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Bed bugs and rats, oh my.

These are the top pest problems searched online by Toronto residents.

In Canada, in the past 12 months, online searches for pest control were up 200%, according to a report.

Torontonians struggle with bed bugs the most and they created 1,300 searches for how to get rid of bed bugs, according to the report

Of all the pest problems analyzed in the country, these bed bugs had 8,100 monthly searches for how to get rid of bed bugs on average.

This is a 49% increase in the last year.

Getting rid of rats is the second leading pest problem invading Canadian homes with 8,100 monthly searches for art traps.

But the search for rat traps only increased by 23% in the last year.

In Toronto, there was an average of 880 online searches per month for rat traps.

People in Toronto have searched for ways to get rid of these pests 720 times a month on average.

Experts say eliminating these pests needs to be done as quickly as possible as an infestation can reduce the value of the home by up to 20%

If an infestation is allowed to grow the home could be worth up to $33,000 less because of pest damage.

Insurance companies dont always cover the cost of all pest removal, or repair any damage.

Homeowners and renters should read the fine print of your policy details as some providers have different definitions as to what a pest is. For example, the removal of a beehive might not be covered whereas a mouse infestation could be more likely to be covered, said Jessica Willock, a home insurance expert at

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Howard Bright, president and founder of Anti-Pesto Bug Killers, said to keep the pests away it is important to keep a clean home as pests are attracted to sources of food like dirty dishes, leftover food, and unsealed containers.

If you dont plan on hiring a professional, experts suggest baits and traps are a good DIY option to get rid of pests.

Liquid concentrates can get rid of pests overnight.

Once diluted in water, liquid concentrates can be sprayed in the cracks and crevices of your home where pests are most to be.

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