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Searching For Bed Bugs

When you decide to go on a search for bed bugs, you will want to try to look for them at night. This is the most common time that they will come out to look for their host. Remember that they do not feed everyday so you are not likely to see all of.. Read More

What Bed Bugs Like

Do you care what bed bugs actually like? Most of us would say no, but we still should take a look at this topic for a better understanding of these little creatures. First off, they enjoy the dark and prefer not to come out unless it is dark.. Read More

the Bed Bugs Eating

The bed bug likes to eat at night. He is a nocturnal blood feeder. He likes to find his host when it is sleeping and therefore lying still. This poses less of a risk for his well being, of course. They are very quick moving animals and can eas.. Read More