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Can't buy Cimexa or Nuvan strips... How am I going to treat my over 1500$ worth of engineering textbooks that I had intended to keep indefinitely. Or my other books. Or my shoes. Or my craft supplies. Or my blender. Or my TV!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH

Quebec rental law states that you cannot terminate your lease early unless you are able to negotiate with your landlord. Unfortunately my landlord is a huge company managing hundreds of rental properties in Montreal and though they have had my unit exterminated (4 times already since December) they are not properly dealing with the units adjacent to mine... Furthermore, since they are a big company they don't give a fuck about the pschological problems and money that im throwing down the drain due to this issue. My building is as close to low-income housing as you can get without it explicitly being low income housing.

Quebec rental law also does not mandate the landlord to inform you of infestations in the building. We moved in without knowing the whole building had been dealing with on and off infestations for over 5 years. Futhermore there was (and still is) an active infestation in the apartment below us.

Pest control companies only use sprays and borax...... WHICH SUCKS when I can garrentee they are hiding in the walls.

Pest control company comes for the first extermination after I literally found a live bed bug on the bed while i was trying to fall asleep. They say they didn't find anything....low and behold they are back in 1.5 months later when I literally found a nest :(.

This same company says they inspected the apartments adjacent to mine and they were cleared. This is despite the fact that my neighbour told me he's given up on the issue and that he still has them. Again this is the same company who said I didn't have any when they inspected during the first extermination.

Called the vet about getting advantage or revolution for my cat. They said they dont perscribe drugs for cats due to bed bugs????

Home depot/Canadian tire/Rona dont sell plastic totes with gaskets so I have to seal my belongings in the totes with duck tape.

The only plastic covers (for the box spring) I could fine are breathable and have about 18 holes in them which i had to cover individually with duck tape....

Literally my quality of life has been ruined due to this. All of my and my boyfriend's clothes are either in plastic bags or large plastic totes (for the stuff I need daily). All out belongings are in plastic totes. We got rid of our couch because it was impossible to dismantle and we kept finding the bugs on it. Now all we have to sit on is hard chairs. My back has been sore for weeks. My boyfriend is covered in bites all the time.

About 3 weeks ago we had an extermination. We were away while it happened. When we came back a week later we kept finding live bed bugs everyday. A week ago we had another extermination... THE SUCKERS ARE STILL ALIVE, bitting us daily in our sleep. We found 2 in the bath tub this morning, and i have no idea how they got in there but I saw a small crack on the ceiling.

Their are gaps everywhere along the baseboards in the apartment. The handy work is shotty at best. Some of the gaps between the flooring and the wall are big enough for me to stick my pinky finger through. I can't have anyone over to the house...

Now we have to negotiate with our landlord to terminate the lease this summer early. I do not, in good conscious , feel comfortable lease transferring this hell hole to some unwitting person. My mom and my boyfriends Mom think we should just stop paying the rent. However if we do this we could be sued for damages in the Quebec rental board. When and if we can move we are getting rid of all our furniture. I bought my bed from sears outlet 5 years ago for 400$... It is one of the most expensive things I own and now I have to throw it out because its covered in eggs and the exterminators think they are living in the mattress. Im starting a master's and have funding but barley enough to get by day to day. My boyfriend works at a call center and makes 15$/hr. We have almost no savings and probably are only gonna be able to afford the cheapest ikea mattress when we move out.

Im so paranoid about moving my belongings with me. I intent to wash all dishes and kitchen stuff it very hot soppy water. But im worried about my books and other belongings in the bins. Also about the bins themselves. Not sure if the bins might have eggs on the outside of them as they are so damn hard to see.

Any advice is helpful. This isn't my first rodeo on this sub but it feels good to get all of these frustrations out.

*** END OF RANT***

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