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Step 1: Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Heat is an essential part of bed bug remediation because it kills bed bug eggs. Powders and sprays do not kill bed bug eggs. Even the products that claim to kill eggs are not consistently effective. However, heat is never enough on its own. It is essential to use additional methods which make up for the shortcomings of heat treatment for bed bugs.

The bed bug powder treatment we employ utilizes a special power duster device which injects powder into the walls through the electrical outlets and other cracks and holes. This will kill any bugs hiding within the walls and also creates a protective barrier between one room and the next. Stopping bed bugs from spreading through the wall to or from an adjacent apartment or condo suite is essential for controlling and containing bed bug infestations in multi-unit buildings.

Our bed bug spray kills bed bugs on contact but also lasts as a protective surface treatment to keep your home and furniture protected for up to 6 months. This is the #1 key reason why most discount bed bug exterminators fail. Cheap exterminators use cheap spays that only last 1 2 weeks this is why they need to do a second treatment two weeks apart because the first wears off faster than it takes for the last couple bed bugs to come out of hiding. However, when you use a high-quality, long-lasting residual bed bug spray it will not only ensure any lingering bugs are killed in that 3rd and 4th week window, but lasts for up to 6 months to keep your home protected long after the bed bugs are completely eliminated. This is especially helpful for people who are not sure where their bed bugs come from.

A majority of our new customers find out about us through their friends people we have helped in the past who were happy with our service. We often help people fix pest problems that have plagued them for months or years, in many cases after other companies have failed to fix the problem. Here are some reasons why:

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