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There's a tinypest in the nation's capital: bedbugs.Washington overtook Baltimore as the No. 1"Bed Bug City," based on data compiled by pest control companyOrkin.Chicago, Los Angeles and Columbus, Ohio, rounded out the top five cities on Orkin's list.. Read More

Church Eliminates School Lunch Debt For 2,500 Maryland StudentsA church in Glen Burnie has raised and donated funds to eliminate meal debt in Anne Arundel County Public Schools for more than 2,500 students.Police: Woman Stabs 25-Year-Old-Man In Annap.. Read More

If the headline alone doesn't have you feeling a little itchy, you do not have a healthy fear ofthe mighty bed bug. Bed bugs are an alarmingly common problem in big cities (and hotels).Maybe that's because you don't live in a city that madeOrkin's an.. Read More

A new list by pest control company Orkin says Oshawa has one of the biggest bed bug problems in the country.Their 2019 list of the top bed bug cities in Canada has put Oshawa at number eight one of six Ontario cities to make the top 10.Toronto took t.. Read More

NEW YORK CITY Roaches and bedbugs were caught crawling through city public housing almost 60,000 times last year, attorneys announced Monday.NYCHA residents filed about 59,770 bug infestation complaints in the first nine months of 2019, according to.. Read More

AdvertisementAn annual ranking of the best Canadian bed bug cities has been released and Vancouver has fought its way to third place.Mark van Manen / Vancouver Sun.An annual ranking of the best Canadian bed bug cities has been released and Vancouver .. Read More

WATERTOWN The Jefferson County Health Department has updated a bed bug Webpage on the health department website.The Health Department added a new link from Cornell University, called How to Get Bed Bugs Out of Your Belongings.Some minor changes and .. Read More

Do you remember when dont let the bed bugs bite was just anexpression?Over the last few years, bed bugs have become a serious problem across the countryand bedbugs remain an issue in Mississauga, as the city made the list of Canadas Top 25 Bed Bug Ci.. Read More

MONTREAL -- As Quebec's northern communities grapple with a mental health crisis and a lack of medical services, more northern residents have flown hundreds of kilometres south each year to receive care in Montreal. Many of those patients stay in an .. Read More

A look back at the headlines from the week of January 5th through January 11th:Local:Welcome to 2020, the year of KDKA Radio"Welcome to 2020, the year of KDKA Radio."Continue ReadingSister Of Missing Local Artist Tonee Turner Speaks"Police continue t.. Read More

If the last thing on your mind when staying at a glitzy Paris hotel is having to worry about getting bitten by critters, think again.A Paris hotel group head has admitted that even high-end hotels in the French capital are affected by a pest infestat.. Read More

Bedbugs are vicious creatures that come out from hiding to attack people in their sleep. Maybe someone trained these critters to be such night assassins. They bite people throughout the long night, but they are courteous, though. The hollow tubes bed.. Read More

Bed bugs are parasites easily picked up on trains, planes and in hotels, spreading into ones home. Generally it takes at least seven weeks for a bed bug to grow from an egg to an adult. If many adult bugs are present one can reasonably assume that th.. Read More

KEY POINTSSometimes, you can tell what room you are in just by its smell. Kitchens normally emit the scent of food, while bathrooms usually take on the smell of soap. Smelling a musty odor in your bedroom, however, is something else and should cause .. Read More