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ow, what the pco's don't share up front before we drown in debt.


I'm sad if you had a bad experience with a PMP because bad PMP give all of them a bad name.

However, I've never heard a PMP say that talc is an effective way to kill bed bugs. Keep in mind that it's entirely possible that a PMP told bitebedbugsback that, but just because one PMP said it doesn't make it true.

Just as in any other profession, there are good and bad PMPs out there, and there are multiple ways for one to be bad. A bad PMP might claim to find an infestation where none exists or treat ineffectively, but a bad one might also use a susbtance like talc that isn't effective at killing bugs or tell a client to use something that won't work.

I certainly don't think there's a PMP conspiracy out there in which there's really a cheap solution to bed bugs that they aren't telling us about.

I'm also not especially confident that talc would do anything to kill the bugs. It might make it harder for them to move and slow them down, but I don't think it kills them. If there were a cheap, over the counter way to kill bed bugs, I'd be the first one to sings its praises from the rooftops. So far, it doesn't exist.

As for the reaction you had to DE, I've never heard of DE having that effect on someone--even someone with chemical sensitivity. (Remember, DE is basically the exoskeletons of a kind of plankton, and its sharp edges mechanically erode bed bugs' exoskeletons.) There are some DE preparations that are DE combined with a pyrethrin, and if you're chemically sensitive, it would make sense that a combo product like that might trigger the chemical sensitivity.

If there isn't a chemical in it and you're having that response, I would be very wary about using any DE as I can't imagine that one food grade DE is very different from another food grade DE, and you may well have that same, if statistically highly uncommon, reaction to another preparation.

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baby powder Got Bed Bugs? Bedbugger Forums

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