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Bedbugs showed up in two more federal office buildings in the past week, bringing the total in the capital to five and stirring the Public Service Alliance of Canada to new action.

New in the past week were small numbers of bedbugs found in the Jeanne Mance Building at Tunneys Pasture and another facility at 22 Eddy St. in Gatineau.

Previously the blood-sucking insects had shown up on one floor each at 235 Queen St., 70 Crmazie St. and 350 King Edward Ave.

The latest two findings brought this statement fromEddy Bourque, national president of the Canada Employment and Immigration Union, speaking on behalf of PSAC.

Were very concerned with the recent outbreak of bed bugs in federal buildings across Canada. This is a serious health and safety issue affecting workers, and the government needs to take proactive measures to eradicate bed bugs in all federal buildings. These are not isolated cases; bed bugs have been found in federal buildings in Ottawa, Gatineau, Montreal, Hamilton, Toronto and Winnipeg.

Bedbugs are good at hitching rides in the clothing or handbags of people who move from one building to another.

PSAC calls on the government to:

Proactively inspect all federal government buildings across Canada with sniffer dogs to check for bed bugs. Fumigate the entire building if bed bugs are found, not just one floor or section. Cover all fumigation expenses for federal employees who find bed bugs in their homes if they work in a building where bed bugs were found. Provide accommodations for employees to work from home or tele

PSAC also wants a registry of buildings with a history of the bugs and training for employees on how to recognize them

Public Services and Procurement Canada says it has been treating outbreaks quickly and effectively, in most case eliminating the problem.


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