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The Cobourg Public Library was closed Sunday, Oct. 3 for pest control treatment, say staff.

In a recent release from the library, staff confirmed the closure was necessary in order to receive treatment for bed bugs.

The librarys pest control firm was immediately called in to confirm the presence of bed bugs when the insects were found, reads the release. The firm has put an appropriate and rigorous treatment plan in place.

In the release, it states a few insects were found in the facility and were localized to one particular area. This area has been thoroughly treated, as has the rest of the building, added staff.

Continued treatment was taking place on Sunday in order to ensure that no bugs remain.

This treatment includes preventative treatment that will be effective into the future, said staff.

It is believed that the insects found within the library were hitchhiker bugs meaning bugs left behind by someone who has bed bugs at home, it was explained. As no eggs are present, this situation is not considered an infestation, noted staff.

While we dont want to have the negative press, we firmly believe that we have to inform our community, said CEO Tammy Robinson. We want our visitors to be vigilant and not avoid coming to the library or borrowing materials.

We understand that this situation may make patrons nervous. However, we would like to assure the public that all measures are being taken to protect the books and materials, the building, and most importantly, our patrons and staff.

Library staff noted that the Cobourg facility is not alone in having to deal with this issue, adding libraries in the Durham, GTA, Kawartha and other areas, have had to deal with bed bugs.

Any public space is vulnerable to these types of pests, said staff. In Cobourg, the library has been fortunate to not have had this problem until now, added staff.

The library will be putting protocols and procedures in place to specifically deal with bed bugs, with the intention that this will not be an ongoing concern, reads the librarys release.

If patrons find insects in their borrowings, they should seal the item in a plastic bag and bring it into the library, said staff.

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