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Good night!Sleep tight!Dont let the bed bugs bite

How many times have your parents tucked you in at night whispering this famous bedtime rhyme? Turns out, bed bugs are real-life critters that actually do live in your bed, feasting on you while you sleep. As frightening as that may sound, using dangerous chemicals to get rid of bed bugs might be even scarier for many folks.If the thought of treating these creepy crawlers with poisonous pesticides is whats really keeping you up at night, here are some natural bed bug solutions to help you sleep easy.

Diatomaceous earth is a great chemical-free option for getting rid of a number of pests, including bed bugs. This natural powder contains properties that can dehydrate bed bugs, absorbing their fat and oil, and killing them dead as a doornail. Spray or sprinkle in infected areas and allow it to sit for at least a week. It could take up to 10 days before you see results, but the mortality rate is high at more than 90%.

Baking soda is another natural bed beg solution that you can use straight out of the fridge. Like diatomaceous earth, it sucks the moisture out of bed bugs, leaving them dried out and dead, without the need of pesticides. Spread a layer of baking soda around doorways, walls, beds, and other infested areas. Let it sit for a week, then suck up the baking soda (and those nasty insects) with your vacuum cleaner.

Not only great at getting rid of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, tea tree oil can also be used to kill bed bugs. This miraculous essential oil has anti-parasitic properties, making it an effective natural insecticide in fighting bed bugs. For a quick and easy bed bug solution, mix two teaspoons of tea tree oil with 50 ml of water and pour into a spray bottle. Shake well and spray liberally in any area bed bugs like to hang out.

Lemongrass is an effective home remedy used for keeping bed bugs at bay. The compounds in lemongrass will not only repel bed bugs, but also kills them off by increasing the acidic condition inside the insects. Spray lemongrass in affected areas until your bed bug problem is no more.

Bed bugs normally only come out at night, making it tough to catch them in the act. While youre getting ready for bed, these nocturnal nuisances are preparing for a nighttime mealwith you being the main course. Fortunately, there are several bed bug traps out there that will prevent them from getting to you during your sleep. Interception devices can be placed under each leg of your bed, stopping them from climbing up your mattress.

When it comes to successfully overcoming a bed bug infestation, you dont have to turn to chemicals to get the job done. Truth be told, there are many ways to kill bed bugs naturally that wont put you or the ones you care about at risk. And one of the most effective methods at removing bed bugs is with the help of a professional pest control company.

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