Get rid of bed bugs

Though bed bugs never existed in United States before, of late, there seems to be an epidemic growth of these pests in this country. There are many cities of United States that have been affected but New York is possibly under the worst situation, most likely because New York’s temperature suits the life cycle of these bed bugs most. There is a common assumption that getting rid of these small blood sucking insects is quite an easy job. Well, if you are under this impression too, think again! It is not a job that can be completed within an hour or so. You can primarily eliminate these for that time being but you will be shocked to see these coming back within a few days. So, the task should be completed in such a way that these bed bugs don’t come back on your way ever again.

If you have a home which is infected with these pests, then life can indeed become nothing but a misery for you. These insects remain awake at night and mainly live on human blood. So, these won’t let you sleep throughout the night and you can imagine what the experience will be like for you if such a thing indeed happens. You will feel dizzy throughout the day time as well and daily activities will be harmed the most. Therefore, exterminating bed bugs is a job which is to be done with utmost priority. After all, who does not love to live a peaceful life?

From where do these bed bugs come?

You must have been wondering all the time that from which place these blood sucking pests come in your home! Well, these are really small in size and therefore get stuck into clothes, shoes or luggage. Suppose, you have visited a bed bug infected place and those will enter in your house with you as well. These creatures extend their family pretty fast by replicating themselves at regular intervals. So, therefore a few of these bed bugs will turn into thousands in only some days and then start creating terrible disturbance for you.

Act as soon as possible

It is best to undergo a remedial action at the very beginning stages because if you get late, things can get serious and therefore will be out of your hands. There are various sprays out there in the market claiming to work fine against bed bugs. If you plan to use any of these available sprays, think twice! These sometimes have harmful chemicals and therefore using these can harm people living inside your house, specially the elders and your children. Also, bed bugs are getting immune to such sprays and thus you may not get the result that you may have expected.

So, what is the solution for you? Well, there are various pest control companies out there to reach out. These companies are professional and use methods that can exterminate bed bugs from your home completely. Also, they never use chemicals that can prove to be harmful for you or any of your family members. Particularly, if you are living in New York, then you have plenty of options to choose from. Go for any of the prominent New York pest control companies and make your home free of bed bugs.

An overview on bed bugs

The experts have examined and therefore concluded that a female bed bug can hatch 300 eggs within ten days. They don’t stop at once and continue to hatch similar number of eggs every 10 days. These eggs give birth within a month’s time and that grows into an adult bed bug within a few months, so you can easily estimate that how fast these bed bugs can build a family, that too pretty large, as far as the number of family members are concerned.

These bed bugs generally hide in places where you cannot reach easily, for an example, behind small cracks. These bed bugs also hide inside the beds, walls, shows etc. But, as these bed bugs grow in a rapid manner, you need to act pretty fast if you want to get rid of these. To make things even worse, they can hide at various places without having any food for a few days as well. So, if you use some sprays and see these bed bugs are finished, there is no way that you can be relieved completely. These bed bugs can come back any day from the places which they selected for hiding purpose.

How to identify whether your home is infected or not

Well, you may be unaware that how you will be able to find if your house is infected with these bed bugs or not very easily. For your relief, there are certain identification marks that can come to your rescue in this case. Off course, you need to have a vigilant eye. There are identification marks of these bed bugs’ skin, sheds or eggs. Once you find any of these that is the alarm ring for you to take an action. Obviously, your house is not the only place where you can search for identification marks. Your body will not be spared either!

As bed bugs suck blood from a human body, these leave certain identification marks of their existence. You can experience skin allergies or certain kinds of skin irritation as well after these bed bugs bite you. Once you find out such identification marks, the next thing that you need to do is cleaning your home thoroughly. Do not spare any item of your house from cleaning!

Cloths, mattress, bags are certain objects that should be cleaned with utmost priority as bed bugs can hide at these places. Try to use hot water when you do the cleaning as it will accelerate death of bed bugs. This cleaning operation will definitely help you in getting rid of these bed bugs. Now go room by room and clean other rooms’ items as well. Once you clean an object, do not put it into a room that has not been cleaned before.

It is all about your hard work and patience that will lead you in your task to exterminate bed bugs. If after following these steps, you still cannot eradicate these begs, then make a call to your nearest exterminating company. If you are living in the New York City, options are plenty in numbers for you. So do what you feel best as you already know the possible solutions.

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