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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on January 29th, 2019

According to a national pest control company, Halifax is the fifth worst city in Canada when it comes to bed bugs.

Orkin Canada based the ranking on how many bed bug treatments it performed in both residential and commercial settings across the country in 2018.

Toronto topped the list, followed by Winnipeg, St. John's and Vancouver.

Ottawa, Hamilton, Sudbury, Windsor and Scarborough round out the rest of the top 10.

The pests are oval shaped and flat, have six legs, two antennae and no wings.

Adults are around 5 mm in length but some can swell up to 10 mm after feeding.

Bed bug nymphs are approximately 1-4 mm in length -- around the size of the head of a pin -- and are white or a golden colour until they feed.

Because the pests are good hitchhikers, the company says early detection is key to reducing the chance of an infestation.

Other than actually spotting one, tiny dark coloured stains, cast skins and bites on the legs, arms, neck, or face are signs that they may be around.

The little blood suckers can be found anywhere, but mattress tags and seams, under seat cushions, behind headboards, in the creases of drawers, and buckling wallpaper or carpet are some of their favourite hiding spots.

Orkin says doing the following can help preventbed bugs in your home:

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on January 25th, 2019

Bed bug bites: When bedbugs bite, you often see clusters of bites. Each cluster usually contains 3 to 5 bites that appear in a zigzag pattern. How do you know if you have bed bugs?

To find out if you have bed bugs, you need to look for two things:

Bites on your body: If you have bed bugs, youre likely to have bites. Bed bug bites usually cause itchy welts. These welts usually appear in a zigzag pattern as show in the photo above.

Youll seldom see bed bugs, so many people mistakenly believe that mosquitos, fleas, or spiders bit them. Sometimes people mistakebed bug bites for a common skin condition such as an itchy rash, hives, or chickenpox.

To make sure you have bed bugs, youll need to look for signs of bed bugs.

Although bed bugs dont usually require serious medical attention, they can cause a great deal of anxiety and restless nights. To help find bed bugs before they find you (and your belongings), dermatologists recommend looking for the following signs near places where you sleep.

Signs of bed bugs: This step is important. If you have abed bug infestation, you need to find out so that you can get rid of the bed bugs. Getting rid of the bed bugs is the only way to stop the bites.

If you have a large number of bed bugs, you may see the bugs. Most people, however, only see signs of bed bugs. To look for signs of bed bugs, check the places that people sleep for the following:

If you do get bed bugs and have many bites or a bite that looks infected, see a board-certified dermatologist. A dermatologist can treat an infection and help relieve the itch.

If you see bed bugs, they will likely scurry toward the closest hiding place. Any dark place such as inside a mattress or even a picture frame makes a good hiding place.

As you watch bed bugs move, it can look like they are flying or jumping because they can crawl quickly. Bed bugs cannot fly or jump; they can only crawl.

If you find signs of bed bugs, call a pest-control company or your property manager. You should not use bug spray or a fogger. These products have little effect on bed bugs.

You should see a dermatologist for treatment if you have:

Your dermatologist may prescribe the following to treatbed bug bites:

Allergic reaction: Some people may require an injection of an antihistamine, corticosteroid, or epinephrine (adrenaline) for a severe allergic reaction.

Infection: An infection may require an antibiotic. If the infection is mild, your dermatologist may recommend an antiseptic medication that you can buy without a prescription. Your dermatologist will tell you which one to use. Your dermatologist also may recommend an antiseptic to prevent a skin infection.

Itch: A prescription antihistamine pill or liquid can help. You also can apply a corticosteroid to the bites. Your dermatologist will tell you which is best for you.

If you do not have any signs of an infection or a serious reaction, you can often treat the bites at home.

To treatbed bug bites:

Bed bugbites usually heal and go away within a week or two.

ReferencesLeverkus M et al. Bullous Allergic Hypersensitivity to Bed bug Bites Mediated by IgE against Salivary Nitrophorin. J of Invest Dermatol. 2006;126:2364-2366.

Liebold K et al. Disseminated bullous eruption with systemic reaction caused by Cimex lectularius. J Euro Acad of Dermat and Vener. 2003;17:461-463.

Steen CJ, Carbonaro PA, Schwartz RA. Arthropods in dermatology. J Am Acad Dermatol 2004; 50:819-42.

Bed bugs | American Academy of Dermatology

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on January 23rd, 2019

A person dealing with bed bugs in Toronto should understand that the Federal Government of Canada has only approved a very limited number of pesticides that can be used by ANY company for bed bugs. It doesn't matter how large or small the company is - they can only use those limited products!

So, with that in mind - it would makes sense to hire a smaller, less overhead-burdened company to handle your bed bug problem. But, that's not the whole story.

Procedure is everything!...Read on...

With the mass media coverage of the bed bug problem in Toronto hitting record levels in the past six months, there have been numerous companies - one man start ups - that have hit the market. Be careful not to jump at the lowest price.

Here are some tips to help you choose what type of company you should be looking for - Ask them about the following:

To get rid of bed bugs in Toronto, the pricing structure should be based around what type of home it is. For example, a 5 bedroom house will surely cost more than a bachelor apartment... but how much more?

Bed bug extermination pricing in Toronto, if graphed over the last year, would look like a roller coaster. One year ago the average price for a 4 bedroom home was almost $2000. Today, the average price should be somewhere around $800. Now, as we discussed, not all bed bug treatments are alike!

Your exterminator should include at least two treatments for whatever price they quote to you. This has to do with 'breaking the life-cycle' of the infestation. It is rare indeed for a bed bug problem to be adequately dealt with in only one service!

Make absolutely sure that the company you go with will never leave you hanging. Meaning, make sure they offer a written service guarantee - no company can guarantee that you're bed bugs will be gone in a certain length of time - no company can do that! Bed bugs are simply too unpredictable an insect for that to be genuine. What you should look for isa companythat will guarantee that they will come back if you need them to and utilize different methods of extermination specific to your particular situation. This is referred to as IPM or Integrated Pest Management.

Beware of the guy that tells you that "one treatment should do it" or " don't need a written guarantee - I'll come back, trust me..." If you hear comments similar to this - move on!

At the very least, make sure the company you hire is BBB accredited! The Better Business Bureau hold companies to the highest ethical and moral business practices standards. The vetting process is intense and regular checks are done by the BBB on their accredited companies to ensure that those standards are constantly being met. Any bed bug exterminator you hire should be accredited by the BBB!

Pricing: Our latest research shows a sampling as follows:

4 Bedroom house, full treatment including steam as necessary:

Orkin $1,600 Toronto $799

To summarize, you should go with a company that specializes in bed bugs extermination. They should be willing to spend some time with you on the phone and in person discussing your bed bug problem when they arrive. They should utilize IPM or Integrated Pest Management (different methods) to solve your bed bug problem. Appropriate pesticide application, steaming, dusting and vacuuming should do the trick.

How much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs in Toronto?

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on January 23rd, 2019

AMCO Pest Control Services feature government licensed and bonded specialists who provide expert services in the Greater Toronto Area. Our Service Area covers the following municipalities:

AMCO Pest Control thrives to deliver exceptional quality of pest control services to residential, commercial and industrial sectors of the aforementioned municipalities. We eliminate all troublesome pests including but not limited to; bed bugs, ants, cockroaches, silverfish, flies, bees, fleas, wasps/hornets, mice/rats, raccoons, skunks, squirrels and birds.

AMCO Pest Control does not simply vow to give you a pest free home; we also guarantee to eradicate pests from your place of work or business. Common pests such as mice and cockroaches often cause serious damage to valuable property in large commercial and industrial complexes, such as offices, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls or warehouses. Our licensed and experienced specialists will ensure complete elimination of any infestation at your property.

AMCO Pest Control is dedicated to completely satisfy its clients needs. Keeping in mind the value of your business, our specialists work after-hours to help you clear the infestation without impeding your necessary business activities. Our un-marked vehicles ensure your businesses trouble is safe with us, we respect the publicity of your business and we serve you to uphold its integrity.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on January 21st, 2019

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

Appearance - Bed bugs are small, usually only 4 - 5 millimeters in length. They have flat, oval shaped bodies. Bed bugs are usually light brown or reddish brown in color but will have a bright red abdomen immediately following a meal.

Behavior - Bed bugs leave straight rows of small itchy bumps on your body. Bed bug bites can cause itchy spots which can lead to infection if continuously scratched. Bed bugs can also bite pets in the home. Some people may not react to bed bugs bites, so while one person sleeping in an infested bed may show bites, another may not. Carefully check your bedding, take off all sheets, and inspect the mattress, paying close attention to the seams. If you see small rust colored, black or brown spots, these may be bed bug droppings. Bed bug droppings are made of digested blood, usually about the size of a felt tipped marker dot. You may also see bed bug skins that have previously been shed. Bed bugs can survive for up to a year without feeding.

There are many different ways you can get a bed bug infestation in your Toronto & Etobicoke home. Contrary to popular belief, bed bug cases do not just affect people in unclean living conditions. Purchasing pre-owned furniture, travel, and unknowingly visiting an affected home are common origins of a bed bug problem. In apartments, often one apartment with a Toronto & Etobicoke bed bug problem can spread the bugs to neighbors.

Do not feel embarrassed about a bed bug infestation. Many times it is beyond your control. We are here to help make sure your home will be bed bug-free by the end of our Toronto & Etobicoke bed bug treatment.

Bed Bugs begin to multiply in your Toronto & Etobicoke home if you do not treat quickly. More bed bugs mean more bites, greater chance of spreading bugs to your family and friends, and a more difficult time getting rid of a bigger infestation. Our bed bug treatment addresses both live bed bugs and any hidden bed bug eggs. By calling our trusted company, you are taking the first step to reclaiming your Toronto & Etobicoke and sanity from a bed bug problem.

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Toronto & Etobicoke Bed Bug Removal

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on January 19th, 2019

One of Canadaslargest pest control providers has released a new list that no city should be happy to top.

With the announcement that Orkin Canada expects the next 12 months to be a bumper year for bed bugs in Canada, thepest control company has released data to show the 25 most afflicted cities across the country.

For those of you not in the know, bed bugs areparasiticinsectsof thecimicidfamily thatfeed exclusively on blood. In the case of the most common bed bug, the blood they feed on is human blood.

To be clear, Orkin Canadasdata is derivedexclusively from the number of commercial and residential properties that have received bed bug treatment directly from Orkin between July 1, 2016andJune 30, 2017.

Thebed bug registryallows people to search for houses, hotels, and apartments that may or may not have had a reported case of bed bugs. It has information available for most major Canadian cities including Metro Vancouver and Toronto.

According to Orkin, tips for homeowners and vacationers include:

Of Canadas top 25 bed bug cities, a large number are located in Ontario, but it seems no major city across the country is safe from high levels of infestation.

Bedbugs across Canada (Orkin)

So sleep tight! And dont let the bed bugswell, you know.

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Daily Hive Staff

Original post:
These are the 25 worst cities in Canada for bed bugs ...

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on January 19th, 2019

Its a problem that no one wants to have, but bed bugs are a persistent problem in Halifax.

The problem has been steadily increasing over the years, said Brian Barton, president of BBD pest control.

I dont see an end in sight in the next five years.

READ MORE:Dirty laundry could be to blame for worsening global bed bug epidemic

Part of the problem is that the bugs are becoming resistant to certain treatments.

We as technicians can create a chemical resistant bug in as little as six months if were not careful, explained Barton, adding that its important to rotate which chemicals are used in the same area.

A recent survey by Orkin, another Canadian pest control company, ranked Halifax the fifth worst city in the country for bed bugs.

Pareesh Nogia is new to Halifax and was unaware of the ranking.

Ive heard people telling me, these places are really bad for bed bugs, he said. He found a place that was bed bug-free, but admits that the pesky critters are something he had to deal with before.

It feels disgusting. It looks weird to see bugs crawling on your bed.

Glen Hougan says hes never had to deal with bed bugs before but his co-op decided to have their apartments all checked as a preventative measure.

Hearing about people getting them, it just sounds like a complete horror story getting rid of them, he said.

Fortunately for him, nothing was found.

Its just a complete piece of mind.

WATCH:Sniffing out trouble in your home and office: K9 bed bug detection

And that piece of mind should not be taken for granted, says Barton.

The worst part of dealing with bed bugs is the mental aspect in the fact that they haunt you psychologically, he said.

Youre wondering if theyre gone if theyre still here, psychologically its a nightmare.

Barton recommends getting encasement for mattresses and box springs after getting rid of bed bugs just to be sure theyre gone, because if any bug appears, the encasement will make it more visible and you wont be left wondering.

As for prevention Barton says he highly recommends against picking up furniture off the curb, and any other secondhand furniture should be thoroughly inspected before bringing it home.

After travelling, he also recommends placing suitcases in a clear plastic bag until you are able to wash all your clothes in hot water, and vacuum the inside and outside of your luggage.

2019Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on January 17th, 2019

Winnipeg sits as the second highest city in Canada with bed bugs, commonly found in mattresses and under seat cushions.

According to a news release from Orkin Canada, Winnipegs bed bug problem is at an all-time high.

READ MORE: Winnipeg has second-most bed bugs among Canadian cities

Orkins 2017 report shows that Winnipeg didnt budge this year, as they stayed in second place again.

In less than two decades, this pest has gone from a rarely experienced irritant to a major problem, Orkin wrote in a news release.

To prevent bed bugs, Orkin says to dry potentially infested bed linens or clothing on the highest heat setting in a dryer.

They also suggest inspecting your luggage after a vacation, before bringing your suitcase in your home.

Top Ten Cities with Bed Bugs:

Bed bugs are known as hitchhikers Orkin says early detection is the best way to reduce the chances of an infestation.

WATCH: Sniffing out trouble in your home and office: K9 bed bug detection

2019Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc.

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Winnipeg has second-highest rate of bed bugs in Canada ...

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Toronto Bed Bugs on January 17th, 2019

Toronto is the bed bug capital of Canada, according to new stats.

Pest control company Orkin has released its second-annual list of the worst-infested cities in the country based on the number of infestation treatments in 2018.

Hogtown has the biggest problem of Cimex lectularius better known as bed bugs the tiny insects that use humans as hosts, leaving red, itchy bites.

Bed bugs are the No. 1 urban pest in many cities today, said Chelle Hartzer, an Orkin entomologist.

They are master hitchhikers, so no one is immune. Sanitation has nothing to do with prevention. From public transit to five-star resorts, bed bugs have been and can be found everywhere humans are.

After Toronto, the worst cities in order are Winnipeg, St. Johns, Vancouver, Halifax, Ottawa, Hamilton, Sudbury, Windsor and Scarborough.

Bed bugs favourite places to infect are mattresses, under seat cushions, creases of drawers, and carpet.

Look for dark tiny stains, cast skins or the live bugs.

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Toronto tops in Canada for bed bugs, new list says ...

Posted by: simmons in Canada Bed Bugs on November 30th, 2018

Are thinking of relocating to Canada? Moving your family to a different city can be overwhelming especially when you know little about the town. If you are moving to a new location and you are worried about who will foot the bills in case of bug infestations, then read on.

If you move to your dream house, apartment or condo only to find out you just moved into a breeding home of pesky bugs, it is a nightmare. To make the matter worse often times, you are responsible for the cost of extermination. Before you own a home in any of the regions in Canada, it is necessary to read and understand the law governing the city; every homeowner or tenant should understand bed bugs and the law governing the area to avoid unnecessary disputes between landlords and tenants.

It is the sole responsibility of the landlord to provide a healthy and habitable environment for the tenant. If the tenants notice bug infestation, they are advised to go to the local health authority and report the situation. The health inspectors will evaluate the case, and if the landlord is found wanting, he will be asked to take of it.

Similar to Alberta, the landlord must provide healthy and bug-free rental unit for the tenants. The landlord is responsible for exterminating bed bug infestations. If you are living in Vancouver or planning to move there, kindly visit the Tenants Rights Action Coalition for further information; Vancouver has a high rate of bed bug invasion.

The landlords are obligated to exterminate cockroaches, as well as other pesky pests and rodents while they have tenants, to maintain a healthy and clean environment afterward under the provinces public health act.

Tenants and landlords handle the situation themselves, but if they cannot find common ground to settle the bed bug case, the residential tenancy branch can intervene and help the landlord and tenant resolve the dispute.

If you are leaving in New Brunswick, there is no specific bed bug legislation. Nevertheless, the rental and consumer affairs can help you resolve any cases of bed bug-related disputes between tenants and landlords. The law favors the tenants, only if they have proofs that the fault was as a result of the landlords negligence.

There is no laid down legislation for resolving bed bug disputes between the tenant and the landlord in Nova Scotia. However, if the landlord can prove that the tenant is responsible for the bugs infestation, then they will be responsible for extermination. Furthermore, if the tenant is found innocent, the landlord assumes the responsibility of fixing the bed bug problems.

Again, like the maritime provinces, there is no laid down rule concerning bed bug infestation. The landlord is mandated to provide a bug-free environment for any new tenant, and the tenant has to ensure the environment is clean and free from clutter to eliminate the risk of inviting pests in the house.

If you are moving to this region as a tenant, YOU are responsible for the cost exterminating bed bugs, and other pests from your home, except if you have evidence that you did not bring them while moving. It is a little tricky nevertheless, it is the duty of the landlord to stop the infestation from spreading to another part of the house.

Like some of the provinces in Canada, no specific rule covers bed bug infestation, but each will be handled by an arbitrator before any action can be taken. The case can be in favor of the landlord or the tenant so long each party can prove they are not guilty of the pest invasion.

For more information, landlords and tenants can consult individual local or provincial landlord-tenant agencies for guidance.

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