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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on November 12th, 2021

A travelling Holocaust exhibition geared specifically to children is at the Chilliwack Museum for the next three months.

Tell Me A Story! Youth Literature and the Holocaust, is an interactive exhibit on loan from the Montreal Holocaust Museum to introduce the history of the Holocaust and the Second World War to children aged eight and older.

I think its really important to continue educating about the Holocaust, said Kate Feltren, curator with the Chilliwack Museum and Archives.

The exhibition showcases five works of youth literature inspired by true stories, allowing visitors to see the horrors of Holocaust through childrens eyes.

There are several replica pieces for children to touch and feel in the interactive exhibition Tell Me A Story! Youth Literature and the Holocaust at the Chilliwack Museum, such as this dress. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)

Kids will learn about the life of 13-year-old Anneke Van Raalte. She and her family were imprisoned in the Theresienstadt camp-ghetto because they were Jewish.

During the war, I had to work and scrub pots. I was always hungry, the little girl recounts. At night, I tried to ignore the bed bugs.

There are several replica pieces for children to touch and feel in the interactive exhibition Tell Me A Story! Youth Literature and the Holocaust at the Chilliwack Museum . (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)

One section, called Hanas Suitcase, tells the story of young Hana Brady and how her suitcase ends up in Tokyo at the Holocaust Education Centre where the director then tries to find out what happened to Hana once the war was over.

And then theres Holocaust survivor Marguerite lias-Quddus. Her story is centred on the three years that she and her sister spent in hiding under false identities with several families in France during the Second World War.

The displays offer a starting point for raising awareness about the dangers of racism and antisemitism, museum officials said in a press release.

The exhibition was designed to be highly interactive so young hands can touch and feel many of the replica items such as a photo album, a dress, and items in Hanas suitcase like a knitted sweater.

While this exhibition comes from Montreal, the content has global significance and impacts the community of Chilliwack, Feltren added.

To demonstrate this, we are highlighting the stories of the Chilliwack community through testimonies and objects from our collection, and from the Jewish Museum and Archives of B.C.

She contacted the Jewish Museum and Archives of B.C. after having found oral interviews online with the Sussel family of Chilliwack.

The museum supplied her with a number of photographs of the family which are now part of the exhibit. She combined those images along with a story and three artifacts from the Chilliwack Museum and Archives collection which the Sussels brought with them to Canada from Germany.

These items cigarette holder, monogram seal and cigarette case were brought over by the Sussel family who were forsed to leave Germany in 1935 prior to the start of the Second World War. They moved to Chilliwack in 1941. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)

Feltren also put together a panel on the Kozlowski family from Poland. They came to Chilliwack thanks to sponsorship from the Chilliwack Refugee Year Committee.

The whole community came together and raised money to secure them housing and food and everything, Feltren said of the Kozlowskis.

Theres also a piece on how Chilliwacks Dutch community grew following the war.

Our goal is to help our community make the connection between past and present, and place our experiences as a community into the global perspective,said Sarah Belley, education and engagement coordinator.

Tell Me A Story! Youth Literature and the Holocaust is on display at the Chilliwack Museum from now until Feb. 5. Hours are Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., on Thursdays until 8 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. More information on admissions can be found at

Education programs are also being offered in conjunction with this exhibition. Contact Sarah Belley at 604-795-5210 ext.103 or for more information.

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This replica of a heart-shaped greeting card was given to Fania Fainer on her 20th birthday in Auschwitz on Dec. 12, 1944. (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)

There are several pieces for children to touch and feel in the interactive exhibition Tell Me A Story! Youth Literature and the Holocaust at the Chilliwack Museum . (Jenna Hauck/ Chilliwack Progress)

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Holocaust exhibition through the eyes of children at Chilliwack Museum Chilliwack Progress - Chilliwack Progress

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on November 8th, 2021

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Originally posted here:
Bugs | Ortho

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on October 26th, 2021

There are just oh, so many ways to get in the spooky spirit for Halloween, butToronto Forestry is taking it to an uncomfortable level this week for people who aren't fond of bugs.

Instead of offering up tips on how to avoid damaging trees with Halloween decorations or the type of seasonal content you'd typically expect from a city-managed Twitter account, Toronto Forestry is tapping into our collective fears of things that have entirely too many legs.

The TOTrees Twitter account (I seriously don't think they know what they did there) will be spending the scariest week of the year "celebrating Toronto's creepy crawlies."

It's only Monday, but they've come out of the gate swinging with a terrifying start, announcing the week of shiver-inducing critters with possibly the most alien-looking of them all.

Apparently, (and don't squish the messenger) the American giant millipede (Narceus americanus) is something that lives right here in Toronto.

And while this absolute nightmare fuel of a creature can grow up to a serpentine 10 centimetres and might make you want to reflexively reach for the heaviest book in your home, they're apparently nothing to be afraid of.

The tweet refers to the species as a "recycler extraordinaire,"helping to enrich forest soil by eating decaying plant matter and other debris.

So don't worry, you aren't going to wake up with a miniature version of the sandworms from Dune on your pillow.

No promises about house centipedes though. Those things are everywhere, can run like the wind, and can rip pretty much anything smaller than them to shreds.

And that's not even mentioning the bedbugs that run rampant in this city. Those things will eat you alive while you sleep.

So think about those pleasant thoughtswhen you're tucked into bed tonight, because if this is what Toronto Forestry drops on us for day one of the week, people might want to steel themselves up for much scarier local critters to come.

The rest is here:
Toronto is celebrating its most disgusting bugs and it's already terrifying - blogTO

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on October 21st, 2021

NHS staff from GPs to nurses, surgeons to pharmacists have shown incredible resilience throughout the pandemic.

But while we have heard heartbreaking stories from Covid sufferers and their families, there can be a lighter side to working in medicine too.

Here, in an exclusive extract from his new book The Secret Doctor, GP Max Skittle recalls some of the funniest and most touching moments from his time working at an inner-city surgery.

Ive an enormous Friday feeling. Its 1pm and Im on a half-day today.

One last patient to see and then Im back home to my wife Alice and the bump. I truly am motoring. Clinical paperwork, done. Emails, read (and selectively ignored). Blood results, checked and actioned.

I look at my jobs list and even thats clear. In this moment, I feel like a capable GP.

I close my eyes and hold on to it all for a few golden seconds, packing it away safely in my memory bank for a rainy day.

With the wind in my clinical sails, I greet Duncan, a nasally well-endowed 23-year-old.

As he places a matchbox next to my keyboard, a small alarm bell rings (a sort of evolved GP Spider-Man sense of the Peter Parker variety) that this is a bit weird.

From then on it all happens in slow motion.

I sit there, listening to Duncan, but already mentally checking out and on my way home to watch Love Island on catch-up with Alice, as he tells me he thinks hes got bed bugs, but wasnt sure. I nod again in slow motion still listening, but not quite putting together the s**t-storm coalescing in front of my eyes.

Before my brain catches up with Duncans explanation of how, since he wasnt sure, he thought hed bring one in that he caught, he slides open the matchbox.

If I inhaled any faster, the now-liberated bed bug wouldve been up my nose in a heartbeat.


Despite every fibre of my being wanting to tell Duncan hes a f***ing idiot, I shut the box, quickly print out a patient information leaflet on bed bug eradication and delicately instruct him to burn the box and its contents and never to bring a suspected bed bug into my clinic room again.

Ever. I think Ive hurt his feelings so I finish off by commending him for catching the little bugger.

Im in two minds whether to tell Alice when I get home may find myself sleeping in the spare room.

Woke up itching (not in the spare room). Thanks, Duncan!

Mr Toska is 62 years old and a total rock n roller. As he swaggers in, smelling of expensive aftershave, sex, and stale cigar smoke, I immediately remember why I like him he reminds me of some guy straight off an aftershave ad campaign on television.

Here for the results of his recent NHS general health check, he wants me to tell him that hes not likely to have a massive heart attack and drop dead. Sorry, mate, youre in for some disappointing news.

Mr Toska smokes like a chimney, drinks like a (big) fish, has high blood pressure and thinks exercise is for the snowdrop (I think he means snowflake) generation. When you add in his high cholesterol despite protesting he eats healthily, which is clearly an exuberant fabrication in light of his clinical obesity his risk of cardiovascular disease (for example, a heart attack or a stroke) is positively celestial.

I explain all this and tell him he should consider changing his lifestyle and commencing a cholesterol-lowering statin (although that particular advice will all change in the next ten years, Im sure) if he wants to live longer.

Mr Toska looks at me and tells me he doesnt want to do any of that stuff he has a great life. Oh, and by the way, he wants some Viagra as hes got a new girlfriend whos 43 years old and I quote, has a high sex drive.

I darent probe further, despite my morbid curiosity (which you cant help but develop with the job). Anyway, now hes definitely going to have a heart attack.

Despite my concerns and forceful advice, he leaves no different to when he came, seemingly about to sh*g his way into an early grave.

Like I said, total rocknroller.

No words in the English language can capture what Im seeing. My jaw hangs slack, a little more than probably professionally acceptable, as my eyes absorb the flat of 70-year-olds Mr and Mrs Leigh. At first pass I count 16 dreamcatchers hanging from the ceiling.

I stop counting the dreamcatchers for now as my eyes consume the framed photographs on the wall: Barack and Michelle Obama (at his inauguration), seven Alsatians (all individually framed), Cilla Black, and my favourite, Will Smith as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Mind-blown, Im speechless, lost in the wonder of their world. Im not even sure the fact I cant remember why Im here even matters now. I put my medical bag down and sit on their sofa next to about 15 boxes of singing garden gnomes (batteries thankfully not included).


I get out a printed summary of Mrs Leighs medical notes, trying to bury my excitement at this wonderland and suppress all the many, many questions I have and be more GP-like.

Im here for her first diabetic review (most long-term health conditions have some kind of annual check-up scheduled by the GP).

Shes received this recent diagnosis of type 2 diabetes mellitus, picked up on a set of annual blood tests by the district nurses.

Mr and Mrs Leigh sit in front of me, taking in the information about what diabetes is, how it can occur, what the treatment will entail, and what an annual review like the one today involves.

Do you like Home and Away, Max?

Im already on first-name terms.

Bloody love that. Theres something about these two that really makes me want them to like me. Slightly blindsided by the question, I explain, while trying to professionally complete her diabetes checks, that while I dont get a lot of time to watch it (given the fact Im no longer 15 years old, have a job, and moved out of the 1990s), Im sure its still great.


Fighting the urge, I stop short of telling them Im sure I could probably still sing its theme tune.

God, I want to impress them.

Mr Leigh reappears as I pack up my bag, the diabetes review testing now complete.

He has a photo for me of their wedding day from 50 years ago.

Im really touched, if not slightly confused as to why he has this handy for such an occasion.

I listen with a warm sense of happiness for them as they speak about it with such reminiscent love.

A wave of pessimism sweeps over me sh**, am I being groomed? Itll be sweets in the bedroom next. I bat it away (putting it down to lunchtime hunger) and accept the photograph graciously, not quite sure what else to do.

I wonder what Alice will say? Maybe not one for the family photo wall. Still, a caring gesture nonetheless. And with that, I say goodbye, leaving the Leighs wonderland.

I really do hope to come back soon, this being one of the most fascinating home visits. EVER.

One things for sure, these two need their own television show I even know a theme tune for it . . .

I couldnt have ironed a shirt that well if I had all day. Let alone, square a tie off that neatly and pair it perfectly with a buttoned-up blazer. Also, I dont think I can stand up that straight. As I hover in Mr Cheemas living room, Im acutely aware that my shirts creased, definitely not tucked in at the back, and my trousers (yet again) are covered in my son Williams regurgitated milk from this mornings feeding frenzy.

I also find myself straining to stand up straighter, aware of my comparably inadequate posture. Mr Cheemas incredible: he walks over and shakes my hand, eyes evidently still full of twinkle. He invites me to sit, and I do so in silence, a little stunned by the amount of life in this man.

At one hundred years and two weeks (he adds, exuberantly) he looks 40 years his junior.

I wasnt expecting to find the answer to eternal youth on todays home visit.

Whats your secret? I have to ask as we sit here, imagining all the changes that hes lived through in this world.

Being kind and happy, he says without hesitation, not a beat missed.

A little disappointed at the intangibility of his answer, I probe for anything else more tangible like cheese. Or holidays to Bali.

Sadly, he says thats it. I make a mental note to remember this. Aware that this afternoons clinic is only half an hour away, I get down to business.

Now clinically speaking, theres not much wrong with Mr Cheema. To be honest, at his age, Ive also no interest in poking around to find something to sour his remaining years.

This visit is rather a general check-up as we havent seen him for a while.

Remarkably, he still lives alone with only one weekly carer doing some odd jobs for him.

I take in how immaculate his compact first-floor flat is, while the blood pressure machine tells me that he still has the blood pressure of a 21-year-old Olympic-level gymnast.

Yet, as with all of us, if you scratch deep enough, youll always find something. I can feel the quiet of his life, strange as that sounds.

The flat is a cacophony of newspapers, books, and crosswords.

Do you see many people?

Mr Cheemas veneer didnt take much scratching. It turns out he is in fact incredibly lonely, and has been for years.

He sees hardly anyone at all, with no family nearby (all largely dead, including his wife some 20 years ago), and a community that he doesnt really recognise or understand any more.

This upsets me for two reasons: first, this man clearly has so much to give.

Second, weve become the kind of non-communicable society thats perpetuated and fostered loneliness despite being on top of each other in bricks and mortar.

Its something Im seeing more and more in the patients I meet.

Yet Mr Cheemas clearly still up for life I love that about him.

We can all take a leaf out of this centenarian (and two weeks) book.

He agrees for me to get in touch with the local Age Concern organisation and some of the other local services that plan social activities like tea and cake mornings (though I do promise him that they do other things a little more exciting too).

Before leaving, I ask him to show me the secret to ironing his shirt so well.

Thankfully, his advice here is a little more tangible than being kind and happy to your shirt.

Read the original post:
Secret diary of a doctor - bed bugs, sex drives, Fresh ...

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on October 21st, 2021

It's not easy to save money in an exorbitantly expensive city like Toronto, especially not for millennials who've been economically effed over by the very same generation that birthed them and must now help them afford shoebox condos.

House-having baby boomers have long griped about the "lazy" and "entitled" attitudes of people who, going by the most popular delineation, are currently between the ages of 25 and 40. "Why don't you work harder? Why do you keep renting?" they say. "Why do you eat so much avocado toast?

"I already work 70 hours a week," we reply. "I rent because it's the only option. And why don't YOU stop eating so much avocado toast, huh? Now please give me $100,000 for a downpayment on this quadruplex in Scarborough."

No offence to the grownups, but most of us under-40s don't seek financial advice from people who could buy literal mansions (read: detached houses) in downtown Toronto for less than $200,000 when they were our age.

I don't think many people are keen to take advice from a 30-something writer who calls older people "grownups" either, but here are some tips gleaned from your fellow millennials for saving cash while living in Toronto.

Take them with a grain of pink Himalayan salt.

Even with lockdown-induced price drops, a decent, well-located apartment or condo tends to cost more than the average youth in Toronto can afford on their own not if they want to have any money left over at the end of the month for saving.

Living with another person means you only pay half the rent and utilities. Many have been known to stay in crappy relationships for way too long due to this.

Ideally, you can find a cool roommate, friend or significant other to split the rent with. I'm not saying you should shack up with your new flame of three months or anything, but... it happens around here. A lot.

Yes, it's nice to have wheels when you want to go to IKEA or get mad groceries, but between the TTC, Uber, walking and bikes, thevast majority of downtown millennials barely use their whips.

Not only could you make a few bucks selling the car you used to get around in university, you'll save thousands upon thousands of future dollars in car payments, parking fees, insurance and tickets.

Okay so it doesn't have to be avo toast (though that sh*t is easy to make and delicious), but cooking your own meals at home can save you a small fortune if you're used to using Uber Eats multiple times a week.

Challenge yourself to recreate dishes from your favourite restaurants or, for the culinarily challenged, keep it simple with a few healthy go-to dishes you can batch into multiple meals.

Salads, sandwiches, soup, eggs, pasta, freaking filet mignon these are all things you can easily make with ingredients from the grocery store at a fraction of the price you'd pay for restaurant food. Eating out can be a fun hobby, but doing it too much can really set a person back financially.

It's difficult to save money when you don't really know how much you have, owe, or are spending regularly. Personal finance blogs and podcasts can give you some guidance, but there are also tons of apps available that make it easy to track expensesandplan budgetsfor yourself.

Why buy a brand new lamp at IKEAwhen you can score the same one barely usedat a thrift storefor pennies on the dollar? The world of second-hand goods has never been more exciting, with endless online options including Facebook Marketplace, Kijiji, Craigslist and a whole wealth of second-hand clothing and decor resellers on Instagam.

I'd stay away from wood (bed bugs), but once you score a normally-expensive appliance for like, $10 on Kijiji, you'll question how you ever bought anything full price again.

Bonus: Sell your own unused, good-quality items on any of the above platforms to declutter and earn some coin. The buyers are out there for almost anything.

See the article here:
5 ways you can save money as a millennial living in Toronto - blogTO

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on October 15th, 2021

This article is part of a short series. You can find Part 1 here.

While scientists can tell us what plants and animals existed during the last glacial period, its a difficult thing for present day humans to visualize, and it seems impossible to actually see for ones self. But, occasionally nature gives us a peek.

In 2008, parts of the desert southwest got a small taste of what it was like during the last glacial period. Today, the deserts of the southwest and the Great Basin are dry, and sometimes bone dry. Sure, theres still vegetation in most places, but it has to survive on just a few inches of rain per year that comes in short bursts during the monsoon season.

In 2008, something very unusual happened. Relatively strong remnants of a hurricane pushed highly unusual amounts of moisture into the Chihuahuan Desert.

The track of Hurricane Dolly in 2008. Image by NASA and Stormsupport (Public Domain).

After battering the coast near Brownsville, Texas, Hurricane Dolly moved inland and roughly followed the Rio Grandes course toward New Mexico. By the time it reached El Paso, Texas and Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, it was no longer a hurricane, but still had a visible cyclone and other features of a tropical storm. The sudden influx of tropical moisture drenched the deserts and mountains of the region, causing flooding and even a few deaths.

In journalism, its said that if it bleeds, it leads. With the death and destruction from all of the water over, thats where the news articles and even Wikipedias page on the hurricane generally stop. But, for people paying attention to nature in the area, this is where a very interesting story only began.

Dry arroyos (desert creeks that only have water right after monsoon storms) ran for days, especially in places where flood control dams held the water back. In some places near the mountains, these arroyos ran for weeks and even months, as the intermittent springs had been fully recharged. Playas (dry lakebeds) filled with water, temporarily putting them at levels not regularly seen for 10,000 years. Seasonal rivers all ran full of water, and the whole area felt like it had been transformed. In the months that followed, all of the extra moisture that had been deposited managed to stay put, as this all happened during the areas regular monsoon season.

With all of this extra moisture on top of the regular monsoon season, the deserts vegetation transformed into something even my grandfather had never seen before. Vines of some kind sprouted everywhere, covering the mesquite and chaparral shrubbery. Grass popped up everywhere. A number of other plant that Id never seen in the desert before started sprouting up everywhere. What was once a mix of green and tan was all green.

All of the extra plants and moisture later affected the animal life, too. By two weeks after the storm, and for months after, there was a LOUD sound of crickets and other noise-making bugs every night. It also seemed like the population of cottontail rabbits and other small mammals exploded a few months later.

Months later, the vines dried up and became flammable, as did most of the grass. This led to an uptick of brush fires the next year, but in places that didnt burn, there was no sign of any of the extra plant and insect life within 12 years. However, some places that are favorable to grass kept a lot more grass in the years following the storm.

Local scientists noticed all of this, of course. They concluded that with enough wet years, the desert is prepared to go back to being grasslands like such areas were during the last glacial period. In those days, we had huge animals, all of which are extinct today. Dire wolves, giant ground sloths, and even native horses all roamed the grasslands, among many other things. There were small and large lakes all over the lowlands, with snow-capped mountains where desert peaks and dry forests dominate at present.

Today, though, all of this is gone, and the desert has taken almost all of it all over, leaving only sky islands, or high mountains that harbor some of the diversity of life that once dominated the whole area.

Of course, if you dont live in the desert like I do, things were different back in the last glacial period. If you live up in the mountains or in Canada, ice dominated everything, so ancient humans generally didnt spend much time there. If you live near an ocean, the water was further out back in those days, as much of the water was locked away in glaciers and inland seas.

Whatever affect a glacial period would have on where you live, its hard to dispute that the earth was a beautiful place. The deserts werent deserts. Snow-capped peaks extended much farther south. Large game that could easily feed a family or a tribe roamed everywhere, and was often quite easy to catch.

Many people today are tempted by the nomadic life, with over 1 million Americans living in RVs and many others embracing van life, so its not hard to imagine how ancient peoples would want to hunt and gather, moving with the herds and the water, or even with the seasons.

Farming and civilization really sucks in many ways, too. You get a lot less leisure time as a farmer, and you dont get to be as close to nature. We also need to keep in mind that living in permanent housing (near ones farm) is only a good thing if you can keep it sanitary, and thats something that weve only mastered in the last 200 years. As Lies My Teacher Told Me points out, Europeans moving into the Americas are often portrayed in history books as civilized people, much like us today, wresting nature away from dirty, uneducated, backward savages who lived in grass huts. In reality, European-style housing and towns were nasty, awful places full of bedbugs, fleas, disease, and rodents. Plus, there was manure and sewage in the streets. When native Americans found that a shelter was getting infested with anything, they could just torch it and build new ones, while Europeans largely just lived in endless filth.

In Part 4, Im going to continue discussing the reasons people dont want to farm, and then get into the effects farming had on the planet. Its a lot bigger than most of us think.

Featured image: path of Hurricane Dolly (2008), by NASA and Stormsupport (CC-BY-SA 3.0 license).

The Real History, Prehistory, and Mythology of Anthropogenic Climate Change (Part 3) - CleanTechnica

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on October 15th, 2021

They say that there's no such thing as "perfection," but these images prove otherwise. There are lots of things in this world that are a perfect fit for something else. Some jobs are perfect for certain people's personalities. An actor can be a perfect fit for a TV show or film, too.

But sometimes a perfect fit can happen when two elements or objects fit together so well, they're pretty much aligned to perfection. And it's oh so satisfying. Here's a satisfying collection of totally unrelated objects that perfectly nestle next to or inside each other.

A bowl cut or a mushroom cut is a simple type of haircut where the front is cut with a straight fringe and the rest of the hair is a bit longer. As a result, someone like the person in this photo ends up with a hairdo that sort of looks like a mushroom. And best of all, this style is seriously timeless. But for mysteriously cosmic reasons, this kids' haircut perfectly matches this oval photo frame.

Someone told this Redditor that all these board games would fit perfectly inside this wooden cabinet's shelves and they weren't kidding. All the board games fit to perfection and they fill up every inch of space. There's just something so appealing about how this collection of board games is set up that it almost makes you want to throw away your PlayStation and phone. ALMOST. It's safe to say that this family will always have a backup plan for what to do if the power ever goes out.

The owner of this cigar cutter was stumped for 3 weeks because they had lost their wedding ring. This Redditor explained that they looked in the usual spots like the kitchen and bathroom sink as well as between the couch cushions and in their car but the ring had mysteriously vanished. Then, as they reached for their cigar cutter, they noticed that their wedding ring was perfectly stuck in the groove where they stuck their finger in.

This person must have been a whiz at playing Tetris because all the items in the back of this moving truck are aligned perfectly. They have two couches, a couple of boxes, some duffle bags and seat cushions and there's still plenty of space to add more. But it's a good thing that this perfect alignment didn't cause all of their items to disappear like the line blocks in the game or that would have been a major problem.

A wafer is generally a crisp, sweet cookie that's thin, flat and light. While some people prefer to eat them on their own, wafers can also be used for decorations on cakes or ice cream. Some even have tasty vanilla, strawberry or chocolate filling sandwiched between two wafers. But the wafer design isn't limited to cookies, which is something this person discovered when they saw the building in the photo. In a beautiful turn of events, their wafer aligned well with the structure in the distance, and our OCD brains couldn't be happier. Ahhh!

Unlike conventional sofas, sectional couches contain various independent pieces that can be arranged in different positions to create one type of seating. And the exact composition of a sectional couch varies by design, but one thing you have to always do is make sure that it fits in your living room. Unfortunately, this person was afraid their sectional couch wouldn't, but then they set it all up and it aligned perfectly.

Trying to catch the sun is like trying to catch a falling star. It's virtually impossible... or is it? This crane was either intentionally or accidentally aligned with the setting sun on the horizon. So it looks like the crane captured the sun, but of course that's impossible because the sun's so freaking hot that it would have melted the metal crane in seconds. But it's still a perfectly aligned camera shot.

This slice of Belgian Passendale is a soft and flavorful type of Abbey cheese that oddly enough happens to be the exact match in shape to the bread slice under it. Although not everyone has an issue with this, some folks don't like it when a slice of bread sticks out because they feel tempted to munch on the outside first. This is totally okay to do when you're at home, but you might get odd glances from people if you do this at a restaurant.

This truck driver didn't waste any space when it came down to stacking these tires. They are so perfectly aligned that they almost look like giant ropes crocheted to form this giant pattern. Whoever did this must be a major Tetris aficionado, and we really respect that! But we'd hate to be the one that would have to unload all these tires because it's quite obvious that it's almost as difficult to take out as it was to stack.

Wrapping a present can be a major pain in the backside. First you have to unroll the wrapping paper face-down, and place the gift on top. If the gift is a rectangle, you can align the longer sides of the box to so that they're parallel to the end of the roll. Then you fold the end of the paper up and over the gift until it's completely wrapped. But even then, the odds of getting the design on the wrapping paper to align this perfect is like 100 to 1.

The way those IKEA shelves were installed on that wall is flawless. Its obvious the person who did this took their time making sure everything was symmetrical. But the one thing that was accidentally perfect was the way that speaker fit on top of the gray box in the center between the yellow and the dark blue box. Its too bad that the cable hanging in front of the yellow shelf on the left hand side makes everything look so uneven.

This person had quite a messy desk, but they eventually got around to decluttering it and what they found was astonishing. It turns out that they now had just enough space to fit their Canon printer in the cubby underneath. But it looks like a tight fit so hopefully they are able to extend the paper feed support part so that it prints correctly and check that the vents arent covered or it might catch on fire.

A P.O. Box or post office box is an addressable lockable box located inside the post office that people can visit to retrieve their mail. But this person was very surprised to find that a package had managed to fit so perfectly inside their post office box. Unfortunately, it fit a little too well and got pushed all the way to the far back. So, this person probably had a hard time getting their package out. Hopefully they had long arms.

The driver knew that the front of his truck would be able to get across this bridge in Australia but they werent so sure about the wide load they were carrying. Luckily, it was attached to a lowboy trailer which had adjustable suspension. This made it easier for the driver to make the necessary adjustment to get across. But admittedly, it was a very tight fit and it could have just as easily caused the wide load to scratch the roof of this bridge or rip it off from the truck entirely.

This person was arranging her Godiva Chocolates in her drawer when she realized that she had arranged them all in a perfect single layer. Most people are able to stack their chocolates fairly well, but it rarely looks as perfectly organized as this shelf. Perhaps the chocolate gods smiled upon her that day. But it must have been really difficult to ruin this perfection by taking a chocolate and eating it.

This guy discovered that he fit perfectly under these hospital stairs because hes so tall. And that perfect fit also matches how well his clothes fit him, too. But he should probably get out from under there because theres a superstition that passing under a staircase is a bad omen. This belief reportedly dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians who believed that passing under the stairs disrupted the sacred triangle shape created between a stair and the wall. Triangles were considered sacred to them, which is why it was a bad omen.

The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Blu-ray DVD box collections fit perfectly on this shelf. But overall, most of the DVDs and Blu-rays on the shelves are nice and neat except for the final shelf on the lower right-hand side. But to get those extremely long The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit DVDs, the person is going to have to use a suction cup. Otherwise, they risk damaging the beautiful box that they are in if they squeeze too hard while trying to get it out.

Notice how perfectly the color of the tea matches the color of the cup? But has anyone ever heard of pink tea before? Well actually there are some teas that do change color. For example, Rooibos tea is red, but will turn pink if you add some milk to it to cool it down. Another type of tea that can turn pink is Kashmiri Chai, which if why its often just called Pink Tea.

Those Longhorn Steakhouse knives fit so well inside this shelf organizer tray that made their hearts expand with love for life. But they might be rushing to the emergency room if theyre not careful because getting those knives out is tough. Theres no space to grab on to one of the handles, so anyone looking to grab a knife will have to grab it by the blade very, very carefully to avoid cutting their fingers off.

Most people use doormats to take dirt and moisture from shoes and hold it so that people dont drag all that mess inside the house. Theyre also used for aesthetic purposes to accentuate the look of an entrance. But shower mats are also used to keep someone from slipping when they get out of the shower. And yet, this person discovered another purpose for their shower mat. It actually fit perfectly under the door to keep the cold air from coming into the house.

This parking spot is located between two buildings in a hutong or narrow street or alley commonly found in northern Chinese cities like Beijing. Hutongs serve as alleys formed by lines of courtyard residences. And the owner of slender vehicles like this one find it easy to park inside one of these hutongs. But they have to get out using the back door because the alley is too narrow to allow drivers or passengers to open their side doors.

Those Nespresso boxes all fit perfectly inside that drawer. The only thing thats not so perfect is the fact that not all of the boxes have the same design, particularly the next to last box that has a bluish-green color with gold while the other boxes are mostly black. The boxes are also so tightly packed that it must make retrieving one of them extremely difficult unless you rip the tabs on the corner or use a hook to get one out.

Its pretty ironic that they have so much disorganized stuff on the carpeted floor given that they just set up this cupboard that fits just right in the corner next to the door. Maybe theyll get to stuffing all those miscellaneous items inside those shelves. But they should probably watch their step when they open that door to enter the other room because that cupboard is so close to the entryway that they might accidentally stub their toe with the furniture.

Wood pellets are biofuel made from compressed wood fibers, but in laymans terms, theyre recycled wood waste from the milling of lumber or compacted sawdust. And thats exactly what are in these perfectly stacked bags in this cubby. So, it looks like this person was stocking up for the season to use these pellets in lieu of charcoal, oil and gas or firewood. Then again, they might have needed it for other purposes such as animal bedding for their horses.

Most shoppers arent as neat as this person. They generally sit their bags in their shopping cart and jam all of their food items into their reusable shopping bag before they leave the supermarket. But this person was pleasantly surprised to learn that their two boxes of whole grain cereal fit perfectly inside their shopping bag. Its not exactly a huge victory, but when life throws something good your way, you have to appreciate it.

There are a lot of places that a guest can choose to stick their suitcase in when they arrive at their airbnb, but generally, they stick it in the closet. However, this guest found an even better place to put their suitcase. It turns out that it fits perfectly right under the safe between the wall and the bed. But most travelers will tell you that this is a bad idea because bed bugs can easily jump over to the suitcase and breed inside the clothes.

This guy had one nice thing to say about his ex-wife, which was that her car has a cubby in the center console that doubles as a French-fry cubby. And while the empty cubby certainly wasnt intended for this purpose, it could most definitely be used to hold condiments like ketchup or barbecue sauce to dip those delicious crispy fries into before sticking them into the French-fry cubby in their face.

The person who owns these cookies had two reasons to smile. First of all, they were happy because they were finally putting the cookie jar that once belonged to their beloved grandmother to use. The other reason was that the vanilla sandwich cookies all fit perfectly into five pillars. But given how delicious those vanilla sandwich cookies are, its obvious that the cookie population started to dwindle in no time, making the pillars less even.

Everything about the way this breakfast was set up screams OCD, not that theres anything wrong with that. Its perfect from the way the glass of orange juice and fork and knife are placed next to the pancake that fits so perfectly into the plate. Unfortunately, its not going to look quite so perfect when the person starts tearing into that pancake with their knife and fork. Luckily, they took a photo for posterity.

Most folks would cringe at the idea of having this small cabinet/end table so close to that wall heater. But its almost like this furniture was destined to fit in this spot because the drawer opens and closes without banging into the heater. But hopefully, nothing small falls between the cabinet and the wall or that feeling of perfection will be totally wrecked.

You know its going to be a great day when you discover that your scrubbing brush fits under a metal shelf. Nobody knows why humans find things that fit perfectly into other things so satisfying but when two objects that dont generally go together fit, they provide people with a sense of joy. Perhaps its because humans know how much it hurts when they dont fit in with other groups, so finding a perfect fit is mentally symbolic.

There are a variety of types of pizza. Theres Neapolitan pizza, Chicago pizza, New York-style pizza, Sicilian, Greek, California... the list goes on and on. But one thing thats common knowledge is that they are generally round, but they can also be square-shaped as seen in this picture. But what are the odds of a square-shaped pizza being the same size and dimensions of a chopping board? Not likely! But this pizza and this chopping board seem to have been made for each other.

This Beats Solo Hard Travel Case also holds the Beats Solo Pro Wireless headphones, which is arguably one of the best pair of headphones that anyone can own. The case was designed to keep the headphones and safe and also has a soft interior to keep the headphones safe from scratches. But this person discovered that the case had another practically use. It turns out that their Xbox One S Controller fit perfectly inside the case, too.

A stroopwafel is a wafer waffle made from thin layers of baked dough and put together by caramel filling. Its generally eaten like a cookie, but this coffee drinker noticed that their stroopwafel fit perfectly on top of their paper coffee cup. But if it had been any smaller, it would have sunk into the cup and if it had been any bigger then the steam from the coffee wouldnt have warmed the stroopwafel evenly.

They set up a slide inside this outdoor alcove on the playground. But whoever did it wasnt thinking because its impossible for a child to climb up those steps since theyre so close to the wall. But if by some miracle a kid could climb to the top, they would slide right into the wall. Luckily, the slide doesnt seem to be secured in concrete, so a grownup could probably pull the slide out so the kids can play.

This black cubby fits perfectly inside this alcove and the green wall in the background accentuates the color of the furniture too. The only thing that would make this even more perfect is if they could buy themselves a model of the exact same cubby to stack on top and fill up this wall. But that doesnt seem likely since they have the internet router mounted on the side of the wall.

This may be the most mouthwatering image of perfection on this list. Who knew that 12 packs of mint chip ice cream sandwiches could fit so perfectly on this mini-fridge's door? Unfortunately, its not going to stay like this forever, especially if theres more than one person living in this house. Also, they might want to eat them sooner rather than later or store them deeper in the freezer because freezer doors arent as chilly and no one wants to eat a mushy ice cream sandwich.

This person reached out to grab the cabinet handle to open the door but their ring slid off their finger and got stuck on the handle, which is probably the best outcome. It could have slipped off right after and fallen under the cabinet where it would have been difficult to reach. But if the ring can slip off their finger that easily, then its probably time to get that sucker resized.

At first glance, it looks like this car drove across a narrow ledge and parked there. But who would drive along a ledge like this? Actually, they didnt. This photo is not what you think. You have to tilt your head to realize that the vehicle, like the photo, is on its side. Somehow the car managed to fall and fit perfectly between this extremely narrow canal. The reflective surface is actually water.

Canada Post is to Canada what the US Postal Service is to the United States, and while they strive to provide excellent service, they really messed things up here. Oh, it might not look like it because that Vitamix box fit perfectly inside that mailbox. But be grateful that you dont have to be the person that has to remove the box. Unfortunately, this person had to and was finding it tough to find enough space to stick their hand inside to pull the cardboard box out.

This omelette du fromage is basically a regular omelette thats very easy to make. All you have to do is beat a couple of eggs in a bowl and add some salt and pepper. Then you heat olive oil in a pan and pour the eggs in and spread the eggs evenly in the pan until its nice and cooked. But this person discovered something quite unexpected when they transferred their omelette onto their plate. It turns out that it fit perfectly. It also looks like a giant egg yolk surrounded by egg white.

This person had managed to take the can of beans top off using a can opener, which can be a major pain to do sometimes, especially if you suffer from arthritis. But they did it. Unfortunately, the top fell in the sink when they tipped the can over the sink to drain the excess water. And it didnt just land anywhere. It landed inside the sinks drain hole which made it impossible to take out. They couldnt even wedge it out with a butter knife. But admittedly, it did fit perfectly.

Some of the reasons people look forward to weekends is that they can unplug and think about future plans or recharge so that they can start the new week. Others use this time to exercise, travel or spend quality time with their family and friends. But those arent the reasons why weekends are so flawless on this calendar. Its because they align perfectly in two columns, which probably made looking forward to the weekend even more visually appealing.

This subway rider is so cute for sitting comfortably across two seats and she fits! Its almost like this space was designed just for her. Even the way shes wearing her mask is downright perfect. But the problem with being this comfortable on a subway train is that you can fall asleep quick and easy, especially when youre wearing sunglasses like she is. Hopefully, this dear lady didnt miss her stop and end up on the other side of town.

This gamer doesnt need to buy a stand for their Nintendo Wii because it fits surprisingly well with this metal cabinet. Another surprising checkmark in the plus column is the fact that the color of the game console and the stand are the same. So, if it werent for the letters on the Wii and the game slot, guests would assume its a part of the furniture. But the owner should probably take it out of here because the Wii will definitely overheat when its in use.

The post on its own is flawless. Alright, so maybe it has a couple of stains on the top and on the sides. But what makes this post so perfect is the fact that it aligns perfectly with its shadow on the sidewalk. Unfortunately, it only remained a perfect fit for a couple of moments. Then the sun moved and completely wrecked the illusion of the perfect post. And the shadows angle will only occur for a couple of more days before the Earth moves and the suns angle completely changes.

Toilet paper isnt generally considered visually pleasing but this is definitely the exception because all the toilet paper rolls fit so perfectly in this drawer. It turns out that the homeowners 5-year-old took care of refilling the drawer for their parents. Unfortunately, there was one unforeseen consequence. The grownups thought that the organization was so flawless that they didnt want to take a roll out even though they needed one.

They say that furniture should be the last thing to go inside a moving truck so that the movers or homeowners are able to unload these first into the new home or apartment. But whoever stacked these pieces of furniture did a very good job using up all the space in the back. Now the homeowner will have more than enough room to add all of their other miscellaneous items like bicycles, garden items, lamps, and boxes full of clothing.

Long before this alcove became the new home of this Diego Sideboard cabinet, the homeowners had planned to turn the area into a bookshelf. But they kept stalling and the project was never carried out. But they wanted to do something with the space, so they went furniture shopping and found this cabinet that fit just right in this alcove. Ironically, they werent really sure that it would fit until they tested it out.

Gibson and Schecter are two separate brands of guitars, but as this guitarist discovered, their headstocks or pegheads were interchangeable. Now the primary function of a headstock is to house the pegs or mechanism that holds the strings at the head of the guitar. And generally, every brand has their own style of headstocks. But Schecters headstocks were so similar that they simply inverted theirs so that they would seem different from Gibsons headstocks. This was probably a smart move as they avoided getting sued by Gibson.

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Promote Health with Your English Language StudentsAll, YouthCannabis & Your HealthAllAlcohol and Other DrugsAll, YouthBodySafe(Infection prevention for businesses providing manicures,hairdressing,aesthetics, piercing, tattooing andmicropigmentation)AllPregnancyPregnancy, ParentCancer Prevention and ScreeningAll, SeniorHand HygieneAllParentingChild, Youth, ParentToronto Drug StrategyAll, YouthArtificial Turf in TorontoAllVulnerable Adults and SeniorsAll, SeniorAir QualityAllBed BugsAllDiabetes PreventionAllGender-Based ViolenceAllHealthy WorkplacesAllMeasles Notification & InvestigationAllImmunization and VaccinesAllInjury PreventionAllLive Tobacco-FreeAll, YouthInto Kids Health in SchoolsChild, Youth, ParentLyme DiseaseAllT.O Urban Health Fund (TUHF)AllToronto Food StrategyAllTuberculosis (TB)AllFood SafetyAllSun Safety ActivitiesAll, Child, YouthHealth Information for NewcomersAllChemTRAC(Tracks industrial pollutants)AllGastrobusters(To report food poisoning)AllThe Works Drug Use ClinicAllHealthy Eating During PregnancyPregnancy, ParentBreastfeedingPregnancy, ParentFeeding Your InfantPregnancy, ParentPostpartum Depression and AnxietyPregnancy, ParentHarm Reduction Supplies LocationsAllOverdose Prevention and ResponseAllBecome A Harm Reduction Partner AgencyAllNaloxone Anti-Overdose MedicationAllSupervised Injection ServicesAllSpeech & Language, Vision, HearingChild, Youth, ParentFeeding Your Toddler/PreschoolerChild, Youth, ParentDental and Oral Health ServicesAllEating Well with Canadas Food GuideAllHealthy Schools in French (coles Saines)All, ParentExtreme Cold WeatherAllStaying Healthy in Hot Weather (Heat)AllGrocery ShoppingAllHealthy SchoolsAll, ParentNoise and Your HealthAllRabies Prevention and ControlAllFall PreventionParents, childrenCar Seat SafetyParentsPrevent Falls in Older AdultsSeniorsStep Aheadto Fall Prevention in Older AdultsAdultsPedestrian SafetyAllFinding Healthy RecipesAdults, Parents, SeniorsHealthier Dining OutAllFood LabelsAdults, Parents, Seniors, YouthStudent Nutrition ProgramParentsPhysical ActivityAllWalkingAllRainbow FunParentsOutdoors: The Ultimate PlaygroundParents, ChildrenSecond-Hand Smoke and the LawAllHookah and ShishaAllSmoking and Vaping Legislation and EnforcementAllYouth HealthParents, YouthYouth Health Action NetworkParents, YouthInvestment in Youth Engagement InitiativeYouth, ParentsWest Nile VirusAllPetting Zoos and Animal ExhibitsAllChild Care Centre HygieneParents, AdultsDineSafeParents, Adults, Seniors, YouthNewcomersAllLegionella Prevention in Cooling TowersAdultsFood Handler CertificationAdults, YouthSwimSafeAdults, Seniors, ParentsYour Health MattersAllFeeding Your School-Age Children and YouthParentsHealthy Eating WorkshopsAdultsFood Insecurity in TorontoAllinTOkidshealth E-newsletterParentsNutrition and Food AccessAllMental Health PromotionAllToronto Public Health eChat (with a nurse)AllSexual Health Infoline OntarioYouth, Adults, Seniors, ParentsTeens, Alcohol & CannabisYouth, Adults, Parents, AllAir Quality Health IndexAllcondomTOAllHelmet SafetyYouth, ParentsRadio Frequencies from Toronto Water MetersAllSexually Transmitted InfectionsAllMouldAll18-month Well Baby VisitAllSexual Health Resources for TeachersAllSchool Resources for Educators and ParentsAllSimple Steps to Leading Healthy Eating WorkshopsAdultsToronto Indigenous Health Strategy (TIHS)AllSexual Health PromotionAllHeat Warning StatisticsAllThe Charles Hastings Lecture SeriesAllAdvancing Health EquityAllCanadas Low-Risk Alcohol Drinking GuidelinesAllStyrene Used in Sewer ReliningAllFluorideAllVision HealthParents, Youth, ChildrenRadon and Your HealthAllChild SafetyAllWelcome to ParentingPregnancy, Parent, ChildrenLiaison Public Health NurseChild, YouthDiscarded Needles in the CommunityAllViolence at HomeAll

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No one wants their home to be infested with bed bugsor mites. Before you can eliminate either of these pests, however, its important to understand some of the distinct differences between the two. When you are trying to differentiate between mites vs. bed bugs, its often a good idea to call on a bed bug control professional for assistance. Below are some facts about each pest that might help you.

Adult bed bugs are reddish-brown in color and about one-fourth of an inch long. Their bodies are oval and flattened, somewhat resembling an apple seed. They have six, slender legs and possess two antennae. Bed bugs have a long, slender mouthpart known as the proboscis that they use to pierce the skin of the host animal and siphon a blood meal. Immature bed bugs, called nymphs, look the same as the adults except that they are smaller and their color will usually be much lighter.

More than 46,000 species of mites have been identified, so the appearance will vary greatly among the different types. Mites are not actually insects. They are categorized as arachnids. Spiders and ticks also belong to this group and are closely related to mites. Most mites are approximately one-eighth of an inch long and can be seen with the naked eye, although some species are so small that they cannot be seen without the aid of a magnifying glass or microscope. Mites develop through four life stages egg, larval, nymph and adult. Immature mites have six legs. Adults have eight legs.

Bed bugs are typically found, as their name implies, in or near your bed. They can be found in the seams and folds of mattresses as well as in box springs. A common place to find bed bugs is behind the headboard where it abuts or is attached to the wall. As a bed bug infestation grows, they spread to nearby articles of upholstered furniture, behind baseboards, into wall voids, beneath loose flooring and behind electrical switches.

There are three species of mites that readily infest homes the bird mite, the clover mite and the dust mite. The bird mite prefers to feed on the blood of birds and rodents, but will bite humans if their host animal dies. Because they are carried by their host to various locations, they can be found inside walls, in the attic and in cracks and crevices near wherever birds or rodents may nest. Clover mites do not bite humans, but they can be alarming because they sometimes enter buildings by the thousands. Clover mites feed on clover, ivy, fruit trees and other plants and tend to enter structures when food sources outside are in short supply. The dust mite is so small its virtually invisible. These mites do not feed on humans, but can easily become airborne. Dust mites and their feces are one of the most common allergens found indoors. Pillows, mattresses and upholstered furniture are typical harborage sites for dust mites.

If you are concerned about bed bugs or mites carrying disease, you should know that bed bugs are not known to transmit any disease to humans. Only a few species of mites rarely have. Both can, however, cause skin irritations or allergic reactions due to their bite.

Now that you have more information about mites vs. bed bugs, it should be a given that you dont want either of these pests invading your space. Call the pest management professionals at Terminix to help keep these and other pests from bugging you.

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After WWII, bed bugs seemed to all but disappear in the United States thanks to the introduction of modern insecticides. Theyve made a resurgence, though, coming back in force with infestations now found across the United States. Reasons for the rapid spread are still unclear, but increased travel is one solution that has been explored by experts. With such risk on the rise, its natural to search for an effective bed bug repellent just as you would to combat other pests such as mosquitoes, ants and roaches. But bed bugs arent your average bug. Their need to feed and breed is fierce, and their close contact within your home can be alarming.

We already know inspection and early identification are key for putting a stop to these pesky parasites; now lets talk about prevention using some popular bed bug repellents. Whether youre interested in natural bed bug repellent, store-bought products or a bed bug repellent thats homemade, its important to understand what works and what doesnt and risks involved with each method.

Most skin-applied pest repellents must be registered by the EPA before they can be marketed, but that hasnt stopped people from concocting their own remedies. Essential oils have gotten a lot of press for pest prevention in the last few years and have been especially touted as effective treatment around pets and kids. Even though consumers may deem essential oils safer to use as a pest repellent for skin than other options, it doesnt make it true, and it certainly doesnt mean theyre more efficient.

In terms of the most widely talked about bed bug repellents, homemade options often include diatomaceous earth. Because of its abrasive properties, it works by absorbing water-protecting fats and oils from the outer layer of a bed bugs exoskeleton. The hope is that once sprinkled on a mattress or applied to cracks and crevices, bed bugs will come in contact with the powder and ultimately dry out and die from dehydration. It can be easily evaded, though, and bed bugs are notorious for spotting and avoiding such traps.

When people search for information about how to get rid of bed bugs naturally, peppermint likely comes up as one of the options. Supposedly, its scent keeps bed bugs away, and people are thus encouraged to utilize it throughout their homes. One specific method indicates that the leaves should be crushed and spread throughout infested areas to distribute the oil, and the process should be repeated until all signs of bed begs are eliminated. Not only does it seem to be a time-consuming process but also a messy one likely to yield minimal results.

It is said that black walnut tea offers bed bug repellent properties. Consumers are told that placing used tea bags throughout their homes and attempting to cover bedding and any open cracks can help eliminate both bed bug eggs and adults. However, there is no data to support this claim and youre more likely to waste time than get rid of parasites.

There are purportedly many ways to use petroleum jelly as a bed bug repellent. A popular method is to smear it across a bed frame and headboard and down the bed legs. The thought is that pests will get stuck when crawling up the bed in search of a host, but what if bed bugs are already hiding in the mattress? Not many things will stand between beg bugs and a blood meal, and petroleum jelly isnt one of them.

Theres little evidence that rubbing alcohol is an effective bed bug repellent, but there is plenty of proof that its flammable. When misused independently or mixed with other ingredients to increase efficacy, it can quickly become a fire hazard and put your home and family in danger.

Unlike diatomaceous earth, baby powder has minimal impact on bed bugs. Its properties are simply not strong enough to pierce the outer layer of these pests, and its subsequently unlikely to have the same dehydrating results. While it might do a great job masking their musty scent, baby powder is not an effective homemade bed bug repellent.

Some consumers rub furniture down with dryer sheets or place them around their home in hopes they act as a bed bug repellent. Unfortunately, theres simply no evidence to indicate that these products aid in prevention or deterrence.

Laundering linens in the hottest water as instructed by the manufacturer to maintain good hygiene is a harmless step one can take toward reducing current infestation. Good, old-fashioned soap on skin or around your home doesnt go a long way in repelling bed bugs.

Its never recommended to use homemade bed bug repellents when trying to control a pest issue in your home. Though some options may help reduce the spread of parasites, the most effective long-term bed bug treatment is professional pest control. Contact Terminix today for a FREE inspection.

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