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Professionally Trained Dogs

It is of extreme importance that a Bed Bug Dog act in a professional, obedient and calm manner. Our bed bug detection dogs will be invited into your homes and places of work, and are trained to conduct their searches in an organized, and well-behaved manner. You can count on our professional and accurate searches. 1-855-448-3331

If our dogs alert to a positive identification of a bed bug, our handler will actively search for the physical evidence of bed bugs (our dog handler's are licensed exterminators). Seeing is believing, and we put forth our best effort to find the bed bugs our dogs have identified. We always act with integrity. Book an inspection: 1-855-448-3331

Our Bed Bug Dog and Handler teams train together on a regular schedule. In order to successfully locate bed bugs, the bond between Dog and Human is an extremely important factor. Therefore, a detection team must train consistently to remain focused. Our teams are always sharp and ready for the task. Call us Today: 1-855-448-3331

We build excellent relationships with our dogs, and treat them with calm and assertive love. We believe in remaining calm in all circumstances, and training our dogs using positive re-enforcement. We treat our dogs with love and respect, and in return they provide the best possible inspection they can. Book an inspection: 1-855-448-3331

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