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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on October 8th, 2021

The Cobourg Public Library was closed Sunday, Oct. 3 for pest control treatment, say staff.

In a recent release from the library, staff confirmed the closure was necessary in order to receive treatment for bed bugs.

The librarys pest control firm was immediately called in to confirm the presence of bed bugs when the insects were found, reads the release. The firm has put an appropriate and rigorous treatment plan in place.

In the release, it states a few insects were found in the facility and were localized to one particular area. This area has been thoroughly treated, as has the rest of the building, added staff.

Continued treatment was taking place on Sunday in order to ensure that no bugs remain.

This treatment includes preventative treatment that will be effective into the future, said staff.

It is believed that the insects found within the library were hitchhiker bugs meaning bugs left behind by someone who has bed bugs at home, it was explained. As no eggs are present, this situation is not considered an infestation, noted staff.

While we dont want to have the negative press, we firmly believe that we have to inform our community, said CEO Tammy Robinson. We want our visitors to be vigilant and not avoid coming to the library or borrowing materials.

We understand that this situation may make patrons nervous. However, we would like to assure the public that all measures are being taken to protect the books and materials, the building, and most importantly, our patrons and staff.

Library staff noted that the Cobourg facility is not alone in having to deal with this issue, adding libraries in the Durham, GTA, Kawartha and other areas, have had to deal with bed bugs.

Any public space is vulnerable to these types of pests, said staff. In Cobourg, the library has been fortunate to not have had this problem until now, added staff.

The library will be putting protocols and procedures in place to specifically deal with bed bugs, with the intention that this will not be an ongoing concern, reads the librarys release.

If patrons find insects in their borrowings, they should seal the item in a plastic bag and bring it into the library, said staff.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on October 6th, 2021

Being on vacation and probably spending quality time with family and friends is always a beautiful experience. Unfortunately, sometimes you may get back home with an additional company. Yes, bed bugs can find their way into your luggage while at the hotel. These pests can be killjoys, especially when they live long enough to lay eggs and develop into an infestation.

You can avoid being troubled by bed bugs when you find a way to block them from gaining entry into your suitcases. Hotels usually are hotspots for these pests due to the high traffic of people from everywhere. Despite the facilities observing high cleanliness levels, there are still possibilities of new infestations as people keep coming more. Which are some of the reliable ways to secure the luggage from these pests?

Buy luggage coversThese days, some covers are meant explicitly for suitcases and, most importantly, for keeping bed bugs at bay. What you need is to always make the bags, and other luggage is on the cover throughout. Being reluctant to do this even for a minute could pave the way for the pests. The majority of the bed bug protectors go inside the bags.

They, unfortunately, dont do comprehensive coverage of the luggage. This is why the external bags are the best. They seal even the handles and zip areas which give room for bed bugs. A typical plastic bag can do the job perfectly well. Being transparent, you will have the ability to have a clear view of things. Bed bugs can hardly burrow through these bags; hence you can be sure of a total block. However, be much focused on the wrinkles on the bag surface, some could hide there.

Use spray repellantIt is natural for bed bugs to avoid substances that they find toxic to them. With their sense of smell, they can tell where to go and where not to. This is why using repellants is a brilliant idea if you want these insects not to be part of your luggage. In a domestic setting, these bed bug repellants may not be a great idea as they usually may make them stay at specific points and start to multiply.

However, when traveling, you need to consider the repellants as they protect your luggage accordingly. It is a beautiful idea to refrain from DIY sprays such as peppermint as they kill on contact. This means they cannot help in keeping off the insects afterward. The synthetic sprays in the market are the best since they have active components which can surface for days or weeks. It means that they will repel any potential invaders at the hotel.

Find knowledge onlineThese days, some websites are resourceful when it comes to information. Some of these belong to experts or people with passion in specific fields. Therefore, there are worthy sites that you can surf through and get relevant content concerning bed bugs. This means that such websites make you know how to safeguard your luggage from the bed bugs in your room at a hotel. The focus on the different routes the pests use makes you understand how better to lay protective measures.

You may end up learning more about the behavior of the bed bugs. For instance, you know about the characteristics of male and female bugs and how they tend to spread. Such knowledge acts as an eye-opener of how significant it is to prevent them from entering your home through the luggage.

Do some inspection when you reach homeIt is likely to be exhausted after a vacation somewhere. The recreational activities and long journey could make you only wish for a hot coffee, shower, then sleep. However, this may not be an excellent idea for anyone wishing to curb the spread of bedbugs from the hotel. Its a pretty good thing to keep your luggage at a specific point, such as the balcony, and scrutinize each item.

You could do this with someone extra as more eyes are better at ensuring everything is alright. To be on the safer side, consider putting all the clothing into the washing machine, and this includes both the clean and untidy ones. Through this, both the eggs and the bed bugs themselves will be exterminated.

Check your hotel room wellYou could be mind-blown by the aesthetic structures and sleek environment whenever you arrive at your accommodation unit. The truth is, this is not an indicator that you are safe. It is always good to do some inspection at the potential areas where the bed bugs hide. This could be along the inner edges of the bed. Focus also on the cracks in the furniture in the room. These checks are the last thing you want on a vacation as you only want to spend quality time. They are worth doing since you can be sure of not having sleepless nights when the pests start attacking. If you notice anything unusual, you can always ask the management to find you another room. Restaurants also can allow refunds meaning you can quickly shift to a different hotel if the place no longer pleases you.

Separate used clothes

Photo by David Lezcano on Unsplash

There is a high chance of catching bed bugs from the outdoor spaces while at a hotel. This could be at the seminar rooms, dining areas, rooftops, and the like. Thus, whenever you wear some clothes, be more well-organized and keep them in a separate place.

With this, you lower the probability of mixing the used and the clean clothes, which may increase the chances of spreading the pests if any is present. If possible, have some cover bags for such items. Additionally, keep your room organized. For instance, avoid leaving clothes on the floor, which puts you at a higher risk of bed bugs.

While spending a night or some in a hotel, there is a need to be extra cautious not to pick some bed bugs. Your luggage, therefore, needs proper shielding, such as by having covers for the suitcases. Another option is using bed bug repellant sprays. Most importantly, gather information online on everything to do with bed bugs as it makes you more informed hence vigilant.

Main photo by Brevit on Unsplash

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How to bed bug proof your luggage at a hotel ...

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on October 1st, 2021

Bed bugs are a nasty and uncomfortable problem. Signs and symptoms of bed bugs can be hard to detect at first, and even trickier to treat. To theuntrained eye, bed bug bites can be confused with those of other biting insects.

Here are nine easy signs help you know if you have a bed bug problem.

People don't often consider bed bugs until they've left their mark. The appearance of flat, red welts in zigzag lines or small clusters is a key sign ofbed bugs on humans. Bed bugs can also leave their bites in straight rows and, while they don't spread diseases to humans, their bites are quite irritating andscratching them can lead to bleeding and infection.

Bed bugs are most often found in the bed, where humans spend most of their nights. It makes logical sense for bed bugs to be most active at night whilehumans are in bed with them. Should you find yourself developing those itchy welts while laying in bed sleeping (or trying to sleep), it's likely bed bugs arethe problem.

Bed bugs tend to feed on exposed skin such as that on your arms and shoulders, which you may tend to leave uncovered while sleeping. This is differentfrom, say, fleas and chiggers, which tend to bite around the ankles.

The first sign of a bed bug problem is obvious: the bed. After bed bugs feed on humans, they'll leave behind blood stains resembling small rust spots.These will usually be found near the corners and edges of the bed. Bed bugs also shed their skin, or molt, several times as they mature, so you may find theiroval brown exoskeletons during your search.

A strong, unpleasant, musty odor like that of a wet towel is another common bed bug symptom. Bed bugs release pheromones, and when in large numbers, thesmell can be quite strong. Should you find your bedroom smelling like a dirty locker room, you may want to perform an inspection.

Remember, bed bugs aren't confined to your home. They can be found wherever you sleep, including hotel rooms.

Here are some quick inspection tips to help you avoid a serious problem, whether on the road or at home:

Strip the mattress and box spring and thoroughly inspect the corners and seams. Use a magnifying glass and a flashlight. You're looking forrust-colored, reddish-brown blood stains and/or small brown ovals (molted bed bug skin).

After searching the bed, it's time to move to the rest of the room. Check anything upholstered, including chairs, couches, curtains and the edges of thecarpet. Look in and behind dressers, underneath the bed and if possible, behind the headboard. Always be on the lookout for the signature reddish-brown spots.

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Bed bugs can also cling to clothing, which is how they can travel and spread so adeptly. Be sure to look in your closets and check your clothingthoroughly. Bed bugs on clothes means bed bugs on humans.

As stated above, one way detect bed bugs is their smell. The scent of their pheromones can be quite strong. It's often described as a musty odor.

Since it's possible for people to go for long periods without being aware they have a bed bug infestation, knowing the key bed bug symptoms and how tofind these pests will go a long way in combating them.

9 Symptoms and Signs of Bed Bugs | Terminix

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on October 1st, 2021

While bed bugs like human blood, they have been known to feed on animals like bats too. Discover more about bed bugs and their different types.

Bed bugs. You want them gone. They want to take over your home and your bed. They do that well, staying hidden by day and preying on you at night while you are defenseless. This works for them and keeps them out of trouble with their human blood donors. But what do bed bugs eat besides blood?

There are many species of bed bugs, and they all feed on blood. Most species prefer one mammal over another. For some, the blood of specific mammals is required for them to lay viable eggs and survive. Most bed bugs, however, will feed on any blood available to sustain themselves, if their preferred warm blood is not available.

The most common species of bed bug associated with people is formally named Cimex lectularius. Human blood is their primary energy source. We house them, feed their young and provide them with the nutritional elements they must have to breed and produce viable eggs.

Should bed bugs be found in your house, they will most likely be C. lectularius, but it is important to remember that there is a possibility of other species invading, such as bat bugs. Bat bugs are in the same family as bed bugs and formally named Cimex adjunctus. As their name indicates, bat bugs live with and feed mostly on bats. Like C. lectularius, they will feed and survive on the blood of other mammals, including humans, but they must have bat blood to reproduce.

It is very important to identify which Cimex species you have, because their habits and habitats are quite different. In a typical bed bug infestation, close to 70 percent of the bed bugs will be either on or very close to the bed area.

You may not realize you have a bat infestation until bat bugs are identified in your home. Bat bug infestations will usually be in the attic or wall voids where bats have been nesting. These hiding spots are in completely different locations than that of bed bugs. Control must include removal of the bats and the bat bugs.

What do bed bugs eat? They might snack on animals. They might have bat-tasting relatives. But in the end, the bed bugs favorite thing to eat is your blood. It will probably take a professional pest management specialist to identify whether you are dealing with human bloodsuckers or their bat brethren. The primary identifier is the relationship between the length of the hairs on the pronotum and the size of the eyes. Dont know what a pronotum is? Then save your time, and your blood call a professional.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on September 27th, 2021

While reviewing my inventory of things that are supposed to be somewhere in my garden, I discovered records of a few plants that Id completely forgotten about, plants that are not growing where theyre supposed to be.

Actaea pachypoda, for instance, added in spring 2015, Id noted, against the fence just left of the monkshood. I could barely remember planting it, and I dont recall having seen it in ages. It was like an old movie star that you thought was still around until someone reminds you that they vanished from the scene years ago.

I have a lot of plants, and I do try to keep track of them all. Some perennials are naturally short-lived, or theyre tender ones that I take a risk on planting. I also move things around and occasionally forget to note the new location or the plants demise. Im afraid gardening and inventory control are the antithesis of each other in my world.

As for that missing plant, its also known as white baneberry, native to the woodlands of Eastern Canada. It grows to about 45 centimetres (18 inches) with white racemes that give the flowers the look of a bottle brush, but its after it produces berries that it becomes a standout. Theyre white, clustered on red stems and appear in late summer until frost.

Each berry has a dark spot, and this gives it the other common name, dolls-eyes, which is a little creepy when you think about it. Even creepier is all parts of the plant are extremely toxic, and if you were to eat the berries you probably wouldnt finish your walk in the woods since eating them can result in cardiac arrest, even death. The definition of bane in baneberry, often used in common plant names, means a source of harm or ruin, so you have been warned. On a positive note, another common name is bugbane, as its believed to repel bedbugs, but I wouldnt be slipping the berries between the sheets.

There are different species of Actaea, including another native, Actaea racemose, also called black cohosh or black bugbane. It even has another botanical name, Cimicifuga racemose. This was the former name until botanists in the 1990s reclassified it. This is confusing as plants are still sold under both names. I have a cultivar in my garden that goes by the name Cimicifuga Chocoholic, while the same plant is also sold as Actaea Chocoholic, so dont buy both thinking youre getting two different plants.

Unlike dolls eyes, this plant produces small seeds, not berries, although its also poisonous, so dont mistake the chocolate reference for something edible. Even so, it is a delightful garden plant. The Royal Horticultural Society even gave it its prestigious Award of Garden Merit, and of course, being the RHS, they called it Actaea, not Cimicifuga.

My creepy dolls eyes might have gone missing, but right now I am enjoying the sight of my Chocoholic growing in a shady corner in what I call my woodland section. The chocolaty moniker comes from the bronze-purple leaves. Blooming now, the flower stems are long, also purple, arching above the foliage as much as a metre and a half high (five feet), ending in graceful racemes with mauve-pink flowers that turn to white as they age, lighting up a dark corner.

As for poisonous plants in a garden, do be aware of the dangers, especially of ones that might be tempting to eat. Like me, keep a precise record (hah) and keep an eye on pets and children. As I like to say, if it aint on your plate, it shouldnt be ate.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on September 12th, 2021

The thrilling globe-trotting adventures of Winnipeg-born Idris Galicia Hall earned her the title of the female Indiana Jones.

She slept at the foot of a sphinx in Egypts Valley of Kings; almost died of thirst in East Africa; faced fascists, bandits and bubonic plague; survived being kidnapped in China; and visited places no westerner stepped foot in before.

Hall was only 16 in 1922 when she answered a newspaper ad seeking someone with Beauty, Brains and Breeches World Tour Offer For Lucky Young WomanWanted to join an expedition.

Her honey-blond hair, good looks and adventurous spirit landed her the job and the stage name Aloha Wanderwell.

She set off to see the world decked out in riding breeches and dads slightly altered tunic.

Aloha travelled 120,000 km through 43 countries in Ford Model Ts, becoming the first woman to drive around the world while still a teenager.

The ad was placed by Captain Walter Wanderwell, who wasnt a captain at all, but embarked on an ambitious global expedition in 1919 to promote world peace.

Walter, a Polish soldier whose real name was Valerian Johannes Piecynski, was an accused rumrunner once jailed in the U.S. on suspicion of being a German spy.

He was on the radar of J. Edgar Hoovers Bureau of Investigation (now FBI) which held an extensive file on him.

Love blossomed between the sturdy, stocky Walter and Aloha somewhere between India and Egypt.

He divorced his estranged American wife and they married. He was 29, Aloha, 18.

They had two children and carried on covering 610,000 km and 80 countries from 1922-27.

Their adventures ended one fateful day in 1932.

Walter was shot dead on their luxurious yacht, the Carma, docked in Long Beach, California.

Witnesses described a man in grey peering through a porthole.

A jury acquitted the prime suspect. The murder remains unsolved.

Aloha remarried the following year and carried on exploring the world.

She passed away in 1996.

But what a trail this explorer, aviator, filmmaker, vaudevillian, and author blazed.

Aloha was born in Winnipeg October 13, 1906, to Margaret and Herbert Hall, a British Army reservist.

Her thirst for adventure was kindled at an early age by reading her fathers books. She dreamed of travelling the world.

When her father accepted a commission as lieutenant in the Durham Light Infantry, her mother moved Aloha and her younger sister to England, then later Belgium and France, to be closer to him behind the lines.

He was killed in action in Ypres in 1917.

Alohas mother eventually sent her to a convent in Nice, France to knock the attitude and tomboy tendencies out of her.

Thats when Aloha responded to Walters ad, hoping to secure a position as secretary and driver.

His idea for a world tour came about after seeing boys leaving college and wasting two or three years in making up their minds about what they wanted to do, reported the Daily Mail in 1930. He figured travel was the solution.

Aloha became the star of the Wanderwell Expedition, a travelling circus about travelling that filled theatres to capacity.

They made silent films and gained international recognition when they released a documentary titled With Car and Camera Around the World.

The expedition was funded by selling leaflets, paid speaking engagements and showing their films.

He spoke 10 languages, Aloha four.

At some point, Aloha became a pilot.

Aloha and Walter survived numerous scrapes, including his frequent misadventures with other women.

Walter had a habit of impersonating military officers and upsetting missionaries in exotic locals because of his alleged communist subversive activities.

They sometimes used kerosene for gasoline in the Ford Model Ts, crushed bananas for grease in the differential, and elephant fat for engine oil.

In India, oxen often towed the vehicles across mudflats and rivers.

In China, when civil war raged making it impossible to buy fuel, labourers pulled the car 128 km.

They visited the Amazon basin where Aloha made another film, the earliest recorded, about the Bororo tribe in Brazil.

In China, when captured by bandits, Aloha was released after she taught them to set up and fire machine guns.

The couple survived typhoons, bitter cold, and hellish roads.

But Walter didnt survive the bullet in his back when someone crept into his cabin while the yacht lay at anchor in the Long Beach harbour.

Aloha told investigators the culprit was William James Guy, who joined them on a boat trip to South America but was turfed ashore for trying to start a mutiny. She said he surfaced in California and tried to strangle her husband.

Others on the boat identified him as the man in grey.

Guy, also on J. Edgars radar, was acquitted after jurors decided he couldnt be positively identified. A witness testified Guy was visiting 48 km away at the time of the murder.

Aloha later married a former cameraman, Walter Baker, and carried on as explorer and filmmaker.

She learned to fly a floatplane. Her plane went down in the Brazilian jungle near the Rio des Mortes (River of Death). She lived with a local tribe for months before being rescued.

Aloha continued to promote the 1920s expedition before getting involved in journalism.

When she died, the ashes of the girl from The Peg, were buried at sea.

Some exerpts from Alohas journals:

Italy: Garish headlines: Flamboyant saviour Mussolinis Black Shirts appeared ready for the stupendous takeover. All terribly exciting.

Toulon Air Base: Rooms were like iceWe slept in our uniforms, fought blood-thirsty bedbugs all night in an unfair wrestling match.

Madrid: We had not been able to earn a penny. Funds were disappearing fastWe were reduced to fusty rental quarters with budgeted food allowance. Outlook dismal.

Portugal: Warned against brigades in these lonely mountains. O, yes. Hair-raising stories of bands sweeping down on city travelers, robbing or holding for ransomIn the driving rain I looked into the muzzle of a gun! I dropped pistol down my breeches.

Barcelona: Such poverty! Donkey dung mud villages since the days of the Moors. Women appeared dehydrated like old apples.

Carpathians: #3s radiator froze, #2 pulled up behind and stalled. Drifting white flakes settled as we five worked like demons. Nothing in the engines moved and the cars rapidly became white mounds in the vast white landscape. We were snowbound in the Carpathians!

Egypt: We drove onto the desert sands, their encampment on the rump of the crouching SphinxOverhead trillions of stars; below, the Nile, oasis palms, distant hazy glow of Cairo my feet on the colossal Sphinx, half-ridden in sand; above, the mighty Nemes headdress framed those sightless eyes.

Yemen: Devoured by mosquitoes, unable to sleep; about 4 a.m. camel riders stealthy approach! Bedouins? Wahabis? I was afraid to call out to Capmight set off an attack.

India: I was off to maelstrom BombayIn and out between bullock carts; missing buffalo by the skin of my teethCrews of near-naked coolies loading the weighty ingots made steering hazardous Fourth day, we were unable to cross a broad river Eager to earn a few annas, peasants hitched three pairs of oxen to #3.

Central India: Weaving our way through town, several people stopped us to warn about the bubonic plagueIf you see a crew of Untouchables whitewashing a ring encircling a dead body on the street, that is bubonic. Below us, the cremation terrace, greasy blue smoke rising from funeral pyres. Other shrouded corpses lashed to pole stretchers lying ready on ghats. The stench was foul.

Bengal: Final forty-eight hours of driving, no sleep, no dry rags, I ached with wracking shivers; fingers were seized to the wood steering.

China: We put in at Shan Hai Kwan to be bathed, deloused and fedOur main anxiety was how to avoid that weeks bloody war zone. Corpses lay half covered, some bolt upright in ditches, hideous fly-blown limbs scattered by explosions. Sometimes we heard the boom of artillery


Slobodian is the Senior Manitoba Columnist for the Western Standard

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on September 7th, 2021

Homestead Land Holdings has been said to have a considerable amount of roach infestations over the years, but recently it has gotten worse for residents, and become unmanageable for many.

Multiple residents of Homestead buildings in Kingston have come forward publicly complaining about abhorrent conditions that the company refuses to properly address.

Some residents are opting to live in a tent or to couch surf rather than suffer through the poor condition of their unit, even after theyve paid rent on the unit.

Ive been in this apartment of homesteads for 3 months, I have had 2 bacterial infections and now I just found a second cockroach in the love of my lifes ear, one resident posted publicly on social media this week.

Another resident, who wished to remain anonymous, moved into the Mayfair building in May.

After a couple of weeks, she began to notice roaches in her apartment, and by the end of June said she would see roughly fifteen per day in her apartment, and others in common areas.

She said she addressed it with Parkway property manager Isaac Jones, who insisted the issue is a unit-by-unit problem that is due to the lifestyle of those tenants.

She says after several unsuccessful, haphazard attempts at treating the problem, she has had to result to couch surfing.

That is having an impact on not only her physical and mental health but her financial well-being.

I bought all these groceries at home and now Im just tossing them, Im feeding my kid takeout every night because I cant cook, the resident said.

For this month, she says, shes paid over $1,100 to Homestead for an apartment she doesnt even live in just so she can keep good standing with the company.

She feels that the pest issue has taken away her and her three-year-old childs ability to have a place to call home.

I finally had a place to myself. I went through a lot these past couple years and we finally got a place that was ours and everything was good and then the roaches, she said.

She added that Homestead has been dishonest about the problems in their buildings, and she hopes residents continue coming forward about these issues so that the company is forced to stop lying to potential tenants.

The issue is not unique to just the Mayfair building, however, as residents of at least three other properties of Homestead have come forward with similar complaints of cockroaches, bed bugs and fleas.

Vi Maclean, who also lives in a Homestead Parkway building, transferred with her family to save some money on rent.

Due to COVID they were unable to properly inspect the location and were nonchalantly told by the building manager that there are roaches in the building, but it was isolated to one apartment and had been dealt with.

The very next morning, she and her husband woke up riddled with flea bites.

McLean says she has no pets and had never experienced issues with fleas or bed bugs at the previous apartment, however, the Homestead building manager insisted that the pests were brought by them.

She says the pest issue doesnt allow her family to feel at home.

To come here and have bed bugs, fleas and roaches was horrible, McLean said.

We couldnt unpack anything, stuff in boxes are still in boxes. We cant really live in our home and we have to tell our three-year-old you cant play on the floor, theres insects.

McLean says she and her family are sleeping on an inflatable mattress in the living room while theyre unable to use their bed, and have already had to throw out a couch.

Homestead continues to tell residents its a unit-by-unit problem but cockroaches are constantly found in public areas, and residents who have lived there for years say its been a problem for ages.

If its been years of these [infestations] then theyre not doing what they can do to treat this, theyre just kind of sweeping it under the rug.

McLean says the city has been contacted and investigated the building, eventually siding with Homestead that everything was above board.

This makes no sense to McLean, who says clearly there is still an issue, and that Homestead will put the blame on everyone from tenants in the building to U-Haul for not properly cleaning their trucks rather than properly addressing the infestation.

McLean has since organized with other frustrated Homestead residents and has started a petition, and says she hopes to bring forward a class-action lawsuit.

These complaints at Homestead come at a time where cockroach complaints are at their highest in decades, according to Orkin Canada. Calls for cockroaches have doubled between 2017 and 2020 and they are up at least 38% this year.

According to Orkin Canada, the surge in infestations are partially due to cockroaches becoming resistant to certain insecticides over the years.

YGK News reached out to Homestead Land Holdings for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.

Residents can report property standards issues by contacting City of Kingston Bylaw Enforcement.

Homestead apartments sees surge in cockroach and pest infestations - YGK News

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on September 5th, 2021

If there are bed bugs in your room, you might be wondering how to treat bed bug bites and eliminate the pest. And if you're nervous about the possibility of bed bugs in your room, checking for bed bugs is easy, if you know how. Learn how to perform a DIY check today.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can behard to find. And despite the ongoing bed bug epidemic, many people still don't know what a bed bug even looks like. This University of Minnesota extension page does a good job explaining the complexities of finding live bed bugs considering their changing stages of life, saying:

"...eggs hatch in about six to 10 days and the newly emerged bed bug nymphs seek a blood meal. Immature nymphs molt five times (i.e., they shed their outer exoskeletons in order to grow) before reaching adulthood. They need to feed at least once before each molt, although they could feed as often as once a day. There may be three or more generations per year."

You can see pictures of bed bugs in their various stages over at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) website, but keep in mind that bed bugs are nocturnal. Identifying bed bugs during the day requires a bit of good or bad luck (depending on your view) and some persistence.

Bed bug bites are often mistaken for mosquito bites or bites from other insects, and some people show no reaction at all to bed bug bites. So its no wonder they go undetected for long periods.

However, if you know the right place to look, you may be able to spot bed bugs. Adult bed bugs can be seen with the naked eyeno equipment is required. Check:

Mature bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed (approximately five millimeters). They are reddish-brown, wingless and flat, although they swell up like a torpedo after a blood feeding. When that happens, they change to bright red in color, taking days to return to reddish-brown.

Immature bed bugs are categorized by one of the five immature stages as they approach adulthood. They can also be seen by the naked eye, though the bed bugs in the youngest stage are very difficult to spot. Eggs are even smaller and much harder to see but can provide another sign of bed bug presence. Eggs are pearly white, found in clusters and are about one millimeter long.

Bed bugs congregate near where their host (human) sleeps, creating aggregations. Bed bugs from all five stages of development group together, which means they may vary in shapes and sizes. Among these groups, remains of exoskeletons (bed bug shells), feces and egg castings accumulate. A variety of conditions may cause aggregation, including specific smells, chemical stimuli, stimulation of antennae and microclimate factors such as temperature, humidity and light. Aggregations can be found around wood framing like that around a closet door, inside chipped paint indentions, around baseboards, curtain rods, air conditioners and personal belongings.

Bed bugs are smart enough to hide but not smart enoughto clean up the evidence of their bloodthirsty crimes. These careless clues are the best indicator your room is overrun with bed bugs since secondary signs of bed bug infestation are visible both night and day:

Do you suspect bed bugs in your room? Take the sheets off your bed and look at the edges, crevices and piping of your mattress. Bed bugs are flat, almond-shaped, reddish-brown and very tiny. Look in the box spring and check for various sizes and stages, from bed bug eggs to adults. Varying size also applies to secondary signs of infestation (i.e., cast/shed skins).

Here's a little more detail about some common signs of bed bugs:

Look out for empty shells that may exist where bed bugs aggregate and feed. Bed bugs grow with each blood meal on the way to maturity. In doing so, they shed their exoskeletons or shells in order to grow larger. This process is called molting. Each bed bug will molt five times as they progress through each of the five immature stages. Where infestations grow large, there will be hundreds if not thousands of molted skins left behind, regardless of the duration of the infestation. The shells look like the bed bug itself but are translucent. They are different sizes due to the different life stages.

Signs of bed bugs include liquid waste, which is found wherever they go. Bed bug fecal spotsdiffer from blood stains. As points out:

"Because bed bugs generally feast on the blood of their hosts, creeping out of hiding places at night to latch on, some people think that fecal stains from the insects should at least be tinged with the color of blood. This is not, in fact, the case. Fecal spotting tends to resemble smears or stains, which are dark brown or even black. This is because the blood has been digested and excreted."

Bed bugs are ectoparasites, meaning theylive on the outside of their host and feed on its blood. They feed between five to seven days whenever a host is present.

Here's how to perform a DIY bed bug check. You will quickly learn how to tell if your home has been invaded and how to treat bed bug bites if you have them. Once you confirm the infestation has begun, remember that the main goal is to end it even quicker.

The most telltale sign of a bed bug problem isn't the bed bug's bite. As the United States Environmental Protection Agency points out:

"Bites on the skin are a poor indicator of a bed bug infestation. Bed bug bites can look like bites from other insects (such as mosquitoes or chiggers), rashes (such as eczema or fungal infections) or even hives. Some people do not react to bed bug bites at all."

Look for these signs of symptoms of a bed bug bite:

Check out these pictures of bed bug bites from American Family Physician, showing the characteristic wheals (temporary raised, red, itchy welts) and clusters associated with the aftermath of a feeding.

Now that you know the signs of a bed bug infestation, here's how to get rid of bed bug bites. The American Academy of Dermatology recommends you see a dermatologist if you have multiple bites, blisters, oozing, pus or any other signs of a severe allergic reaction or infection. Otherwise, their recommended bed bug bite treatment is:

"Wash the bites with soap and water. This will help prevent a skin infection and help reduce itchiness. If the bites itch, apply a corticosteroid cream to the bites. You can get a weak form of this medicine without a prescription at your local drugstore. Stronger corticosteroids require a prescription."

Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of. They typically require a strategic approach to using multiple methods to fully remove them from your home once they have established an infestation. That's why it's important to contact a professional who's knowledgeable and trained in bed bug control to inspect your home and determine the best treatment methods.

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1Bed Bug Background

Bed bugs are wingless creatures that measure about 3/8 - 1/4 inches long. That is very small. The most distinguishing parts I have found about them is their red brown color and they are very flat. Pictures do not do them justice. Most pictures show them from the top and they look round, like a tick full of blood. Just like ticks, they do eat blood. After they eat blood they are bright red.

During the day bed bugs hide. They are nocturnal. If you get bit, you will most likely be bit on the upper body. The shoulders, neck or arms. A truly disturbing fact is that bed bugs can live up to one year without feeding. So left on their own through abandoned hotel suites, or summer homes, they will still be alive and well and ready to feed when they find an animal or human.

Bed bugs normally start infestations by someone bringing them home. A visitor who has luggage from a hotel are often culprits. They could have hidden in that luggage for a year and when Uncle Billy visits, you could have an infestation in your house almost immediately.

2Bed Bug Infestations.How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

The first step to take after finding even 1 lowly bedbug is to immediately launder all bedding. Studies have shown that most bedbugs are found within fifteen feet of your bedding. These studies report that this is only 85-90% of the time. This is not good enough for you to only clean the bed area. Make sure you dry the the bedding with VERY high heat. It is the heat that will kill the bed bugs. Make sure you wash your clothes in this same manner.

I recommend getting rid of the mattress and box spring. I don't care how much it costs. This will be well worth it. Most people are in need of new bedding anyway. Have you ever seen dust mites? They can also be infested in your bedding. Give your vaccum a thorough cleaning, before and after. I oftentimes clean mine with disinfectant wipes. For your new mattress, I recommend getting a mattress case. In case of future infestations, you can throw that out.

NOTE: You do not need to get rid of mattress or box springs if you hire a professional who knows what they are doing. Professionals can also save your furniture. This may be worth the money hiring a professional. Do research before hiring a professional make sure they use the latest and greatest when servicing. Also getting an inspection from a certified Bedbug dog does help a lot.

3How to Check Your Hotel Rooms For BedBugs

Bedbugs (or bed bugs) are becoming an epidemic in hotel rooms throughout the United States. Larger cities, especially New York City are literally infested with them. Before staying in a hotel room for the night these days, it is best to spend five minutes and check the room for bedbugs. Some of the pictures of victims are downright gruesome. The bugs come in the night and bite along the thickest veins in your legs in the middle of the night where your slumber is at it's deepest level. Bedbugs are small black creatures, but you should be able to pick them out by following a few simple procedures. Here are some tips to and information on how to check for bed bugs around the hotel room.

Very strong alcohol like steri fab may aid you in their death but once again being that alcohol is also a disinfectant it does not leave a residual and must be applied directly to the bug.

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Bed Bug Reports - Check Hotels and Apartments Before You Stay

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Column By Mike Bibb

A comfort animal, often called an emotional support animal, is a therapy animal, usually a dog, that is specially trained to provide comforting companionship and an emotional release for victims of a crisis or disaster. Comfort animal is a term sometimes used for what are commonly known as crisis response animals.www.dictionary

Yes, I have a pet dog. I love my dog. I dont mistreat my dog. I dont keep him chained to a steel stake in the backyard. I keep his vaccinations current. Sometimes he gets upset with me, particularly when I forget to toss him a treat, but we both soon forgive and forget.

I have never taken him to lunch or dinner at any of the local restaurants, and I dont recall a waitress ever asking me how Benson was doing and was he remaining healthy through the COVID turmoil?

He hasnt flown commercial, so Im not sure how well hed interact with the rest of the airborne menagerie.

However, restaurant greeters occasionally ask my wife how she handles the stress of being married to a near idiot, but that is usually a courtesy inquiry in an effort to remain polite. Im not sure they really meant it, or if they actually knew my IQ number. Which, I think, is somewhere in the high single digits.

Not too shabby for an old Safford High grad. Unfortunately, I didnt receive an academic scholarship to Stanford University something about not meeting certain scholastic standards.Whatever that means.

Theres wisdom in the adage, When one door closes, another opens, and I was accepted into the University of South Vietnam. Thanksto the assistance of the Marine Corps office of Higher Institutional Placement (HIP) a voluntary alternative to the mandatory draft.

All I had to do was 20 pushups every six or seven minutes, run up and down hills until the sun disappeared, learn to shoot a weapon at someone I had never known, and convince the Drill Instructor I was sincerely having a good time.

Seemed easy enough. Besides, Standford was for wussies. Real men didnt mind facing an AK-47 assault rifle to make America safe for future Stanford Members of Congress. Actually, it was expected. Someone had to do the dirty work.

I didnt know that then I do now. Or, as Creedence Clearwater Revival reminded me, I was no Fortunate Son. General Electrics quarterly dividend checks could be in jeopardy, so to spare stockholders the disappointment of a shrinking return on investment, hundreds of thousands of naive high school kids answered the call.

Some went to Canada, while others stopped off in Woodstock, New York for a celebration of music, peace, and love. And, maybe a little cannabis to enhance the mood.

Several years later, we hastily left Saigon with panicky folks clinging to evacuating helicopter skids. Kind of like we recently witnessed in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Washington politicians, most of whom had no skin in the game, lied to the American people that we were continually on the cusp of victory in Vietnam. A decade and 52,000 funerals later proved otherwise.

Almost an exact replay of our 20-year incursion into Afghanistan. Mealy-mouthed political hucksters and woke military generals faithfully assured us the Taliban was on the run, even as they were quickly advancing toward the last functioning airport in the country. In the end, Kabuls runways were jammed with fleeing citizens and U.S. employees, desperate to hitch a ride to anywhere.

The American Army had already gone home at the urging of their Commander-in-Chief a brilliant tactician and scholar of failed military encounters.

The bad guys had won again. In appreciation, President Joe Biden awarded the Taliban billions of dollars in surrendered military equipment.

I dont believe even a semi-intelligent Stanford poli-sci student would be that scatterbrained.

As I was saying, before flashing back to the good old days, the wife and I were having lunch the other day at one of the Mexican food establishments when a lady walked in with her comfort dog. Both she and the pet sat on the same side of the booth dinette. Maybe the dog was the only luncheon date she could get, I dont know.

To my knowledge, the waitress didnt request if the animal was friendly, flea and tick-free, and up-to-date on his vaccines? Or, if the pooch had washed his paws prior to entering, or where his nose had been a few minutes earlier?

Basic stuff a waiter might want to know before serving a helping of chips and salsa.

Apparently, theres an unwritten rule if a hostess or waitress asks a customer if their emotional support animal is really an emotional support animal and not just another rescue mutt from the local pound, that simple question could set off the customer into uncontrollable fits of rage.

To my way of thinking, almost sounds like animal abuse to expose a dog, cat, hamster, miniature goat, peacock, or python to a humans mentally agitated outbursts.

After all, who or what is going to comfort the comfort animal?

But, thats the world we live in, which Im desperately trying to adjust to. Some days are better than others depending upon if the mother-in-law is planning to stay a while longer or if shes really leaving before noon.

Now, I understand several communities around the country are requiring proof of a COVID vaccination to be presented before an intended customer is allowed to enter a restaurant. No documented shot record no hamburger and fries. Simple as that.

If the customer is accompanied by a comfort pet, then I guess the animal is okay to go on in, but its unvaxxed owner will have to remain outside.

Interestingly, theres no mention of the necessity to ask if a customer has had a yearly flu shot, valley fever, various STDs, tuberculosis, bed bugs, or any other communicable disease. Just COVID.

This presents a unique situation; there are presently three classifications of customers who are permitted to dine in certain restaurants those who have received the COVID vaccines, emotional support animals, and recently arrived undocumented migrants from Guatemala and Somalia.

In a time when climate experts are telling us the Polar ice caps are melting, millionaires and billionaires beach homes are endangered by rising tides and the Taliban has overtaken Afghanistan because of global warming, dont these people realize the climate menace is the single greatest threat to our continued existence? Far exceeding the dangers of the China virus.

They inform us we only have about nine years before the whole planet evaporates. Not sure if that includes everyone outside the United States. Guess Id better cancel any plans I may have had for my 60th high school class reunion. Too bad, I was really looking forward to seeing if Beverly BB Hymen was still as overweight as ever.

She was affectionally known as BB, a term of endearment for Big Bev. Others mockingly called her Big Buttocks, in a Forrest Gump sort of way. BB was state runner-up in the high school steer wrestling finals but was suddenly disqualified because of testing positive for bovine enhancing steroids.

In an effort to get her waistline under 74 inches Id heard shed been pumping iron at Jims Gym. Unfortunately, since COVID mandates have closed most of those facilities shes remained home, on the couch, gorging multiple handfuls of Marie Osmonds 18 Pounds Gone diet supplements.

Speaking of those crazy Taliban folks most of them have probably never heard of the perils of climate change, dont own a beach cottage, or drive a Tesla, or have gaudy solar panels nailed to the roofs of their huts. I doubt if one in a million is aware of the dangers of not being COVID vaccinated. They simply cut off the heads of anyone suspected of being infected with coronavirus or being a New Orleans Saints fan.

Also, I imagine theyve already eaten their comfort animals. Looks like having a calm and relaxed mental disposition isnt a big deal to them.

Most likely, it never occurred to the Taliban ransacking Kabul without wearing masks wasnt socially acceptable behavior. Boy, are they in big trouble with Dr. Fauci and the Centers for Disease Control. A super-spreader event in full view of cable news.

I just noticed its almost 5:30 p.m., time for another Delta virus statistical update from Washington. The Taliban probably thinks its simply a fishing report for the lowlands around the mouth of the Helmand River.

If COVID doesnt ultimately get us, climate change surely will or maybe a global pandemic of stupidity gone viral!

The views in this editorial are those of the author

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