacific NW Pest Control ...

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