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One of Canadaslargest pest control providers has released a new list that no city should be happy to top.

Orkin Canada has released its listing of the 25 most afflicted bed bug cities in Canada.

For those not in the know, bed bugs areparasiticinsectsof thecimicidfamily thatfeed exclusively on blood. In the case of the most common bed bug, the blood they feed on is human blood. Great.

To be clear, Orkin Canadasdata is derivedexclusively from the number of commercial and residential properties that have received bed bug treatment directly from Orkin between January 1 and December 31, 2020.

1. Toronto2. Sudbury3. Oshawa4. Vancouver5. Winnipeg6. St. Johns7. Scarborough8. Whitby9. Edmonton10. Ottawa

Thebed bug registryallows people to search for houses, hotels, and apartments that may or may not have had a reported case of bed bugs. It has information available for most major Canadian cities including Metro Vancouver and Toronto.

This year, things have been a bit different, with the looming pandemic and all, but bed bug sightings are down from the year prior by close to 20% nationally, according to Orkin.

Compared to last years list, Toronto and Vancouver kept their spots in first and fourth place, respectively, but Ottawa fell from fifth place to 10th, and Whitby jumped from 20th to eighth.

According to Orkin, tips for homeowners and vacationers include:

Orkin Canada

It is expected, however, that as the economy opens, bed bugs will be back in business (tip: beware of the return of borrowed office chairs). Due to their ability to double in population about every 16 days, it should not be difficult for bed bugs to regain their grip on the Canadian market, shares Orkin.

So sleep tight! And dont let the bed bugs well, you know.

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