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My Bed Bug Finder Wand is a USB rechargeable, flexible camera that extends over 42 inches that easily fits into your travel bag. When you travel, you don't want to take any chances that you and your family will be bitten by bed bugs.My Bed Bug Finder is a must-have for all travelers.

My Bed Bug Finder App also enables users to create watch lists of hotels, see nearby and active bed bug incidents, and search for recent bed bug reports.

It is currently estimated that one in five people have experienced bed bugs or know someone who has been subjected to bed bugs. Bed bug exposure transcends every race, creed, color, and socio-economic background. Bed bugs don't discriminate.

This revolutionary product was invented by Brian Virag, Founder of My Bed Bug Lawyer Inc. ( the nation's premier bed bug law firm that specializes exclusively in representing victims of bed bug exposure.

"I created this product because I wanted to help people find the bed bugs before the bed bugs found them," said Virag.

The way people travel and live is changing. Feeling safe when you travel has never been more important.My Bed Bug Finder finally gives you that piece of mind.

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Nation's Top Bed Bug Lawyer Smashes Bed Bugs with New Tech

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