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Bed bugs are a risk to home and business. The bites are unpleasant to say the least, and the idea of bed bugs can be revolting. If you would like an alternative to the chemical treatment, Heat Treatment is a new and innovative bed bug elimination technique that Pesticon has mastered so we can better serve our customers.

In this technique, no chemicals or pesticides are used, making this an ideal method for cautious homeowners. Recent research has shown that bed bugs cannot tolerate extreme heat and will not survive it for more than a few hours. Pesticons state-of-the-art heat-generating units can kill off bed bugs and their offspring within just 3-6 hours depending upon the size of the property. This treatment is 100% natural and comes backed by Pesticons famed 6-month pest-free guarantee.

It can be a more expensive form of bed bug treatment, but many of our customers find the peace of mind they get from a 100% natural treatment administered by trained professionals to be well worth their investment.

The process for using heat treatment to kill bed bugs is simple. First, our highly trained technicians inspect the property to decide which type of heat-generating unit to use (we use electric heaters in apartments, hotels, and condominiums and propane-units in residential homes). All items which cannot withstand the extreme heat are removed from the premises and the area is sealed in order to prevent the heat from escaping.

Then, we clean the area thoroughly by vacuuming the entire area before placing the heating units in the appropriate places to target the bed bugs. Our technicians maintain the heat for 3-6 hours until we can be confident that all of the bed bugs have been exterminated. Before leaving your home, we remove all of the dead bed bugs and inspect the premises to be 100% certain that all of the pests have been both eliminated and removed from your home.

The reason we have confidence in our treatment is that make sure we properly assess your bed bug problem. We have had a lot of success with Heat Treatment for bed bugs in the Vancouver area. This is reflected in our Homestars ratings and testimonials. If you live in the Vancouver area and are suffering from a bed bug infestation, call, email, or chat with Pesticon right away so we can make your bed bug problem disappear!

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Bed Bugs Heat Treatment Vancouver | Pest Control Services

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