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What To Do If You Have Bed Bugs

Now, we have talked quite a bit about the bed bug but what you want and need to know is what to do if you have discovered that you have bed bugs in your home . We spent that time talking about it so that you would fully understand what these cr.. Read More

What Can A Bed Bug Do To Me?

While all of this is great, what you want to know is what the bed bug will end up doing to you. The good news is that bed bugs are not that dangerous to most people . While no one wants to have them around, they are not likely to provide you w.. Read More

Get rid of bed bugs

Though bed bugs never existed in United States before, of late, there seems to be an epidemic growth of these pests in this country. There are many cities of United States that have been affected but New York is possibly under the worst situation, .. Read More

Effective bed bug treatment methods

Lately bed bug menace has hit all time high and following the recurrence, the public at large is searching for ways and means to eradicate them through treatment. The pest control market is flooded with self-recommending products and procedures but.. Read More