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fox6now.comDon't bring bed bugs home from vacation | FOX6Now.comfox6now.comThe sight of bed bugs is enough to put a damper on your vacation but the bites can cause a variety of symptoms from secondary skin infections like impetigo and ...and.. Read More

Science DailyBiopesticide could defeat insecticide resistance in bedbugsScience Daily"Bed bugs were all but eradicated from the United States and other industrialized nations after World War II, likely due to the use of DDT and other broad-spect.. Read More

Fire Weather Warningissued March 22 at 4:30AM MDT expiring March 22 at 8:30PM MDT in effect for: Huerfano, Las Animas Fire Weather Watchissued March 22 at 4:30AM MDT expiring March 23 at 8:00PM MDT in effect for: Huerfano, Las Anima.. Read More

File photo. Bed bugs(Photo: Tim McCoy, Associated Press) OAK CREEK - Bed bug complaints are on the rise in Oak Creek, leading the city's health department to look at drafting an ordinance to help with who is respo.. Read More

DENVER -- Upon stepping into Elizabeth Trujillosapartment in Columbine Towers, it doesn't take long to notice an infestation. They're bed bugs, and they're crawling everywhere. Trujillo said the problem wasn't always so visible. .. Read More

BOCA RATON, Fla. Roberto Pereira, an urban entomologist in Florida, recently urged citizens to not panic over the reemergence of tropical bedbugs after his office received a sample that contained the once-prevalent bug. His o.. Read More

Not all bed bugs are created equal, and some of the leading bed bug traps used by pest management professionals are ineffective against species with better climbing abilities than others. In a study soon to be published in the Entomological So.. Read More

March 16 Some bedbugs are better climbers than others, and the bloodsuckers climbing prowess has practical implications. To detect and monitor bedbugs, people use an array of strategies including do-it-yourself setups and dogs. Pi.. Read More

The 1,700 Erie County employees at the Rath Building have unwanted company bed bugs. Exterminators over three months have baited and sprayed eight floors of the downtown county office building after bed bug sightings. When a Comptr.. Read More

The HBO show Animals is dark, eccentric and funny. And if you know New York City, youll really get a kick out of the locations the talented creators Phil Materese and Mike Luciano draw as a backdrop to the conversations of the ve.. Read More

Scanning electron microscope (SEM) images show the differing numbers of hairs on the hind-leg tibial pad of two bedbug species: an adult female Cimex lectularius (A) and an adult female Cimex hemipterus (B). If you thought bedbug-proofing you.. Read More

When folks get bitten by the spring cleaning bug, a simple walk around your neighborhood can turn into a scavenger hunt. Every alley seems to offer potential: a couch in a passable shape just right for your living room; a slightly fray.. Read More

SAN ANTONIO A massive bed bug infestation at a downtown apartment complex is far from over. According to health officials, the infestation became so bad at the Aurora Apartments, it's now considered one of the worst on record. .. Read More

Once just a catchy bedtime phrase, Dont let the bed bugs bite is taking on a new urgency as this pesky blood-sucking nighttime bug is making a comeback in the U.S. According to reports from, pest control company .. Read More