Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on February 5th, 2020

Taking public transit is already stressful enough without the added effort of trying not to think about how dirty it is.

Well, here's that reminder for you: bedbugs are spotted in very public places all the time. In fact, Toronto was recently named the worst city for bedbugs in Canada.

They can basically pop up anywhere, but when it's somewhere public, it can be horrifying.

The latest bedbug locale: Line 1 of the TTC.

A large reddish bug was spotted crawling along the blue fabric seats of the subway on Line 1.

Many pointed out on Twitter than vinyl seats are often used for a reason. They're easy to clean and less likely to hang on to dirt (and bugs).

Others were wondering whether the small creature paid its Presto fare. It probably didn't.

The TTC customer service Twitter folks responded to questions to let concerned (and horrified) readers know that all the vehicles are cleaned daily. If something is spotted, send in a complaint and they'll give that vehicle a real deep clean.

The customer service staff also pointed out that bedbugs are unlikely to thrive in such an "inhospitable environment" as the subway.

Hopefully that helps you sleep at night.

Excerpt from:
Someone just found a bed bug on a TTC subway seat

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