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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on July 5th, 2022

Theyre baaaaaaaack!

Good night, sleep tight, dont let the bed bugs bite! was a popular twilight wish from parents to their kids, and for decades it meant almost nothing. Much like some of the old nursery rhymes, the true origins of the bed bugs biting admonition were lost to time.

Until the late-1990s. Thats when people in California, Australia, and Canada started complaining of finding bite marks on their skin, tiny brown bugs, and those bugs fecal stains on the edges of their sheets. Bed bugs, all but eradicated in the 1950s had returned.

The ancient Romans dealt with bed bugs, and they spread, along the Roman road, throughout Asia and Europe. Sometime around the 1500s, bed bugs started becoming a problem in the UK. Bed bugs later made their way to the U.S., burrowed down in soil that was carried onto and off of the colonization ships.

Prior to World War II, bed bugs were a huge problem across the United States. Advancements in personal hygiene and extensive use of DDT led to Cimex lectularius the Latin name for bed bugs being isolated solely to remote areas of Africa and Asia.

No one knows why bed bugs suddenly reemerged, although scientists speculate that they might have built up a resistance to the pesticides once used to treat them. Another contributing factor may have been a shift from treating baseboards for roaches and ants to using baited traps.

What is clear now, is that theyre not going away. Bed bugs have popped up in increasingly larger numbers since 2015.

Unwelcome House Guests

Bed bugs dont fly and you could be excused for thinking theyre mostly lazy except when theyre biting you. Bed bugs are hitchhikers they worm their way into your luggage, dirty laundry, and old furniture. Once they find a nice, comfortable place, they bed down and take a nap for a few days, or anywhere from two to six months.

They can even hop from suitcase to suitcase when stored in a planes overhead compartment.

And checking your luggage doesnt help either. When the temperature drops below 55 degrees, bed bugs can huddle up and hibernate for a few years. Which might be why bed bugs are having an even larger resurgence this year.

In addition to the usual suspect places, bed bugs have also been known to creep into purses, stuffed animals, school buses, and even, believe it or not, fluorescent light bulbs!

And unlike popular belief, the number one place youll find bed bugs is not hotels and motels. The highest percentage of bedbug infestations are located in single-family homes and apartment complexes.

In 2011, it was noted that one out of five Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or in a hotel.

Chowing Down

Bed bugs suck your blood out for 2-5 minutes. That may seem like a lot of time, but remember, youre fast asleep. Theyre also hearty eaters for their size. Bed bugs can gulp down seven times their own weight in blood. Thats the same amount of liquid youd drink if you gulped down an entire kiddie pool.

A lot of people dont even realize theyve been bitten by a bed bug. Even the worst allergic reaction to a bedbug bite is similar to hives and is treated as such. The best sign to look for is brown streaks on the corners and edges of your bedclothes.

While every state even Alaska has bed bugs, they do tend to congregate in larger cities and communities. As of 2021, Orkin reports that the most infested cities include Chicago, Baltimore, DC, Detroit, and Columbus, OH.

Evicting Bed Bugs

Bed bug infestations are not difficult to treat. Its just a matter of patience and time.

The first step is to limit the contamination. Youll want to clear away clutter, and thoroughly wash sheets, stuffed animals, and any potentially infested clothing in the highest possible temperature water.

While the laundry is going, vacuum thoroughly. Then pull out, empty and seal the bag, and discard it into a trash receptacle outside your home. Preferably far outside. And dont bother with those cans of spray or bug bombs they dont really affect bed bugs.

If you have a really big bug problem especially in a condo or apartment complex you will probably need to call a professional.

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Stopping the spread of bed bugs can be a difficult task, although new studies on bed bug reproduction are exploring how to reduce the frequency of mating. To understand how bed bugs spread, it is helpful to understand their mating habits.HOW DO BED BUGS REPRODUCE?On average, female bed bugs lay about one to seven eggs per day after a blood feeding has taken place. However, the mating process can sometimes be difficult for the female bed bug. Frequent mating can cause injury. As a result, female bed bugs do not necessarily produce more eggs with increased mating sessions. Instead, a female bed bug is more likely to travel away from her original location to an area where she can guarantee a food source and a lack of mates. With lack of disruption and access to food, a female bed bug can lay many eggs.HOW MANY EGGS CAN A FEMALE BED BUG LAY?On average, a female bed bug with access to regular meals will lay anywhere from 200 to 250 eggs during her lifetime. Because mating causes scarring, a female that has mated multiple times during a short period will lay fewer eggs than a female who has had time to recover from the reproduction process. The need for females to protect themselves from future mating sessions has helped to increase the spread of bed bugs.

Pregnant female bed bugs are more likely to travel in an attempt to avoid being mated with again. A single pregnant female can cause an infestation of more than 5,000 bed bugs within a six-month period.THE BED BUG REPRODUCTION CYCLEBed bug eggs take approximately six to 17 days to hatch. Hatched eggs are called nymphs. A nymph is not able to reproduce until it has fully matured. The length of time it takes for a nymph to mature depends on temperature. Eggs can hatch and become mature bed begs in as little as 21 days in warmer temperatures. It can take more than four months for the same process to occur in cooler temperatures. Nymphs can begin blood feeding as soon as they hatch. A single female bed bug can mate with any of her offspring after a nymph has fully matured.REDUCING THE BED BUG REPRODUCTION CYCLEA 2010 study conducted by Vincent Harraca from Lund University in Sweden revealed an alarm pheromone released by nymphs, and male bed bugs when approached, to prevent prowling males from attempting to mate. Mature males will attempt to mate with any bed bug that has recently fed. The fact that male mating is non-productive in propagating the bed bug population has inspired scientific research, which resulted in the discovery that immature nymphs and male bed bugs release a fear pheromone to prevent a mating attack. In the future, scientists hope to use this pheromone to reduce mating overall and lessen infestations.

Research by Warren Booth, a biologist at the University of Tulsa and a co-author of a 2015 study published in Molecular Ecology on bed bugs, has led scientists to suspect that a new species of bed bugs is beginning to emerge. According to the BBC, archaeologists have discovered fossil evidence of what appears to be bed bugs, indicating that they are as old as 3,500 years. Scientists believe bed bugs originated in bat caves and began feeding on humans as humans moved into caves. However, when humans switched to other dwellings, bed bugs followed.

Since that time bed bugs have evolved. In the 1950s, bed bugs all but disappeared. The reason for that, according to one theory, was the heavy use of a common household pesticide, DDT. Due to health and environmental impact, that pesticide was banned in the United States in the 1970s, but by that time bed bugs had built up a resistance to the chemical and it was no longer effective. Bed bugs have since made a massive comeback, causing a growing concern for households and businesses alike.

The bed bug reproduction cycle is effective due to the large number of eggs a female can lay. A pest management professional can help to determine the source of bed bugs in your home or business and provide the proper treatment to ensure that bed bugs get out and stay out.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on May 31st, 2022

One of the worlds top study destinations is growing painfully exorbitant to live in. Across provinces, international students report an increasing number of horror stories of finding a livable place to rent in Canada due to a nationwide housing crisis.

I came here in the middle of the COVID situation so [in] my case? I think its not normal, Taehong Kim, a South Korean student from Nova Scotia Community College told CBC News. It was kind of a journey to find a place without any network as an international student.

Kims plight isnt uncommon for newly arrived students in the Atlantic province. Like the rest of the country, the current housing crisis in Halifax has escalated rapidly, with the price of a single family home seeing a 33.5% increase in just a year, according to a separate report by CBC. The citys vacancy rate for rental units is around one percent among the lowest in the country.

I tried to look for another house to move out from here, but almost every apartment that I reached out to, there has been no availability and theres so many people on the waiting list, said Kim. Its really hard to find another option and move out.

Rent in Canada has sharply increased across major cities, disproportionately affecting young people aged 15 to 29, a new study shows. Source: Ludovic Marin/AFP

In Ontario, the provinces affordability crisis has come under scrutiny as the issue grows more heated with an election looming on Thursday. With rent control only imposed on units built prior to 2018, this leaves the market wide open for unchecked rental hikes. Newcomers such as international students could easily fall prey to unscrupulous rental practices from landlords.

Such was the case of Chinmoy Kar Victor, a Bangladeshi student who was swindled by a landlord in Sudbury, a city in Northern Ontario. Victor landed in the city after midnight early this month to his rental unit, and was horrified to discover that it turned out nothing like the listing he saw online. The three-bedroom house he signed up for had been converted to seven bedrooms, with several occupants in each room.

My first night was the most difficult night, because I had to stay in a room where there was no heater. I didnt have a bed, I was cold. I wrapped up with my warm jacket, but it was still not enough, the student was quoted saying. The place was crawling with bed bugs, roaches, and rats, which Victor had to endure as he had no extra money to go to a hotel.

The desperation felt by youth and students paints to find reasonably-priced housing a grim picture of urban life in Canada. A new study by Youthful Cities revealed that young people cannot afford to live in Canadian cities. Those aged 15 to 29 are living in a monthly deficit of 750 Canadian dollars. They will need to abstain from entertainment, transportation, and eating out to just break even. Two-thirds of the 27 cities studied still wont be affordable for them to live in even with full-time work.

For foreign students, the housing pinch is partly caused by a large influx of international students to cities with low vacancy rates, where developers arent meeting student demands. Landlords often require references and proof of finances before tenants are allowed to sign a lease, creating additional hurdles for newcomer students to handily afford rent in Canada.

With limited working hours tied to their study permit, international students may not be able to keep up with skyrocketing living costs as inflation reaches an all-time high in Canada. Some are forced to live extremely frugal lifestyles while juggling work and study, and more are relying on food banks as they struggle to meet basic necessities to survive in the country.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on May 31st, 2022

United States-Pesticides are chemicals or mixture of chemicals used to kill, repel, mitigate, or reduce pests/pest damage. Pest management means controlling the growth of specific species of insects that are recognized as detrimental to human health. Insects such as house flies, bed bugs, and cockroaches, and others tend to reside in places where there is human activity, which can lead to serious health issues; thus, need pest management has gained significant importance.

The global pest management services market was valued at $11.8 billion in 2018 and it is anticipated to reach $19.0 billion, registering a CAGR of 6.25% from 2019 to 2026.

The growth of the pest management services market is highly is attributed to factors such as an increase in urban population across the globe, which has resulted in a significant increase in food sources and conducive living habitats for various pests such as rodents, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. This has resulted to in increased demand for pest management services across the globe. In addition, rapid migration is being witnessed from rural areas to urban areas, being more prevalent in developing countries such as India. This has further increased the population density of urban areas, which, in turn, is anticipated to fuel the demand for pest management products and services.

Request To Download Sample of This Strategic Report:-

Consumers all over the world, generally from residential and commercial sectors are increasingly becoming more conscious about their health and are doing everything they can to maintain good health and hygiene. Therefore, there is an upsurge in the adoption of pest control products and services in these sectors. addition, there is a considerable rise in the prevalence of diseases caused by different kinds of pests, and hence, it becomes essential to control them. However, health and environmental hazards caused by pesticides, due to its their chemical content, is the significant factor anticipated to hamper the growth of market during pest management services during the forecast period.

The pest management services market is segmented into type, pest type, application, and region. On the basis of type, it is divided into chemical, mechanical, biological, and others. On the basis of pest type, it is classified into insects, termites, rodents, and others. On the basis of application, it is categorized into commercial, residential, agriculture, industrial, and others. Region wise, it is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

The global pest management services market is segmented based on type, pest type, application, and region. Depending on type, the market is categorized into chemical, mechanical, biological, and others. On the basis of pest type, it is classified into insects, termites, rodents, and others. The applications covered in the global pest management services market study include commercial, residential, agriculture, industrial, and others. Region wise, the market is analyzed across North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and LAMEA.

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Some of the major players analyzed in the global pest management services market are BASF SE, Bayer AG, Rentokil Initial plc, Ecolab, Rollins, Inc., FMC Corporation, The ServiceMaster Company, LLC., Syngenta, Dodson Pest Control, Inc., and Lindsey Pest Services.


The report provides an extensive qualitative and quantitative analysis of the current trends and future estimations of the Pest management services market from 2018 to 2026 to determine the prevailing opportunities. A comprehensive analysis of the factors that drive and restrict the growth of the market is provided. Estimations and forecast are based on factors impacting the market growth, in terms of value, are provided. Profiles of leading players operating in the market are provided to understand the competitive scenario. The report provides extensive qualitative insights on the significant segments and regions exhibiting favorable market growth.

In-Depth Qualitative COVID 19 Outbreak Impact Analysis Include Identification And Investigation Of The Following Aspects:Market Structure, Growth Drivers, Restraints and Challenges, Emerging Product Trends & Market Opportunities, Porters Fiver Forces. The report also inspects the financial standing of the leading companies, which includes gross profit, revenue generation, sales volume, sales revenue, manufacturing cost, individual growth rate, and other financial ratios. The report basically gives information about the Market trends, growth factors, limitations, opportunities, challenges, future forecasts, and details about all the key market players.

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KEY MARKET SEGMENTS By Typeo Chemicalo Mechanicalo Biologicalo Others

By Pest typeo Insectso Termiteso Rodentso Others

By Applicationo Commercialo Residentialo Agricultureo Industrialo Others

By Regiono North America U.S. Canada Mexicoo Europe Germany UK France Italy Spain Rest of Europeo Asia-Pacific China Japan India Australia South Korea Rest of Europeo LAMEA Brazil Saudi Arabia South Africa Rest of LAMEA

KEY MARKET PLAYERS BASF SE Bayer AG Rentokil Initial plc Ecolab, Rollins, Inc. FMC Corporation The ServiceMaster Company, LLC. Syngenta Dodson Pest Control, Inc Lindsey Pest Services.

Table of Content:

Key Questions Answered in the Market Report

How did the COVID-19 pandemic impact the adoption of by various pharmaceutical and life sciences companies? What is the outlook for the impact market during the forecast period 2021-2030? What are the key trends influencing the impact market? How will they influence the market in short-, mid-, and long-term duration? What is the end user perception toward? How is the patent landscape for pharmaceutical quality? Which country/cluster witnessed the highest patent filing from January 2014-June 2021? What are the key factors impacting the impact market? What will be their impact in short-, mid-, and long-term duration? What are the key opportunities areas in the impact market? What is their potential in short-, mid-, and long-term duration? What are the key strategies adopted by companies in the impact market? What are the key application areas of the impact market? Which application is expected to hold the highest growth potential during the forecast period 2021-2030? What is the preferred deployment model for the impact? What is the growth potential of various deployment models present in the market? Who are the key end users of pharmaceutical quality? What is their respective share in the impact market? Which regional market is expected to hold the highest growth potential in the impact market during the forecast period 2021-2030? Which are the key players in the impact market?

Inquire or Share Your Questions If Any Before the Purchasing This Report

About Report Ocean:We are the best market research reports provider in the industry. Report Ocean believes in providing quality reports to clients to meet the top line and bottom line goals which will boost your market share in todays competitive environment. Report Ocean is a one-stop solution for individuals, organizations, and industries that are looking for innovative market research reports.

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Pest Management Services Market 2022 Industry Research, Business Growth, Future Investment and Emerging to 2030 The Greater Binghamton Business...

Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on May 27th, 2022

If youve had to deal with bed bugs hitching a ride home on your pet or your luggage, youve probably asked yourself, "how long do bed bugs live?"

As far as insect life spans go, bed bugs crawl the earth for longer than most tapping out around the 10-month marker, according to And while that 10-month window is true for most, some are thought to live up to a year.

A bed bug life cycle includes multiple stages. A female bed bug lays eggs in groups of one to 50 and they take anywhere from six to 17 days to hatch, according to By the time she dies, a female will have laid hundreds of eggs.

The eggs are small, about 1 millimeter in size, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. One millimeter is around the size of a mustard seed.

With the right conditions and temperatures, a bed bug can go from an egg to its adult stage in approximately 37 days. Warmer climates promote faster bed bug reproduction and development.

Baby bed bugs are called nymphs. A nymph will go through five phases of growth before it becomes an adult, shedding its skin each time, according to the EPA. They start life at 1.5 millimeters (the thickness of a U.S. penny) and grow to about 4.5 millimeters (the size of a medium-to-large pearl).

Even in their nymph stages, bed bugs are ready to eat. They primarily feed off of people, but will also bite animals including dogs, cats, rodents and chickens. A bed bug can last up to a year or longer without feeding if the temperatures are ideal.

Still, the average bed bug life cycle isnt very long, but they do lead active lives, which includes aggressively mating. If you think you may have signs of bed bugs, contact a pest management professional immediately.

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Posted by: Mr Bed Bug in Canada Bed Bugs on May 25th, 2022

Dealing with bed bugs can be stressful, but with some patience and a good plan, you can be rid of these bloodsucking insects. A steam cleaner is one useful tool to add to your bed bug banishing arsenalthe right one can kill bugs and eggs almost instantaneously. Steamers use high-heat steam to get rid of these resilient pests.

Not any old steamer will do the trick. Read on to learn about the features to look for in the best steamers for bed bugs and to find a suitable steamer to tackle any home infestation.

Bed bugs are smart and resilient, which makes them one of the toughest pests to exterminate. But these hardy insects wreak havoc on physical and mental health, so a bed bug infestation needs immediate attention. To stop these parasites in their tracks, invest in a steam cleaner for bed bugs. In all stages of development, bed bugs die at around 122 degrees Fahrenheit, so steam makes for a deadly weapon. To make sure you get the best for the job, consider features like heat and steam output, capacity, heating time, nozzle and cord size, and extra attachments.

When used properly, steamers become lethal weapons against bed bugs. These pests die at around 122 degrees Fahrenheit, but to safeguard against heat loss and human error, a steamer for bed bugs should reach hotter temperatures.

To ensure the steam does the job, the steam-treated surface should reach 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. To account for heat loss, look for a steamer with a heat output over 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Carpet cleaners or clothing steamers dont always make the best choices, since they may not consistently reach a high enough temperature to kill bed bugs. Dedicated steam cleaners, on the other hand, tend to offer more stable heat output.

When shopping for a steamer for bed bugs, look for a model capable of delivering the right amount of steam.

Too little pressure wont allow the steam to penetrate deep into fabrics and crevices. But too much pressure can also be a problem: a jet of steam can blow bed bugs and eggs to other locations in the room where they can spread. If the product specifications include pressure range, look for an option in the 40 to 60 psi range.

For more flexibility, consider a steamer with adjustable steam pressure. If adjustable steamers cost too much, look for a product with multiple attachments. They create different steam patterns, so you can adjust the output for the job at hand.

Steamers have a tank that turns water into steam while you work. The tank capacity determines how long you can steam before refilling. Most manufacturers include continuous steaming time, which translates tank capacity into usage time, in the product specs. Many steamers can run from 40 to 90 minutes on a single tank.

A larger capacity means you can work for longer, but it also means a larger steamer. A large water tank can add a lot of weight when full. Consider ease of use and your available storage space to choose the right capacity for your needs.

Adjustable steam settings can add flexibility to a good steamer. When treating for bed bugs, different areas require different amounts of steam. For example, clothes need little steam pressure to penetrate thin garments, while cracks in a baseboard may require more pressure to ensure the steam penetrates into the gap. Adjustable steam settings make it easy to tailor the pressure to your needs.

A continuous steam feature is particularly useful for banishing bed bugs. Usually called a steam lock, this locking switch lets out a continuous stream of steam so you dont need to hold down the trigger for the entire treatment.

Some steamers allow you to adjust the wetness of the steam. If the steamer doesnt have adjustment features, a drier steamer is a better pick for dealing with bed bugs.

A steamers heating time measures how long it takes to convert water to steam when you switch the steamer on. Heating time can range from 30 seconds to 15 minutes. A faster heating time means you can get to work nearly immediately.

Heating time may also correlate with steamer size. Small-capacity steamers generally heat up faster than large ones. When shopping for the best steamers, consider tank capacity in relation to heating time. A small steamer may have an impressive heating time, but it may need more frequent refills, which adds time to the job.

Steamers are a popular treatment option for larger surfaces, like mattresses, furniture, and carpets. A broad rectangular or triangular nozzle attachment makes it easier to treat larger areas like these.

A necessity for most treatment areas, a wide nozzle makes for less tedious work. It would take hours to treat a mattress or couch with a single, narrow jet of steam. Whats more, a narrow stream could also be too powerful and blow bugs and eggs away instead of killing them.

Smaller nozzles, on the other hand, make great tools for cracks, crevices, and other tight spaces. Ideally, look for a steamer with a range of attachments to tackle different areas.

When treating a room for bed bugs, youll want to treat all possible hiding places. Youll need to move slowly and methodically to make sure each surface gets enough steam time. A thorough treatment means lots of moving around, so a long cord and hose will come in handy.

A long hose allows you to steam large areas without lugging the heavy water tank along with each step. Hoses range from 5 to 10 feet, and a longer hose means fewer interruptions. A long power cord minimizes interruptions, too.

Steamers are multiuse tools, and the best options will include a range of attachments. After treating for bed bugs, you can use a steamer for all sorts of cleaning and disinfecting tasks, from cleaning grout lines to disinfecting floors. A versatile steamer with a range of attachments can be a worthwhile buy for exterminating bed bugs, then used for other tasks.

Common attachments include wide cleaning nozzles, jet nozzles, grout brushes, wallpaper removers, squeegees, and various-sized detail brushes. These attachments can help tackle bed bugs and clean throughout your home.

A steamer for bed bugs is one of many tools you can use to stop an infestation. Before using a steamer for bed bugs, run over infested areas with a vacuum to suck up as many bugs as possible.

Use the steam cleaner on appropriate surfaces where bed bugs may be hiding, such as mattresses, couches, carpets, and other furnishings. But be careful to keep steam away from outlets and appliances.

Run the steamer slowly along surfaces and make sure it heats up to a hot enough temperature to kill bed bugs and their eggs. The surface temperature of the treated area should reach 160 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit. An infrared thermometer can help make sure the treated areas are hot enough.

Also, keep in mind that steam treatments only kill bed bugs directly exposed to the steam. Ensure the steam can properly penetrate treatment areas, like in mattress seams and between couch cushions. Steamers dont leave any residual treatment behind, so more than one treatment may be necessary.

Keep these tips in mind as you attack bed bugs in your home:

With the best steamer for bed bugs, you can kill bed bugs and their eggs. Here are our top picks for the job.


Bed bugs cant beat the McCulloch MC1375 Canister Steam Cleaner, which is jam-packed with bed bugeliminating features. The steamer reaches over 200 degrees Fahrenheit to effectively kill bed bugs. It also comes with 20 included accessories, including a mop head, large brush head, and triangle brush head. These accessories offer a wide nozzle to sweep large areas like mattresses, couches, and carpets.

A steam control dial allows you to control the steam to adjust the flow for different jobs. For better reach, this steamer features an 18-foot power cord and a 10-foot steam hose. Paired with the 48-ounce water tank, impressive 90-minute steam time, and steam lock feature, you can tackle an entire room without interruption.

Product Specs


Getting rid of bed bugs can be an expensive endeavor. The Steamfast SF-370 Canister Cleaner provides bed bugkilling steam at a lower price. Designed for portability and ease of use, the small steamer features a wheeled tank, carrying handle, and 15-foot power cord. A 6.5-foot hose provides that extra reach to get into cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be lurking.

A relatively affordable steamer, it delivers on features and accessories. It includes 15 accessories, including mop pads, detail brushes, and other scrub tools to help banish bed bugs and clean your home. An ample 48-ounce water tank heats up in just 8 minutes and provides 45 minutes of steam time. Plus, a steam lock feature allows for continuous operation, which is useful for a range of tasks from eliminating bed bugs to mopping floors.

Product Specs




Looking to invest in a quality steamer for bed bug eradication and household cleaning? Vapamores MR-100 Primo Steam Cleaner is a premium pick. This steamer features a type of valve usually found in commercial units, which helps to keep the interior lines as dry as possible and produces a drier, hotter steam for more efficient cleaning and a shorter drying time.

A large 1.6-liter tank provides a 60-minute steam time. In an 11-minute heat time, the steamer releases vapor at a consistently toasty 220 degrees Fahrenheitmore than hot enough to stop bed bugs in their tracks.

Large wheels and a padded carrying handle make this steamer easier to move around the room. Most of the 20 extensions and attachments fit in the small on-board storage compartment.

Product Specs




Eradicate bed bugs one day and remove wallpaper the next with this multipurpose steamer from Wagner Spraytech. It features an impressive range of attachments, including 18 accessories. Beyond the typical detail-cleaning nozzle and brushes, this device includes a large cleaning head (with optional mop pad), wallpaper steam plate, and fabric steamer. Each attachment features a broad nozzle to help with a range of tasks, including bed bug elimination.

A 40-ounce water tank, 8-foot hose, and portable design provide up to 40 minutes of flexible steaming time. The steamer takes just 9 minutes to produce a steam jet of 212 degrees Fahrenheit that roasts bed bugs on contact. After the bed bugs are gone, use this steamer for a range of other household tasks, from cleaning and disinfecting surfaces to removing old wallpaper. Smaller accessories fit in the on-board storage compartment for even more convenience.

Product Specs




Duprays Neat Steam Cleaner weighs in at 9 pounds when empty, which makes it one of the most convenient models to cart around the house. A compact cube tank with a portable design features a retractable carrying handle and hidden, smooth-rolling wheels that help give this steamer a sleek look.

Despite the compact build, this steam cleaner holds 54 ounces of water for up to 50 minutes of cleaning time. After 7 minutes of heating time, low-moisture steam comes out at 275 degrees Fahrenheit to disinfect surfaces and kill bed bugs. With 17 included accessories, a 6.5-foot hose, and a steam lock feature, this slim steamer packs a powerful punch.

Product Specs




Professional bed bug exterminators use commercial-grade steamers, which often include several premium features. For those looking to splurge on a professional steamer, consider this model from Dupray.

This heavy-duty steamer heats steam up to an impressive 316 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bed bugs, viruses, and bacteria. With a 4-liter tank and an 8-minute heat time, it offers up to 90 minutes of cleaning time.

A digital display shows active temperature, pressure level, and maintenance reminders. An adjustable steam control allows users to fine-tune the low-moisture steam emission. With a 10-foot hose and 25 heavy-duty accessories, this cleaner can rise to most any household steaming task.

Product Specs




Full-size steamers make the best opponents against bed bugs. But, for those who dont have the space or the budget for a large steamer, a handheld model provides a suitable alternative. BISSELLs SteamShot Deluxe helps wipe out bed bugs with a smaller price tag and footprint.

This compact handheld steamer makes a convenient option for attacking bed bugs in cracks and crevices in furniture or along baseboards. Its too small to cover an entire carpet or couch, but its an excellent solution to spot treat problem areas.

A 20-foot power cord provides plenty of room to move. The small 6.6-ounce tank heats up in only 30 seconds. Ten included accessory tools makes this handheld cleaner a versatile choice for small bed bug exterminations and limited cleaning tasks.

Product Specs



McCullochs Canister Steam Cleaner is the best steamer for bed bugs due to its versatile accessories, adjustable steam settings, and lengthy 90-minute runtime. For those on a budget, the Steamfast Canister Cleaner offers fewer accessories and a 45-minute runtime for a fraction of the cost.

A bed bug infestation should not be taken lightly. These small pests can cause great physical and emotional anguish. To create this guide, we researched over 20 steamers and narrowed them down to the most convenient and effective choices. We chose only bed bug steamers that are up to this tough job.

Each steamer on this list meets or exceeds the minimum requirements to kill bed bugs. They produce a consistent stream of steam at a minimum temperature of 200 degrees Fahrenheit or more. We chose products from reputable brands and paid attention to consumer feedback to ensure a good, stable jet of steam that doesnt sputter or spray.

Steaming for bed bugs is slow work, so a comfortable and user-friendly design topped our priority list. We chose steamers with long hoses, wide nozzle options, and a long steam time to make the job less tedious.

Lastly, steam cleaners are useful for much more than exterminating bed bugs. They can clean and disinfect throughout the home, so we chose versatile options with plenty of accessories to give you more bang for your buck.

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation can be distressing. The best steam cleaner for bed bugs can help. Killing bed bugs with a steamer isnt a glamorous task, but its an effective way to deal with these creepy crawlers. Read on for some frequently asked questions on bed bugs and how to use a steamer for bed bug eradication.

Bed bugs are small insects that feed on the blood of humans and animals. While they dont spread diseases, their presence and their bites can cause physical symptoms and mental distress.

Traveling is the most common cause of bed bug infestations. Youll want to keep an eye out for bed bugs when traveling to avoid accidentally bringing them home. Even immaculately clean spaces can fall victim to an infestation. When it comes to bed bugs, prevention is the best strategy.

Yes, at a high enough temperature and with proper use, steam cleaners can kill both bed bugs and their eggs.

Steamers can only kill bed bugs if they come in direct contact with heat from the steam. For this reason, it can take several treatments to get rid of bed bugs with a steamer. Its best to use a steamer in addition to other bed bug treatments.

Yes, a steam cleaner is safe to use on most mattresses, both to get rid of bed bugs and clean and disinfect your mattress.

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Theres an elderly woman who lives alone in a seniors rental tower on Eglinton West.

In the grips of dementia, she wanders. She sets out on what neighbours believe is a route from her past, ambling east towards Yonge Street. The buildings superintendent, Richard Andrade, says its become a regular occurrence for police to find her, disoriented, and bring her back.

A few floors above her, theres a man in his 70s, his memory also addled with age. Bedbugs recently infested his unit, Andrade said, but the man had no one to help him remove his belongings in order to spray the place, so the problem has lingered. Hes one of at least 30 residents Andrade believes need a great deal more support.

Do you know how many people we have here on a waiting list for a nursing home? Andrade asked, one recent morning. Theres no space.

As Canada rapidly ages, triggering warnings from experts about looming care shortages, the housing agency that operates the Eglinton tower along with 82 other seniors residences in the city has been grappling with how to help its tenants grow old safely in their homes.

Over the last two years, Toronto Community Housing has been rolling out a new system in its seniors buildings, including hiring staff to co-ordinate with health-care organizations, personal support workers and other agencies that work with its tenants.

But a glimpse inside the Eglinton tower reveals the hurdles the agency is up against. Even if staff members know what problems elderly tenants are facing, and connect them with the right agencies, those agencies dont necessarily have the capacity to step in.

This is a reality thats happening for people living in a ton of buildings, said Toronto geriatrician Samir Sinha. Whether theyre Toronto Community Housing buildings or not.

Rita John, 78, has lived in the Eglinton tower for the better part of two decades. Over the years, John has relied on informal support networks in the building to get by. She made an arrangement with her next-door neighbour, where shell pound on their shared wall if shes facing a medical emergency. That neighbour wears an emergency alert button, John said, and would press it if she heard the noise.

John often gets spasms in her legs that leave her immobilized, so she leaves her front door unlocked for when help arrives, with a shopping cart against the door as a safeguard. If someone tried to come in during the night, she reasons the rattling sound would wake her. Building security is a major concern for John, as well as other residents who spoke to the Star; they described non-residents coming into the building and pounding on peoples doors.

Vernon Smellie, a nearly 70-year-old neighbour and Johns fellow tenant representative to TCH, has seen the extreme consequences of neighbours living isolated lives. After one man died, no loved ones or support workers came to check on him, he said, so his body went undiscovered, deteriorating until the odour started to leak through the walls into Smellies neighbouring unit.

When the body was discovered, the stench in Smellies unit was unbearable, he said. He called TCH to find somewhere else to stay for a while, but didnt get a solution. So, Smellie waited at a nearby underground parking garage, until Andrade called to say the body was gone.

That was about two years ago, Smellie said, just before the housing agency started rolling out its new system.

That system requires a senior services co-ordinator work out of each building, as well as a care co-ordinator that can liaise between health-care providers and their patients that live in that residence. Other pieces of the overhaul include new training, administrative roles, a closer look at policies, and the creation of regional health hubs to concentrate access to services.

One part of the overhaul thats still in its infancy is the creation of a complex tenancies team, which will take referrals to handle the most difficult cases, such as hoarding. All the changes come as TCH moves toward transferring control of its seniors homes to the new Toronto Seniors Housing Corp.

Smellie doesnt believe the new service model will be an easy or immediate fix. But its given him some hope.

Small actions strengthen his faith. He gestured to clear coverings screwed over fire alarms, a new addition to the building that came out of complaints of people pulling them erratically.

A lot of people in the building dont believe in it but from what I see, its working, he said.

But the challenges ahead can still feel mountainous.

Tenant Maria Tellez, who spoke in Spanish as Andrade translated, is living below a resident with dementia who rearranges his furniture through the night, and across from one whose visitors bang the doors at all hours. She struggled each night to get a proper sleep.

Andrade is frustrated by tenants being placed in the building who he doesnt believe are adequately supported, or equipped to handle living there. TCH tenant engagement and services supervisor Renee Sauer noted one of their biggest challenges was getting mental health support.

Sinha, the geriatrician, is seeing the squeeze on care providers on a daily basis. The need for home care in Toronto is vast, he said, and services are spread thin. The whole system is strapped right now, he said.

The most effective way to ensure people could age at home was to intervene in health-related issues early, he said. He sees the new TCH model as a good step, though he said it would be most effective if each building had a budget for a variety of dedicated health workers.

Grant Coffey, general manager of TCHs Seniors Housing Unit, says the agency isnt currently looking to become a health provider.

We are trying to look at, holistically, what are the needs of our tenants, and how can we do things to support addressing those needs?


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"In the last four years it has exploded. Its like a hockey stick graph and its phenomenal the amount of calls Im getting for roaches.

You might have heard the make-your-skin-crawl rumours recently of a restaurant infested with cockroaches in Prince George.

What? Theres no cockroaches here, are there?

Absolutely yes, there are cockroaches in Prince George.

They are a carry-in pest so that means they come in from other parts of the world on peoples clothes, in their luggage, or in cargo shipped here.

Most pests from Timbuktu that get imported to Canada lets say in a container on a ship they die off because its not the right humidity, they dont have the right food source, so once you take them out of their natural habitat they have a low survival rate, Mike Jaenicke of Central Interior Pest Control said, a man who has been in the pest control business for 35 years.

Cockroaches have a high survival rate because they are very adaptable so they do quite well in Canada. Years ago I would spray for cockroaches once every two or three years. In the last four years it has exploded. Its like a hockey stick graph and its phenomenal the amount of calls Im getting for roaches.

How do you know if you have a cockroach infestation?

They are a nocturnal pest so when the numbers get larger thats when youll see them, Jaenicke said. In the early stages youre not going to see them. The only way youll see them is if you go into your kitchen in the middle of the night and turn on the light and see them scurry away.


Bedbugs started to become a thing in Prince George about a dozen years ago, Jaenicke said.

Previous to that they werent really a common call up here in Prince George, he added. But about a dozen years ago I started to get a noticeable increase in calls for bedbugs.


Wasps are becoming an increasing hazard, too.

Were not getting the winter kill we used to, Jaenicke said.

The way a wasp colony works is that as it develops and thrives there are a dozen or more queens are produced, he added.

They are impregnated queens and they hibernate through the winter and then when they come out in the spring they build what I call golfball nests, Jaenicke explained. The queen builds that, lays the eggs and tends to the young until they are full-grown workers and then they abandon that nest and go off and build the one they will use for the season the one that gets the size of a basketball or bigger.

What used to happen was the cold during the winter months would kill most of the queens off but now that the winters are more mild theres a problem and its been growing for about 15 years, Jaenicke added.

About 15-16 years ago in one year I got more calls than I did in the previous 20, Jaenicke said. Some summers Im getting 10 calls a day for wasps. And, of course, people always find them in the most inconvenient places. Wasps really like it underneath concrete stairs because they heat up in the sunshine, so basically theyve got a solar-heated nest.


Ants are the biggest pest problem we deal with in Prince George, Jaenicke said.

The worst home-invading ant?

The cornfield ants everyone calls them the sugar ants, Jaenicke said. Thats the most common to get in a home because all of their nesting in your yard is found under things. So you cant fight something that you dont know is there.

There are three other species of ant that are common to the area, including odorous black house ant, the carpenter ant and the thatching ant.

If you ever take a stroll through Moores Meadow youll see the thatching ants huge mound nests and they are very aggressive. They bite and it hurts when they bite its halfway to a bee sting and they are very common for people on greenbelts, Jaenicke said.

And then I had to ask. Are there rats in Prince George?

The only rats Ive seen in Prince George are peoples pets, Jaenicke said. Whew.

And Ive only seen three of those in my 35 years here. Mice have been a bit of a problem in the last two years.

A lot of pests have what Jaenicke calls cycle years.

Those are years where populations peak out much higher than previous years like earwigs theyre like that, Jaenicke said, causing a shiver up my spine. Ew.

Theres a guy in Fraser Lake that calls me every few years I dont know why but Fraser Lake seems to be a hotbed for earwigs and he called me about every four or five years to spray his house he told me one year he said you know, Mike, the years I dont call you I see 10 earwigs a month, the years I call you, I see 10 a day, so the numbers can peak out much higher.

And the most alarming thing he encountered in Prince George?

I had to hunt for a tarantula once in an apartment building, Jaenicke said.

And we have a winner.

I did find it, Jaenicke said. I caught it and I actually found someone to take it as a pet.

His best guess was how it got in the guys apartment who was just trying to make his coffee one morning was that it was someones new pet and they didnt know how to confine it properly.

So it crawled under this fellas door and he looked over and saw it and he freaked out and I actually met this fella at the building managers office because he refused to go back into his unit until it was found. I didnt blame him!

Jaenicke kept the spider in an aquarium at his house for about a month before he found a permanent home for it.

I didnt dare touch it myself and I came home one day to find my 15-year-old son and his friend sitting there letting it crawl on their faces and arms taking pictures, Jaenicke said. So apparently those pink-toed tarantulas are very docile but those turkeys didnt know that!

Advice from the expert

If you get carpenter ants, dont try to tackle them on your own, Jaenicke said. Dont fool around with them. They are like termites, theyre house wreckers youll make the problem worse. If you get carpenter ants get a professional in.

And with roaches and bedbugs?

Same thing youre never going to get rid of cockroaches or bedbugs on their own you need them properly treated theyre hard enough for us in the industry to get rid of them. Youll never get rid of them with over-the-counter products. Heres an example if you get cockroaches in a 40-unit apartment building, thats it they are there for the life of the building. We can get rid of them in houses, six-plexes or even a 12-15 unit apartment building but anything larger than that youre never going to get rid of them. So as soon as you see your first cockroach, get a service in there as soon as possible.

Jaenicke has some final warnings.

Bedbugs and roaches are carry-in pests so they are avoidable, he said. To avoid bedbugs, dont buy used furniture. I wouldnt touch a used couch if you paid me. And for roaches, be care where youre getting packages from, be careful about where your houseguests are from because the cockroaches are coming with them in their luggage.

And for the restaurant that has an infestation of cockroaches in Prince George

Theyre not my clients and Im thankful because its a nightmare to get rid of them, Jaenicke admitted. There is such a food source available in a restaurant and cockroaches can eat anything grease underneath equipment, spillage anywhere they will go to town in there. They will have a major battle getting rid of them there. But it can be done. And most likely the roach came in on someones backpack. Cockroaches are a filthy, filthy insect. I mean, theres a lot of insects out there that if one of them would walk across my supper plate I wouldnt care Id keep on eating. Theyre not dirty. But cockroaches carry viruses and diseases. Theyre feces are known to cause asthma in small children. Yeah, theyre disgusting little critters.

And what creeps out the pest control expert after a long day of dealing with all those critters?

If Im laying in bed at night and I feel a little itch I will get up in the middle of the night and tear my bed apart making sure Im not finding bedbugs, Jaenicke said.

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Are there cockroaches in Prince George? - Prince George Citizen

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Learn actions you can take to stay healthy and safe on your trip. Vaccines cannot protect you from many diseases in Canada, so your behaviors are important.

Food and water standards in Canada are similar to those in the United States. Most travelers do not need to take special food or water precautions beyond what they normally do at home. However, travelers visiting rural or remote areas that are served by unregulated water sources such as private wells should take special precautions to ensure the safety of their drinking water.

Although Canada is an industrialized country, bug bites here can still spread diseases. Just as you would in the United States, try to avoid bug bites while spending time outside or in wooded areas.

Although bed bugs do not carry disease, they are an annoyance. See our information page about avoiding bug bites for some easy tips to avoid them. For more information on bed bugs, see Bed Bugs.

For more detailed information on avoiding bug bites, see Avoid Bug Bites.

If your travel plans in Canada include outdoor activities, take these steps to stay safe and healthy during your trip:

Most animals avoid people, but they may attack if they feel threatened, are protecting their young or territory, or if they are injured or ill. Animal bites and scratches can lead to serious diseases such as rabies.

Follow these tips to protect yourself:

All animals can pose a threat, but be extra careful around dogs, bats, monkeys, sea animals such as jellyfish, and snakes. If you are bitten or scratched by an animal, immediately:

Follow these tips to avoid getting sick or spreading illness to others while traveling:

Diseases can be spread through body fluids, such as saliva, blood, vomit, and semen.

Protect yourself:

Plan for how you will get health care during your trip, should the need arise:

Many foreign hospitals and clinics are accredited by the Joint Commission International. A list of accredited facilities is available at their website (

Motor vehicle crashes are the #1 killer of healthy US citizens in foreign countries.

Be smart when you are traveling on foot.

Choose a safe vehicle.

Think about the driver.

Follow basic safety tips.

Road Safety Overseas (Information from the US Department of State): Includes tips on driving in other countries, International Driving Permits, auto insurance, and other resources.

The Association for International Road Travel has country-specific Road Travel Reports available for most countries for a minimal fee.

Use the same common sense traveling overseas that you would at home, and always stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

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Business profile

MAX Bed Bug Control BrisbaneWe at MAX Pest Control Brisbane are equipped with the best team of experts in the whole Brisbane for completing the job of Bed Bug Control Brisbane. With our over twenty year of experience, we serve our customers and provide them a wide range of quality and professional Brisbane Bed Bug Control Service. We service all suburbs within Brisbane:- Aratula, North Branch, Blantyre and many more areas.Here are some steps we follow- Inspection of the area. Remove the cause of infestation. Control & Remove Bed bugs. Remove Dead Bed Bugs.The following are some of the benefits of hiring us:- Experienced and certified experts. We use scientifically tested and eco-friendly pesticides. 24/7 and same-day service available. advanced techniques and equipment.So, grab your phone and contact us on 07 21041918 or simply mail us at [emailprotected] Don't delay anymore, hire us today.

We accept:

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