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XploreMR offers 10-year forecast of the U.K. and Germany bed bugs control services market between 2016 and 2026. The primary objective of the report is to offer insights on the advancements in the U.K. and Germany bed bugs control services market. Th.. Read More

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Camai Dance Festival planning meeting: Thursday, December 12 at 7 PM. Location: UAF Kuskokwim Campus Room 118. Cama-i is a community organized event. All are welcome to the planning meetings.Nicholai Joekay, Bethel, AKWhat Ive learned in schoolIn Bet.. Read More

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Despite reports of a second bedbug sighting in the University Teaching Center, the Universitys pest control team said they have not found any more bedbugs in room 2.102A.Bedbugs were first confirmed in the room Oct. 18, and the University hired a pri.. Read More

A Louisiana couple is suing Disney, claiming they took home some unwanted souvenirs bedbugs that infested their home and traumatized their autistic son during their stay at the All-Star Movies Resort last year.Ashley and Robert LaCombe filed the la.. Read More

In a Europe-based survey, it has come to notice that the rising urbanization has been increasing the pest problems in various regions of Europe. Due to the intense development of the residential as well as the commercial infrastructure, a high volume.. Read More

Two weeks after the deadliest anti-regime protests in the four-decade history of the Islamic Republic, there are several reports on the "grave condition" of detained protesters, especially underage and child prisoners.Citing "informed sources" in San.. Read More

The June bug flaunts a gaudy wing, the fire bug flies for fame; the bedbug has no wings at all, but he gets there all the same. Unnamed American poet, circa 1890In an Industrial Avenue strip mall, a working beagle named Stella vigorously noses into b.. Read More

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OTTAWA Hundreds of government workers have been forced to work from home after bed bugs were discovered on all the floors in their building. The employees work for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) on the Quebec side. Almost the en.. Read More