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While many tenants struggle with high rents, statistics around specific issues they face are thin.

That's why in February, NOW launched its inaugural Renters Survey to help quantify the housing crisis and more than 2,100 Torontonians responded. The results offer a sober snapshot: bidding wars to secure housing and people who occupy the lowest rungs of the economic ladder spending more than half of their monthly income on rent.

Less than $800 13%

$800-$1,200 35%

$1,200-$1,800 32%

$1,800-$2,600 16%

$2,600-$3,700 3%

$3,700 1%

Apartment 46%

Unit within a house 27%

Condo 14%

Entire house 5%

Room within a shared unit 5%

Other 4% (including coach house, "sofa in living room of one-bedroom", co-op, rooming house)

I live alone 38%

With a partner 33%

With roommates 16%

With family 11%

Other 1%

Yes 44%

No 55%

*Respondents selected all that applied

Mice 51%

Cockroaches 50%

Ants 32%

Bed bugs 24%

Raccoons 16%

Rats 9%

Other 13% (Beetles, squirrels, skunks, bats)

Yes 64%

No 36%

Yes 24%

No 76%

Yes 27%

No 73%

*Respondents selected all that applied

Personal-use eviction 57%

Landlord sold the property 33%

Major renovations 20%

Violated your lease agreement 7%

Other 9%

No, Ill never be able to afford a home in Toronto 62%

Yes, if I get a major windfall 20%

Yes, in less than five years 7%

Yes, in 5+ years 6%

Yes, in 10+ years 5%

Yes 18.3%

No 81.7%

Need for major repairs/maintenance issues 37%

Above-guideline rent increase 20%

Pests 12%

Landlord harassment 9%

Personal-use eviction 8%

Illegal eviction (no reason stated) 6%

Landlord illegally entered unit 6%

Renoviction 5%

Noise/disturbance from neighbour 5%

Yes 45%

No 55%

Friend or family members home 83%

Airbnb 11%

Hotel 7%

Shelter 5%

Other 15% (including short-term rentals, sublets, hostels, rooming houses and homeless)

Motel. And I also lived secretly in the back of a store where the owner thought I was just leaving my stuff temporarily. I would sneak in late at night to sleep, then wake up early and leave before the store opened."

Two weeks-one month 30%

One-twomonths 25%

Three-plusmonths 15%

Less than two weeks 14%

Two-threemonths 13%

Other 5%

Yes 31.5%

No 68.5%

"High rent for poor living conditions"

"Expensive rent. I want to move to an apartment but can't afford it so we have to stay in a basement"

"Nowhere to go if evicted, renovicted or [the building] is demolished for condos. If I have to leave my current place, I cannot afford to pay two-and-half times more rent"

Above guideline increases for things that should be routine part of doing business

Lack of rent control on new buildings

Landlords want long-term tenants out to raise rent and this creates unstable environment for tenants with no intentions to move. Landlords will do anything to get them out

If you have lived somewhere for more than three years, you feel like you cant ever move because a comparable or slightly better unit now costs nearly double

Lack of [vacancy] rent control. My last apartment was $1450 per month, which I thought was a rip-off at that. I gave notice and the landlord re-listed the place at $2000/month, and found somebody

Lack of affordable housing and lack of purpose built rentals compounded by developers only building "luxury condos" even though regular people need regular places to live

Paying sky high rates for a shoe box

NIMBY-ism on supply side. Allow higher density housing in downtown where transit exists. Allow creative use of existing real estate, i.e. laneway housing, more 3-6 story developments in traditional neighbourhoods

Tenants competing with short term rentals like Airbnb

Cost and availability of rentals. I am paying $1,700 for a basement rental without windows. Its insane"

Rent is exorbitant; Only thing affordable is with clueless mom and pop landlords

As a growing city that attracts talent with higher incomes, those with higher incomes outbid the lower to lower-middle income earners which inflates prices. We don't have enough affordable housing in Toronto"

Insecurity. With the increase of "renovictions" or "my family member is moving in"-type shady evictions, tenants are loathe to complain about any subpar living condition, because simply having to move means one's monthly rent will jump by several hundred dollars"


Read the rest here:
Toronto Renters Survey: the results are in - NOW Magazine

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