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Tenants of an apartment complex on Van Order Drive run by Kingston Frontenac Housing Corporation (KFHC) say the quality of living conditions are inadequate.Liveable, but the quality of life here is terrible.terrible, said Pamela Horrocks, a tenant.Re.. Read More

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LONG ISLAND CITY, QUEENS As New York City reopens to tourists this summer, travelers might want to steer clear of a Long Island City hotel that poses the "highest" risk of bed bugs in the city this year, according to a recent study.The report, publi.. Read More

-Messenger photo by Chad ThompsonSteve Roe, executive director of the Beacon of Hope Men's shelter, holds his dog, Otis, next to one of the beds at the shelter on Tuesday. The Beacon has been impacted by a bed bug infestation. While Roe works to get .. Read More

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Cozying up to a dog or cat in bed can be soothing, unless your furry friend has fleas. Fleas bite people as well as pets and if your pet typically shares your bed, they may bring fleas with them.Many pet owners sleep with companion animals. One smal.. Read More

By Manal Mohammed forThe Conversation,Theres nothing quite like crawling into bed, wrapping up in your blankets, and nestling your head into your pillow. But before you get too comfortable, you might want to know that your bed isnt all that dissimila.. Read More

Cleveland, OH Bed Bug Exterminator Cleveland is a locally-owned and operated bed bug exterminator and pest control service provider in Cleveland, OH. The exterminator uses innovative and effective treatments, including heat treatment, steam treatmen.. Read More

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Your bed is harbouring all kinds of germs and bacteria, according to microbiologists. Photo / Getty ImagesThere's nothing quite like crawling into bed, wrapping up in your blankets, and nestling your head into your pillow. But before you get too comf.. Read More

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3 Tips to Avoid Insect Bites and Stings Click to expand UP NEXTNobody wants uninvited guests in their bed, but a couple of types of critters think our warm mattresses come with a neon "occupancy available" sign. Two that love our beds and bedding are.. Read More