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If you like sleeping in a warm, heated bedroom, you are making yourself more vulnerable to a bed bug infestation, especially if this warm temperature is married to another factor like old, vintage furniture or an old mattress.Whilst sleeping in a fre.. Read More

Even though you may wash and change your sheets as often as you should, you may not realize how quickly dust mites and bacteria can gather and multiply on your mattress. As the years pass, this community of minute critters can become rather unpleasan.. Read More

There are just oh, so many ways to get in the spooky spirit for Halloween, butToronto Forestry is taking it to an uncomfortable level this week for people who aren't fond of bugs.Instead of offering up tips on how to avoid damaging trees with Hallowe.. Read More

Halloween is a holiday about make-believe. Its a night for telling ghost stories and dressing up as witches and werewolves. But not all Halloween creatures are fictional. And even the most mythical ones often have closer ties to reality than you migh.. Read More

Normal text sizeLarger text sizeVery large text sizeWandana Flats resident David Basell, 53, knows only too well the plight of looking for shelter on Perths bitter cold nights, which has led unidentified rough sleepers to resort to sleeping in the fl.. Read More

Cleaning up your property will keep cold-season germs, mud and dust at bay, making your home feel even more inviting after a long day. While many of us snuggle into the warmth of our beds, sofas and blankets after facing the winter weather, it can be.. Read More

Q: Our son collects pennies and was dismayed to get home from school today and find that our new puppy, Lincoln, had knocked over his penny jar. Hundreds of pennies were scattered over his bedroom floor, but I am more concerned that Lincoln may have .. Read More

CALGARY - Mold, bed bugs and rodents are just a few of the claims that some Calgarians living at one townhouse complex were protesting on Saturday. A number of occupants of southeast Calgary's Trevella Townhomes and members of Eastside ACOR.. Read More

Mount Sinai dealt with a bedbug outbreak that had one staff member comparing the premises to the Rikers Island prison complex.Some employees were alerted on Sunday to the itchy problem on the second floor of the Mount Sinai Rehabilitation Center on M.. Read More

The City of Crookston Fall Clean-Up Week will be held from October 25 through October 29. Clean-up items will be picked up only on your regular garbage pickup day and must be placed on the street boulevard. City of Crookston Public Works Director Bra.. Read More

Cayce Exterminating Company, Inc. is a full-service pest control company that eliminates termites, fire ants, mosquitoes, bed bugs, and other pests from properties. Licensed professionals with the necessary experience carry out the work. According to.. Read More

It's not easy to save money in an exorbitantly expensive city like Toronto, especially not for millennials who've been economically effed over by the very same generation that birthed them and must now help them afford shoebox condos.House-having bab.. Read More

Camino Real Senior Living came under fire after a man documented a serious bug problem in his father's room. Over 100 residents now must move out.SAN ANTONIO The Texas Health and Human Services has decided to shut down a San Antonio senior facility... Read More

When it comes to bedding, the ideal is the ever-elusive all-seasons set. Think lightweight sheets that are cozy but still breathable for hot summer nights and quilts that keep you warm in the winter but aren't too heavy for warmer weather. Oh, and it.. Read More