Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on April 13th, 2019

First, wasn't impressed by the check in, the young lady was very cold, no smile, and seemed over all irritated. I thought, Maybe she's having a bad day, so I brought her a box of chocolates the next day and said to smile. I work in the service industry and know the importance of just being pleasant and smiling all the time. Its a tough job. Second, the room wasn't what I expected at all. I guess some rooms aren't renovated as yet, and I had one of those rooms. Outdated, poor quality, beds were not comfortable at all, and quality of the bedding was pitiful. Third, I was told that I would have A charge of $13.50 added to my card for parking. Fine. But wasn't told it was PER DAY or that when I added my boyfriends vehicle that they would charge me an additional $13.50 PER DAY, not even for ONE day! Misleading. The air in the hotel room was so dry, my boyfriends nose bled one night. The smell of weed was everywhere I turned. The pool was great. water was warm, and clean, but the bathrooms were in need of some reno too. The steam room smelled of mildew. Ew. The gym was lacking. At least 3 weight machines were broken and one of the 2 treadmills, and half of weight set dumbbells was missing. Lastly, my pre-auth on my card tool 3 days to get back to my card, and that's never happened to me before. Wont be staying there again most likely. Wasn't worth the price I paid. Most of the staff was kind and friendly.

Bed Bugs! - Review of Toronto Don Valley Hotel & Suites ...

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