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Jennifer Gere remembers well what inspired her and her husband to spend a decade developing CimexiShield, a topical spray they say is the worlds first and only lab-tested bed bug repellant.CemixiShield claims to be the world's only bed bug spray.We w.. Read More

BATH Bath Iron Works is dealing with a bed bug issue, but a representative from the shipyards largest union said steps have been taken to control the pests.While details of when the bugs were introduced to the shipyard and to what degree theyve spre.. Read More

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. A big chunk of the New York City subway system was brought to a standstill the other day, stranding thousands upon thousands of riders. No, there wasnt a derailment. Or a person on the tracks. Or a power failure. Or some problem .. Read More

This was the shocking moment a Utah couple who own this 16-year-old Border Collie had to thoroughly wash the fur and skin of their dog after a parasitic infestation was found on the pet.Filmed on January 21, the footage shows the innocent dog being i.. Read More

Youre probably familiar with the bedtime rhyme, Good night, sleep tight, dont let the bedbugs bite. Well, I wouldve been quite content to live out the rest of my days never fully understanding that little ditty, but unfortunately, I completely get it.. Read More

You could be traveling with some unwanted passengers during your commute. Can you bring them home with you or is it a myth.Bed bugs are one of the most resilient bugs in the country. It's no surprise that they can travel in their owners belongings an.. Read More

A bed bug sighting inside an MTA subway control tower in Queens led to rush-hour delays Wednesday night as workers left the infected area, the agency said.Delays began at about 4:30 p.m. on the Queens Boulevard subway line, disrupting the E, F, M and.. Read More

A community health worker fumigates one of the houses infested with bedbugs in Rhonda Estate in Nakuru County. [Harun Wathari, Standard]Mary Achieng has been spending sleepless nights trying to fight bedbugs that have infested her house. At times, th.. Read More

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) More and more western Massachusetts residents are encountering bed bugs. Its important to take action quickly to prevent an infestation.Some 22News viewers recently sent us their complaints of bed bugs at hotels in wes.. Read More

Two reports of bed bugs confirmed at Edinboro University dorms; University says the situation is being taken care ofErie activists depart for March For Life in Washington D.C.The ANNA Shelter takes in puppy left abandoned in Conneaut Lake apartmentMc.. Read More

Over the course of 2019, the pest control company Orkin says they mitigated more bedbug infestations in the D.C. region than any other metro area in the country. Our region has been jumping up and down the rankings for years now. Baltimore has been t.. Read More

When it comes to bed bugs, your hotel cleaning and maintenance staff is trained to be on high alertparticularly in guest rooms, where the nightmarish bloodsuckers are known to congregate. One bad review that mentions pests, especially b.. Read More

Its enough to make your skin crawl.A dead homeless man was found covered in bed bugs on an uptown D train Tuesday night, according to police sources.Straphangers reported the grisly discovery and alerted police when the train pulled into Manhattans 5.. Read More

KEY POINTSBed bug bites are a source of great irritation. While they may disappear on their own after about a week, you may continue to have them if you do not address bug infestation. As such, you will continue being bitten by them.The National Heal.. Read More