Top 15 Bed Bug Infested Cities of 2018 in Canada

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Bed bugs are truly pesky hitch hikers. They easily and unknowingly move from one room to another by sticking onto your clothes or climbing onto your luggage. That is the reason why experts suggest to never put any piece of clothing or luggage on the bed, especially if youll need it the following day. If you cant help it, might as well check it carefully before you leave. You dont want to pick up those bed bugs and be the reason for their propagation.

Now, you might be thinking that bed bugs are only prevalent in your bed. Well, if you are in Canada, you might want to think again. Canada is home to many bed bug infested cities. Who knows? Your area might just be in this list.

As mentioned, bed bugs dont just reside in your bedding and mattresses. They also live in books and are even spotted on public transit. Believe it or not, they are considered a major and growing problem in Canada.

Although they dont actually spread disease like bacteria and viruses, their bites can cause itchiness and other allergic reactions. Even worse, getting rid of them is too complicated. Not only will you have to clean up your sleeping areas, you will have to inspect your clothing and other furniture pieces, too!

Now, if you reside in any of the Canadian cities below, you might want to get started with cleaning your entire home.

In case you are wondering how these cities are ranked, we assessed the cities that availed bed bug treatment services for a certain period. We included both commercial and residential treatments.

True, Toronto usually finds itself on top of various lists. In the past few years, it has been voted one of the best cities to live and work in. It also has the best restaurants throughout the country.

However, among all lists, this list is something that Toronto does not want to brag about. This honor might not be surprising to some especially that bed bugs have already been spotted in different rental properties in the country, public library books, and even in schools. As of the most recent bed bug registry, there are about 2270 reports for these annoying critters across Toronto.

Even if you reside in Toronto or in any of the 15 cities in the list, you need not worry so much about these bugs. You can do something about them to make your property bed-bug free. We will leave you three useful tips.

First, you have to inspect your bed, frames, and furniture pieces thoroughly. Look for signs of these critters, such as eggs and blood stains. Second, make sure your luggage is positioned away from the bed and is placed somewhere elevated. That way, the bugs wont stick to them. Finally, whenever you return home, leave your luggage in the living room or in the garage and your clothes in the dryer for at least 15 minutes. Bed bugs could not withstand high temperatures, so they wont survive.

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Top 15 Bed Bug Infested Cities of 2018 in Canada

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