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AMCO Pest Control Services feature government licensed and bonded specialists who provide expert services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our Service Area covers the following municipalities:

AMCO Pest Control thrives to deliver exceptional quality of pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the aforementioned municipalities. We eliminate all troublesome pests including but not limited to; bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, flies, bees, fleas, wasps/hornets, mice/rats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and birds.

AMCO Pest Control does not simply vow to give you a pest free home; we also guarantee to eradicate pests from your place of work or business. Common pests such as mice and cockroaches often cause serious damage to valuable property in large commercial and industrial complexes, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls or warehouses. Our licensed and experienced specialists will ensure complete elimination of any infestation at your property.

AMCO Pest Control is dedicated to completely satisfy its clients needs. Keeping in mind the value of your business, our specialists work after-hours to help you clear the infestation without impeding your necessary business activities. Our un-marked vehicles ensure your businesses trouble is safe with us, we respect the publicity of your business and we serve you to uphold its integrity.

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