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One area bed bugs love to hide in is your closet. As Bed Bugs Insider points out, one of the main ways bed bugs infest your house is by latching onto your clothing during travel, where they will then nest in your closet when you get home. They also like the darkness associated with most closets, so if they don't originate in your closet, odds are they'll find their way there eventually especially if you remove them from your mattress.

If you're a frequent traveler, keep your luggage away from the walls and off your bed, ideally keeping it on a metal luggage rack that the bugs can't access, per Orkin Canada. You can also wrap your clothing in plastic bags to try and keep the bugs out. Despite your best efforts, it's still possible they'll find a home in your closet.

To check your closet for bed bugs, start by removing everything you have stored in there and placing the items in tightly sealed plastic bags. Avoid wearing or using anything until you can guarantee it's bed bug free. Search for living and dead bugs, checking every corner and crease. If you spot even one, odds are there are plenty more hidden somewhere, in which case you should immediately contact an exterminator.

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Where do Bed Bugs Hide During the Day?

Bed bugs are nocturnal and mainly active at night, so what happens when the sun comes up? Bed bugs do not usually crawl for long distances and they don't have wings so they tend to stay near potential blood meal hosts. Evidence of where bed bug infestations may be found in a bed room include: bed frame, mattress and box spring. Bed bugs are only attached to hosts' bodies during blood feeding. In between blood meals, bed bugs can also be found nearby on furniture, behind wallpaper and under the edge of carpet. Their flattened shape makes it easy for the parasites to quickly hide in cracks and crevices, including walls, wood floors, electrical outlets and other narrow spots inside and outside your home or other area.

While bedrooms tend to harbor more bed bugs than other household locations, it should be noted that they can hide anywhere people tend to sleep or rest. Some examples of other hiding spots include: Cushions in movie theaters and airplanes, seats in buses and cabs, chairs in break rooms, storage areas, offices or lounges with upholstered furniture. To minimize the risk of a bed bug infestation, consider taking precautions such as putting your purse on your lap instead of on the ground at an airport, and placing luggage in the bathroom on a hard, uncarpeted service in hotel rooms until you inspect the room for any potential signs of bed bug activity.

Bed bugs gravitate towards people who remain inactive (e.g., sleeping) long enough to provide a blood meal, though you dont need to worry about where bed bugs hide on your body for long term periods. Unlike ticks, bed bugs dont attach themselves to a human host, but can be transported by humans in their belongings such as a coat, luggage or furniture. Once established, bed bugs will instead travel from a hiding spot 5-20 feet away to blood feed. The blood feeding process usually lasts three to 10 minutes. While most people dont know theyre being bitten during blood feeding, bites can result in itchy welts caused by a reaction to bed bug saliva and this can cause discomfort for up to a week or more. Once the blood feeding is complete, bed bugs retreat to their hiding spots to digest the blood. Male and female bed bugs require a blood meal between each of five nymphal stages. Once they reach adulthood, blood fed female bed bugs use the protein from the blood to develop eggs after mating. Under favorable conditions with access to blood meal hosts, the time between feedings usually ranges between five to 15 days and females can lay 10-50 eggs each batch. Bed bug adults are about the size of an apple seed.

After mating, adult female bed bugs hide their eggs in secluded places. Theyll try getting as close to a food source as they can, and look for cracks and crevices, even seams of mattresses, mattress tags, and other hard to reach areas. A sticky substance produced by the female bed bug helps eggs stick to surfaces and each female can potentially produce hundreds of eggs during their lifetimes. Bed bug eggs are tiny and white, about the width of a spaghetti noodle, and are difficult to observe closely without magnification. When temperatures are above 70F, eggs can hatch in 7-10 days and this process takes longer at lower temperatures. Newly hatched nymphs (immature bed bugs) immediately go in search of a blood meal. Knowing where bed bugs hide their eggs can help investigators identify a potential issue and, help stop the issue from becoming an infestation

Dont wait to find out where bed bugs may be hiding in your house. If you suspect that you may have a bed bug issue, consider contacting a Terminix pest control professional to schedule an inspection.

The last thing anyone wants to think about are bed bugs hiding just out of plain sight, but its a reality. They dont discriminate between clean/organized and dirty/messy environments, or public and personal spaces. However, cluttered environments with multiple hiding places can make bed bug control more difficult. Bed bugs can be attracted to many different warm-blooded vertebrate hosts (e.g., rodents, dogs, cats); however, humans are the preferred host. Bed bugs live in a variety of environments associated with humans. These insects are attracted to warmth, moisture from your body, and CO and can detect these host seeking cues from approximately three feet away. Where bed bugs hide is related to blood meal host availability and blood feeding relies heavily on their ability to stay under cover until the opportunity arises. Lets look at the most commonly asked questions about where bed bugs typically hide.

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If you want to make sure the bugs you found are truly the menacing bed bugs or are just interested in pictures of bed bugs, this page will be of great help to you. And after youve identified bed bugs you can look around our site to see how you can get rid of bed bugs.

Without further ado, here are high quality pictures of bed bugs that will familiarize you with this pest and possibly even make you squint a little bit:

Female of the bed bug Cimex lectularius on the fur of one of its hosts, a bat.

SayByeBugs uses a very effective active ingredient in its water based formula and is completely deadly to bed bugs in all stages of their life cycle. SayByeBugs doesnt use any toxins and is water based which means you can safely apply it to all surfaces and fabrics.

This little spray has been a secret weapon in the hands of select testers for the past year but now finally you too can use it to destroy your bed bug infestation. The formula in the spray has even been University tested and proven to destroy bed bugs on contact while being perfectly safe for your family and pets so unlike most other products it has science backing it up.

The way it works is you spray a light mist on any surfaces bed bugs might be hiding on and it will do the rest by disturbing the mating cycle of a bed bug and making it impossible for them to reproduce while also destroying them in seconds.

To try it out claim your 50% discounted kit by clicking here. Were not sure for how much longer the promotion is going to stay active, so hurry!


If you really want to get rid of bed bugs today try SayByeBugs! It was developed as a safe and highly effective alternative among a sea of products that rarely deliver on their promises.

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Are you a resident of Arizona or moving to Arizona?

If yes, then you shouldnt miss this post ever.

In this post, youll find out the five little black bugs in Arizona that are both invasive and nuisance in Arizona homes.

Youll learn actionable tips to protect your home from these tiny little black bugs.

Thats not all.

Theres also a list of five common house bugs in Arizona that are a threat to your home and property.

And a lot more!

Lets dive in.

The five most common tiny black bugs in Arizona homes are the carpet beetles, the false chinch bugs, gnats, drain flies, and the most often ignored, the black plant bug, which is a nuisance in Arizona.

Each of these five bugs has its way of invading homes, causing damages, and become a nuisance.

Lets find out what are these tiny black bugs in Arizona.

So, what are carpet beetles?

Carpet beetles are tiny black beetles that enter homes to lay eggs.

And what makes them a damage-causing pest?

Carpet beetles lay eggs in products made of animal matter. It includes leather, woolen carpet, silk fabric and clothes, and stuff made out of feathers.

But the interesting part is that the adult carpet beetles dont cause these damages.

Its the larvae of these beetles that cause the damages.

How? Let us explain.

Carpet beetles enter homes through open windows and doors.

Carpet beetles are common in lush yards and gardens.

They feed on the pollen and flower petals outdoors.

They enter homes during the late spring and early summer months, which are their mating seasons.

And the reason they enter the home is to lay eggs on the products made of animal matter inside your home.

Other reasons that bring adult carpet beetles to your home are dirt, food stains in fabric, unwashed clothing, open pet food, and perspiration stains.

Carpet beetles will lay eggs on expensive carpets, fabrics, and they can even sneak into your closet and wardrobe to lay eggs.

The larvae from the eggs feed on these expensive products. Theyll create holes in the products made of animal matter.

These holes can be numerous, and the larvae severely damage the fabrics. They dont even spare leather shoes that you dont wear often.

The carpet beetles larvae are inch long, brown, and look like a worm covered with bristles of hair.

Carpet beetles can come in different colors, and black is one of them.

There are brown carpet beetles and varied carpet beetles too.

The varied carpet beetles have white spots on their back.

Like bed bugs, the carpet beetle larvae can also hitchhike by latching onto products that they infest. Carpet beetles and their larvae can also infest your car.

In Arizona, where the weather is sunny and the winters are temperate, the risk of carpet beetle infestation is quite reasonable all year round.

Here are the four steps to stop carpet beetles from entering your home.

Step#1 Get Rid Of Adult Carpet Beetles In Your Yard Or Garden

If youve got a garden with many flowers, then chances are there are many carpet beetles.

You first need to treat your yard or garden to eliminate the adult carpet beetles.

You can do it by sprinkling food-grade diatomaceous earth in your garden.

Alternatively, spraying a mixture of water and eucalyptus essential oil also repels carpet beetles from your garden or yard.

Both the methods are effective and non-toxic to get rid of adult carpet beetles, plus many other bugs from your garden.

You can use a pesticide spray too, but make sure that theyre safe for your plants.

We dont recommend you handle pesticides yourself if you dont have experience with it.

Instead, hire a professional pest controller to do the job.

Now its time to put on the safeguards on your home to prevent their entry into your home.

Step#2 Install Window Shields To Stop Carpet Beetles From Flying Into Your Home

The best way to stop them from entering your home is to put window shields on your windows.

Ensure that you use window shields with smaller mesh, which will also prevent many other tiny bugs from flying in.

Plus, itd be best if you seal the gaps or cracks in the walls.

Many bugs, including carpet beetles, exploit these gaps to invade your home.

Step#3 Remove Dirt And Garbage From Your Home

Clean up those trash bins, dont let dirty clothes pile up for days, and remove food stains from carpet and fabric.

The key to keep carpet beetles and many other bugs away from your home is to keep your home clean.

Most importantly, dont allow discarded food, organic waste, and pet food to lie around for days inside your home.

If you do, it will attract carpet beetles and other destructive pests like roaches and ants.

Step#4 Install Bug-repelling Lights Outdoors

Carpet beetles are attracted to electric lights.

And thats why the adult ones often enter homes during evening hours when the lights are on.

So, itd be best to install light bulbs that dont attract bugs in the outdoor areas like the patio and garden.

What if youve spotted carpet beetles larvae in your home?

Or, what if adult carpet beetles are flying or crawling inside your home?

The following section tells you how to get rid of adult carpet beetles and the carpet beetle larvae.

Do you observe perforation or holes in fabrics, especially on clothes made of animal products?

If yes, then its a sign of the presence of carpet beetle larvae.

There are three essential steps to get rid of carpet beetles larvae from your home

Step#1 Remove The Damaged Clothing Or Fabric And Give Them For Cleaning

If you observe holes in your clothing made of animal products, remove them from where they are.

Clean them, or dry clean them before you put them back in your wardrobe or closet.

Itd be best if you could get rid of the fabric that is irreparably damaged.

Step#2 Vacuum Clean Your Home, Especially The Soft Furnishings

The next step is to vacuum your home, including the places where you keep your clothes and fabric.

Also, vacuum your bed, mattress, sofa, accent chairs, and any other upholstery in your home.

Most importantly, vacuum your carpets or rugs.

Itd be best if you wash them or give them for dry cleaning before you introduce them back to your home.

Steam cleaning is better than vacuum cleaning because the steam cleaners heat kills the carpet beetle larvae.

Wash any dirty clothing lying around for days. And if there are fabrics with food stains, wash them too.

Dirt, food waste, and organic waste attract carpet beetles not only to your home but also to your car.

Step#3 Use Insecticide Spray On The Adult Carpet Beetles

Many safe insecticide sprays can kill adult carpet beetles.

But youd need to spray those insecticide sprays right on the adult carpet beetles.

If you get rid of carpet beetles first in your yard or garden, then the chances of adult carpet beetles sneaking inside your home are pretty low.

Neither the adult carpet beetle nor the larvae bite humans or spread any diseases.

In this and in the following section youll find out tiny flies in Arizona homes that are a complete nuisance. And no were not talking about house flies and mosquitoes.

One of the nuisance flying bug in Arizona is the false chinch bug.

False chinch bugs are pretty common in Phoenix, Tucson, southern Arizona, and homes near Mojave dessert.

False chinch bugs feed on mustard weeds. They swarm in large numbers starting from April.

inch long, brownish-gray, with red patches on their body, false chinch bugs will gather around the window screens in large numbers.

The swarms look menacing, but false chinch bugs dont bite humans, nor do they bring any infestation risks.

But false chinch bugs feed on seedlings, and they can harm your garden.

We dont recommend using any pesticide or anything else to get rid of false chinch bugs.

Its because they die on their own when the temperatures start to increase.

These bugs are a temporary nuisance for a few weeks.

To stop them from entering your home, use weather stripping on your door and put up window shields.

If theyre inside your home, then vacuuming is enough to get rid of them.

Do not squish them because the guts out of false chinch bugs stink, which may attract ants and roaches.

As a precautionary step, get rid of weeds in your garden or yard in January and February.

Itll make your home less attractive to false chinch bugs.

If the swarms of false chinch bugs banging themselves on your window scares you, then wipe your windows with water and dishwashing detergent.

Itll repel the false chinch bugs from your windows.

Over the years, theres a rise of tiny black bugs in Arizona, especially in Lake Havasu City.

These bugs are known as black plant bugs or Slaterocoris Atritibialis.

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United States, Bed Bug Registry Map World, Bed Bug Registry Map ...

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Bed bugs get their name from their favorite feeding ground: You, in your own bed. These blood-suckers live in or near beds or other textiles, crawling up to bite you as you sleep, sometimes leaving you with itchy red marks or welts. Under optimal conditions, bed bugs can double their population every 16 days. But what exactly are bed bugs? How do you identify them, where do they live, and what should you do if you suspect your home might be infested? Read on to learn more.

Bed bugs are small, parasitic insects that feed on human blood, usually at night. They can be found in nearly every corner of the world. The common bed bug is the most widespread species, though there are a few other species that can be found in certain parts of the world. The common bed bug is the one you would most likely find in your home if you live in the United States.

Reports of these pests have been on the rise in recent decades. Bed bugs also tend to spread quickly from place to place, which makes them bad news for just about everybody. Schools, hotels, movie theaters and other structures have been shut down because of bed bug infestations.

If you think you may have bed bugs in your home, it's important to be able to identify them. Bed bugs look different at different stages of their life cycle, but they tend to be from one to three millimeters long. Adult bed bugs are oval shaped and brown or reddish brown in color. They are also very thin and flat, which makes it easy for them to squeeze in tight places. After feeding, however, their bodies get longer and more red in color.

In their nymph stage, bed bugs may be tan, white, yellowish or nearly transparent, and will be much smaller than adults. Bed bugs feed on blood at all stages of their life.

If you wake up in the morning with itchy, red bites on your body, this may be one of the signs that you've been bitten by bed bugs. It's important to note, though, that not all people react to bed bug bites, so you may have bed bugs even if you don't notice you've been bitten. However, there are some telltale signs of bed bug bites that may tip you off to having been bitten.

For many people, though, bed bug bites look like small, raised, red welts, and they often appear in lines or clusters. They are much smaller than mosquito bites, but are often quite itchy.

Are bed bugs dangerous? Bed bug bites are annoying, but luckily, these pests aren't known to carry disease like mosquitoes and other parasites do. However, some people may have severe allergic reactions to bites, or scratching bed bug bites may lead to skin infections, according to the CDC.

Knowing more about bed bug behavior and these creatures' habits can help you learn more about how to prevent them and protect yourself from an infestation. In this section, we'll look at how and when they feed, and their life cycle.

Bed bugs will feed on any warm-blooded mammal. It's easier for them to bite humans, though, as we are not covered in thick fur like pets. Bed bugs tend to feed while we are asleep and are attracted to bodily warmth and the carbon dioxide humans exhale. This attracts them to a reliable source of blood so they can feed.

Bed bugs can feed as often as once a day and need to feed before molting. It only takes them a few minutes to feed before they go back into hiding for the rest of the night.

Nymph and adult bed bugs derive their food source from the blood of animals, including humans. A bed bug's life begins with a five-stage growth cycle to adulthood over about 37 days.

As adults, they can live for about a year, depending on their access to food and the ambient temperature. An adult female bed bug can lay roughly 113 eggs in her lifetime. At this rate, bed bug populations can double every 16 days. With thousands of bed bugs in one location, infestations take hold quickly.

Here's a little more about the life cycle of a bed bug:

Bed bug nymphs are tiny -- only around a millimeter long. They are usually whitish in color, but are ready to feed as soon as they hatch.

In this stage, the bug grows a little and starts to darken in color. While they're still tiny, they are about to shed their skin and grow again.

In this stage, just as in previous stages, the bug has grown a little more, reaching about three millimeters in length.

The bug continues to grow, feed and shed its skin. It has nearly reached maturity.

In this stage, the bug is nearly full grown and must feed and shed its skin once more before adulthood.

In just over a month, the bug has gone from an egg to an adult. It is now ready to mate and create potentially hundreds more bugs in your home.

After the male and female bed bugs mate, the female requires a blood meal to produce eggs. The female bed bug typically produces between 5 and 20 eggs per blood meal. Most of the eggs hatch and mature in 37 days. Because they can store fertilized eggs for some time, female bed bugs can reproduce even when apart from males.

Because they reproduce so quickly, bed bug infestations can spread rapidly, especially in homes with shared walls like apartments or townhomes. They can climb through tiny cracks and will stay hidden until they're ready to feed.

Bed bugs are also notorious hitchhikers. They will cling onto your clothes, shoes or luggage when you travel, and will set up a nest wherever they happen to land. This is why they can be such a problem in hotels, office buildings, schools and other public places.

Bed bugs are attracted to humans due to the carbon dioxide they exhale, along with other chemical cues released while we are sleeping. These pests have one mission - to feed on your blood. Bed bugs do not prefer dirty homes over clean homes. They don't care about where they nest, as long as they have access to a regular supply of blood.

If you live in an apartment or in a housing unit that shares walls with another unit, you may be more at risk for bed bugs. Because bed bugs will crawl to find more human hosts when their nest grows, high density residences and frequently traveled places like hotels and taxis become bed bug transportation stations. Buying used furniture is another way to acquire bed bugs at home.

The best way to reduce your bed bug risk is to carefully check for them when you are changing your bed, returning home with luggage and buying used items. Examine these items outside before bringing them into your home.

Bed bugs like to cluster together near their human host's bed, so they don't have to travel far to their next feeding. It can get crowded quickly there, so bed bugs may hide in extremely tight places nearby, which makes them difficult to get rid of.

If you miss the bugs hiding in nearby furnishings, carpet edges, or even wallpaper, these outliers can reestablish their home in your bed in a matter of weeks. Bed bugs can be a nightmare to treat, especially if you try to do it yourself.

Common places bed bugs hide include electrical sockets, bed frames, mattresses, between couch cushions, in the zippers of pillows and anywhere they aren't often disturbed. They quickly scurry out of that hiding place once every few days to feed, and then they hide away until they're hungry again.

There are a few common signs that you may have bed bugs in your home. Of course, as mentioned above, bites are a big warning that you may be housing an infestation.

You can also look for dark stains on your bedsheets, which may be bed bug feces. You can also be on the lookout for bloodstains on your sheets or clothing. Bed bug eggs, shells, and live bed bugs are less commonly seen, but can also be sure signs that you have a problem.

Because they are so small and difficult to spot, bed bugs can be difficult to get rid of. If you think you have bed bugs in your home, it's important to call a bed bug control professional. When you call Terminix for a free inspection, a pro will first confirm whether you have bed bugs by identifying a sample. Then they'll be able to discover the extent of the infestation, and provide you with customized treatment options to help take care of your bed bug problem. Call Terminix today for a free inspection.

Probably not, but these facts about bed bugs will dispel common myths and might actually give you some comfort while you sleep tonight. At the very least, youll learn that there wont be any bed bugs flying over your pillow. Unfortunately, that doesnt mean they cant crawl.

If youve ever thought you might be able to starve bed bugs to death by not sleeping in an infested room for a while, you are out of luck. In some cases, bed bugs have been known to survive more than a year without a blood meal.

Bed bugs might be just as lazy as their name suggests. While they dont limit themselves to hiding in beds, they do limit the amount of exercise they are willing to commit to for the sake of a meal. Some bed bugs will travel up to 100 feet in search of a host, but on average, most bed bugs wont travel more than 30 feet.

Perhaps part of the reason that bed bugs prefer not to travel has to do with their speed. Bed bugs can only move about 3 to 4 feet per minute. On a flat surface without any obstacles in the way, it would take a bed bug almost an entire day to move just 1 mile.

Among all of these other facts about bed bugs, this one might be especially comforting. Bed bugs dont have any hind wings and their front wings are no more than wing-like pads. As such, they are unable to fly. They also dont jump.

If you are suspicious about a small piece of furniture in your home containing bed bugs, place it in the bathtub until you have a chance to inspect and clean it. Just make sure the bathtub is clean. While bed bugs are hopeless against a perfectly smooth surface, they can sometimes use the dirt on an otherwise slippery side, in order to escape.

The idea of basking in the hot sand all day would not be particularly attractive to a bed bug. In fact, in temperatures over 110 degrees Fahrenheit, bed bugs cant live for more than three or four hours.

You are likely to be haunted by any insect that sneaks up on you at night, but bed bugs can have a particularly ghost-like appearance. A newly matured, nymph bed bug, or one that hasnt fed for a very long time, will appear translucent. Bed bugs only gain color after they have had a blood meal. After its very first meal, a nymph bed bug will turn bright red.

After taking a break from tormenting the human population, bed bugs have made a major resurgence over that past few years. This has led to a number of lawsuits regarding bed bugs. One of the biggest payouts as a result of a bed bug lawsuit was more than $600,000.

If these facts about bed bugs havent exactly brought on the comfort of counting sheep, consider calling a pest management professional. Call Terminix today and you can schedule a free bed bug inspection. Or, you could just count the bed bugs until they put you to sleep. Sounds soothing, right?

Bed Bugs: Facts, Information and Pictures | Terminix

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People commonly use bed bug bombs - commonly known as insecticide foggers- to fend off bed bugs and other pests in their home and other areas. But do they work? Like most DIY treatments, it depends. Factors like environmental conditions, intensity of infestation and method of treatment application can all play a role in determining control success. Read about the three DIY bed bug foggers below for a better understanding of their efficacy. Essential Oils

Volatile essential oils are frequently used as a treatment option due to their less harmful effects on bed bugs and on humans. However, consumers tend to over-apply natural and other insecticide treatments due to a general lack of training on proper application techniques. Hence excess insecticides may wind up in areas like beds and couches where humans and pets may inhale them, potentially causing non-target effects.

In 2013, researchers conducted a study to determine the efficacy of a variety of essential oils to treat bed bugs. While findings indicated that essential oils could kill the bed bugs, researchers identified many other factors that may influence efficacy of control. By containing the bed bugs in a lab, the essential oil could be applied directly onto the bed bugs, allowing the bed bugs to completely absorb the oils. In a home or other natural environment, however, bed bugs hide in cracks and crevices, making direct contact impractical.

Additionally, essential oil products include other substances that may contribute to killing the bed bugs. Since natural products are exempt from the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, they do not have to disclose all ingredients on their packaging. Consumers using essential oils should consider that they may not know exactly which ingredients they are actually using.

Researchers believe that the smell of bed bug nymphs (immature stage) may deter other bed bugs. Bed bugs emit one scent when theyre babies and a different scent when theyre adults. Researchers from Lund University discovered that the smell of nymphs was discouraging to other bed bugs, including both adults and nymphs. This method requires extensive knowledge of bed bug smells and is therefore not a recommended bed bug solution.

Another home-treatment option often suggested involves store-bought bed bug foggers. Ohio State University researchers found that foggers were unable to infiltrate bed bug hiding spots. The ingredients in the foggers caused the bed bugs to divide and migrate to other areas. This can make treatment more difficult. Additionally, foggers often contain DDT, a chemical compound that bed bugs have built resistance to. Its also dangerous to use multiple foggers in the same location, as the products may explode if too many are used in one area. Since there is no proof of the effectiveness of bed bug foggers, they shouldnt be sought after as a reliable treatment.

So, do bed bug bombs work? DIY solutions may not be effective for areas with high infestation levels. The more bugs that are present, the longer it will take to see success with these solutions. To help get rid of bed bugs quicker, appropriate methods must be used to target the infestation and environment. This requires prior knowledge and experience of handling bed bugs and treatments.

Since DIY solutions cannot guarantee success, call Terminix to help get rid of bed bugs. Our customized treatment plans can aid in tackling infestations around your home so you dont have to worry about experimenting with your own solutions.

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Bed Bug Bombs & Foggers: Do They Work? | Terminix

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As with any workplace hazard, a risk assessment should be conducted to figure out whether insect bites and stings are a particular risk for workers in that environment. If insects such as wasps or bees are frequently found in your workplace, there may be nests nearby. Insect infestations should be dealt with by professionals (i.e. pest control).

Because of the rapidly changing climate, assessments should be conducted on a regular basis so that the companys safety program and emergency planning are properly updated.

Read more: Bed bugs: the ick factor

Invest in equipment such as insect repellant (and make sure that it is approved and applied properly). Encourage workers to wear appropriate clothing for example, workers who are at risk of tick bites will want to wear sleeves and trousers to prevent exposed skin. Employers can also invest in equipment such as netting or screens to minimize contact between insects and workers.

Educate workers on how to properly handle the threat of insects. Should they be swatting at them? What to do if the insect gets trapped in a vehicle or if a worker disturbs an ant hill or a wasps nest? This is basic knowledge necessary for any worker who is frequently in contact with insects. In addition, workers should also be educated on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of an allergic reaction.

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Four ways to protect workers from insect bites and stings - Canadian Occupational Safety

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Key Companies Covered in thepest controlResearch areAnticimex, BASF SE, Bayer AG, Cleankill Pest Control, Dodson Pest Control Inc., Eastern Pest Control, Eco Environmental Services Ltd., Ecolab, FMC Corporation, JG Pest Control, Lindsey Pest Services, NBC Environment, Rentokil Initial plc, Rollins Inc., Syngenta, and The Service Master Global Holdings Inc.and other key market players.

The global pest control market size was valued at $20.6 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach $30.0 billion by 2030growing at a CAGR of 5.2% in the forecast period.

Pesticides are chemicals or mixtures of chemicals that are used for the purpose of mitigating pest damage. Pest control is the management of specific species of insects that are recognized as detrimental to human health. House flies, bed bugs, cockroaches, and others tend to reside in places where there are human activities that can lead to serious health issues; thus, pest management has gained significant importance in the recent years.

Request To Free Sample of This Strategic Report:-

The growth of the pest control market is attributed to the factors such as increase in urban population all around the world, which has resulted insignificant increase in food sources and conducive living habitats for various pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. This has resulted in increased demand for pest control management across the world. In addition, rapid migration is being witnessed from rural areas to urban centers, being more prevalent in developing countries such as India. This has further increased the population density of urban areas, which in turns is anticipated to fuel the demand for pest control products and services.

Rise in concern of consumers from residential and commercial sectors toward maintaining health and hygiene has escalated the adoption of pest control products and services. Moreover, considerable rise has been witnessed in the prevalence of diseases caused by different kind of pests; hence, making it essential to control them. However, health and environmental hazards caused by pesticides, due to their chemical content, is the significant factor anticipated to hamper the market growth during the forecast period.The global pest control market is segmented on the basis of type, pest type, application, and region. Depending on type, the market is categorized into chemical, mechanical, biological, and others.On the basis of pest type, it is classified into insects, termites, rodents, and others. The applications covered in the study include commercial, residential, agriculture, industrial, and others. Region wise, the market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

The global pest control market report provides in-depth competitive analysis as well as profiles of these major players.

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1.1. Key benefits for stakeholders Porters five forces analysis helps analyze the potential of buyers & suppliers and the competitive scenario of the industry for strategy building. It outlines the current trends and future estimations of the market from 2019 to 2027 to understand the prevailing opportunities and potential investment pockets. The major countries in the region have been mapped according to their individual revenue contribution to the regional market. The key drivers, restraints, and opportunities and their detailed impact analysis are explained in the study. The profiles of key players and their key strategic developments are enlisted in the report.

1.2. Key market segments By Type Chemical Mechanical Biological Other By Pest Type Insects Termites Rodents Other

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on July 22nd, 2022

The merger could potentially drive up flight prices -- but the government wants to hear what you have to say!

Do you find it hard to save up for sunny vacations down south?

While there are several vacation packagesavailable for locals looking to escape "Raincouver" during the winter, not all of them are affordable. And many of the more economical optionsdon't feature properties you'd feel comfortable staying at (unless you are comfortable with letting the bed bugs bite).

In March, WestJet, Canada'ssecond-largest airline, announced thatit willbe acquiring Sunwing Vacations and Sunwing Airlines. It said it would createa new tour operating business that will includeboth Sunwing Vacations and WestJet Vacations Inc.

The airline said the merger will provide travellers with more "competitive airfares and affordable vacation packages."

But many Canadians worrythat the proposed merger will have a negativeimpact on the travel industry.

In a tweet, alocal woman quipped:"yay, less choice. Always great for the people of Canada." Similarly, one personasked if the competition bureau is "[okay] with this fiasco," adding that "people can't get any service from WestJet now" and that "this will be brutal for the consumers."

In May 2020,WestJetlaidoff 3,000 people and cancelled over4,000 domestic flights weekly as the COVID-19 pandemic hammered the airline industry. Many people expressed frustration when the airline announced a ramped-up summer schedule despite not yet refunding thousands of people's airfare that was unexpectedlycancelled.

An exasperated Canadian travellerwrote: "You're able to afford to buy Sunwing but can't refund people's flights and vacations because it was cancelled due to COVID. Give people back their money."

Transport Canada isasking for the public'sinput on theproposed acquisition andif it willpositively or negatively affect the air travel experience for Canadians. Input from the Commissioner of Competition on howcould it could impact competition in the air sectorwill also be included.

The consultation will close on July 22.

John Korenic, an aviation consultant and an adjunct professor at the University of British Columbia's Sauder School of Business, told Vancouver Is Awesome that mergers generally result in less competition but they also open the door for other companies to offer new products.

Flair Airlines, Canada Jetlines, and Lynx Airlines currently offer low-cost flightoptions in Canada. Right now, only WestJet's budget brand, Swoop, offers vacation packages called "Getaways."

Swoop's flight and accommodation packages, powered by Expedia, generally offer a wider variety of economical options compared toWestJet's vacation product,WestJet Vacations, Korenic explained.

In addition to WestJet Vacations, Swoop Getaways, and SunwingVacations, Canadians can currently browse holiday packages with Air Canada Vacations and Air Transat.

But the lion's shareof Sunwing's customersuses the airline's vacation product, noted Korenic, who added that the airline is largely seasonal as a result. Sunwing has been supplementingthis demand by leasing aircraft from Europe during its busy season in the winter. If the merger moves forward, WestJetcould dedicateotherwise seasonal aircraft to operate year-round in Canada.

"They both operate the Boeing 737 next generation and also the 737 Max aircraft. If and when they merge, it would be fairly streamlined in terms of having similar fleets."

As a rule, mergers tend to reduce competition andthis generally drives up prices,said Korenic.

"But at the same time, it creates opportunities for new up-start airlines to come into the market."

Sunwing has about 40 aircraft and WestJet has roughly 180, so there's a considerable difference in size between the two companies, Korenic added. In other words, the merger will have an effect on the industry but it wouldn't be as significant as one between airlines with comparable fleet sizes.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on July 15th, 2022

Last week a judge took six months off an inmate's sentence at Her Majesty's Penitentiary (HMP) in St. John's, citing the "harsh conditions" prisoners face at the extremely dilapidated prison.

The news left Courtney Pike thinking of her brother, Gregory Pike, who had tried to highlight poor conditions while he was incarcerated at the prison, before he died by suicide last year.

Courtney said Gregory suffered mental health and substance abuse issues during his life, and had spent time in prison. Last year, while under bail restrictions to not use drugs or alcohol, he suffered a relapse and was sent back to HMP, Newfoundland and Labrador's largest prison.

His family believed he needed rehabilitation, not incarceration, and set about finding the treatmentthey say was not readily available inside the prison.

"We finally got him accepted into a five-week treatment program, and he was denied the bail to do it and he committed suicide two days later," Courtney, a nurse in St. John's, told The Current's guest host Catherine Cullen.

"They're offering people time off their sentences for intolerable conditions in the HMP, but yet my brother is passed away it don't make sense," she said.

"My brother did not need jail;he should still be here."

Opened in the 1850s, HMP has long been criticized for its crumbling infrastructure, with frequent complaints of rat infestations, mould in the walls, inadequate health care and service and substandard food.

In last week's decision to reduce an inmate's sentence, the Supreme Court judge pointed to other instances where inmates received credit due to conditions at the prison.

Those poor conditions weren't news to Gregory's family; he frequently told them about issuesranging from bed bugs to "intolerable" food, to him once contracting the superbug MRSA.

In another incident, he suffered a serious head wound to his scalp, which required staples.

"He was supposed to have that wound cleansed and dressing changed every day by a nurse, and he was not seen for eight days and he was starting to have a fever. It was draining and oozing," Courtney said.

When he had still not been seen by day 12, Courtney called the prison herself to get him medical attention. Some flesh around the wound had become necrotic, and an infection required a three-week course of antibiotics.

"This was during the COVID outbreak. He should have been isolated for risk of infection in a cell," Courtney said.

"But he was forced to sleep on the floor in a cell with two other men, inches from the toilet with nothing covering his scalp."

Courtney said her brother wrote letters to officials, trying to highlight the poor conditions he and other inmates were facing. But she said he did not receive the mental health or addiction support he needed while incarcerated, despite the family's efforts to help however they could.

Gregory was found unresponsive in his cell on Sept. 16 last year, and died three days later in hospital. He was 30 years old.

Courtney believes he'd want her to share his story, and said she'll spend the rest of her life advocating for change if it could potentially help somebody else.

"People do fall through the cracks and there is a flawed system and people do need help," she said.

"I don't want Gregory to be a statistic."

The Current requested an interview with Newfoundland and Labrador's Justice Minister John Hogan, but he declined.

The ministry sent a statement which said it "takes the responsibility of having inmates in our care very seriously," and acknowledges that "there are well-known infrastructure issues that present a challenge."

The statement also points to the construction of a new correctional facility to replace HMP, which it said is anticipated to start in Spring 2023 and will take approximately three years to complete.

Advocate Cindy Murphy said a new prison is "absolutely needed," but she's skeptical that it would automatically solve the facility's problems.

"If we don't change the culture and the existing problems that are happening at HMP, we're just going to move them into the new facility," said Murphy, executive director of the John Howard Society of Newfoundland and Labrador, a non-profit involved in effective responses to crime and prison reform.

Like Courtney, she wants to see adequate and timely services afforded to inmates, in particular around the issues of mental health and substance abuse.

"We know somewhere in the range of 70 to 80 per cent [of inmates] have an identified substance abuse and or mental health disorder," she said, adding that without the appropriate interventions, stories like Gregory's are "all too familiar."

Murphy said the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted those services in recent years, but staffing shortages within the prison often mean there is no one to supervise the support offered by outside organizations.

"Last week our staff were called to say you can't come in because there's no staff to deliver the substance abuse programthat night,'" she said.

"[I'm] not hearing what the efforts are on the Department of Justice and Public Safety to improve those conditions."

While Murphy thinks some conditions at HMPare "really inhumane," she said some of its problems "are probably happening at many provincial correctional centres across the country."

Murphy said all correctional facilities are responsible for inmates' basic human rights, but acknowledgedthat "not everyone wants to hear that."

"There's an expectation that if you do the crime, you do the time that's not the way it should be," she told Cullen.

"People are sentenced to a loss of freedom, that's the punishment. But they shouldn't be punished every day while they're incarcerated," she said.

"Most of these folks are coming back to us in the community, and they're going to live next door to you and me. And we want them to be better coming out than when they went in."

If you or someone you know is struggling, here's where to get help:

This guide from the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health outlines how to talk about suicide with someone you're worried about.

Written by Padraig Moran, with files from CBC N.L. Produced by Paul MacInnis and Brianna Gosse.

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Her brother begged for mental health, addiction support in prison. After he died, she took up his fight -

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