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A1 practices Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to bed bug eradication and control that combines all available methods of preventing bed bugs in a given environment. We tailor our services to suit your needs .. Read More

In this episode Jeff will discuss the differences in bed bug treatments when the infestation is in a stand-alone, single family house vs. an apartment vs. a townhouse or condominium. From a treatment perspective, th.. Read More

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Experts say we are seeing a bed bug infestation at an epidemic proportion in the US. Homes, hotels/motels, college dorms, cruise ships, even taxis and aircraft have reported bed bugs. While they were essentially wip.. Read More

In this episode Jeff is explains how to determine if the steamer you have purchased or have at home will be effective in killing both bed bugs and their eggs on contact. One thing that we know about bed bugs is that.. Read More

Bed Bug Bites Boston BedBugStop.InfoBed bugs are easy to transport in luggage and very hard to get rid of. For this reason they have become an especial nuisance for hotels, dorms, hospitals, movie theaters, librarie.. Read More

Bed Bugs in Alaska? Unfortunately, YES! Actually, there has always been the occasional outbreak around the State, but never in our 46 year history at the high levels seen now. Because they are an indoor pest and tra.. Read More - In this episode Jeff will discuss what people should and shouldn't do after a bed bug treatment has been performed in their home. Viewers have submitted several questions that have asked what .. Read More

It's amazing how easily a 5 Star hotel can make a bad situation worse in a matter of seconds. The manager on duty handled the situation very only regret is that I did not catch our conversation on video... Read More

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Bedbugs or bed bugs are small parasitic insects of the family Cimicidae (most commonly Cimex lectularius).[2] The term usually refers to species that prefer to feed on human blood. How to Control the Bed Bug, there .. Read More

Long Term Bed Bug Prevention: Pre Emptive Bed Bug & Post Treatment Recommendations

Minimalism: Less is More Some might call this the “When in doubt throw it out” Strive for a style that reflects minimalism when it comes to your living space. Less is more, when it comes to bed bug prevention. All of the old clutter and th.. Read More