Effective bed bug treatment methods

Lately bed bug menace has hit all time high and following the recurrence, the public at large is searching for ways and means to eradicate them through treatment. The pest control market is flooded with self-recommending products and procedures but it perplexes the public and raises questions on their authenticity.

The treatment procedures to be used for effective bed bug removal for independent novice are quite a task. It’s a trial and error hit procedure for them at the personal level when different products of organic and pesticide in nature are used and then discarded in disgust.

Bed Bug- find them first

Prior to knowing about effective bed bug methods for treatment, follow the procedures for finding bed bug through investigations, for it’s the density in the premises to ascertain the intensity of the problem. This is followed by linen, clothing inspection. The pest leaves behind dark spots, blots, stools, skin pieces etc. This trail tells about the presence of the pest in these areas.

Further investigation need to be conducted into wall fissures, spits and gaps of furniture including drawers. Pull out drawers and look for the remains of the pest.

The treatment methods

All that is needed is a yielding treatment leading to eradication of the pest. In case you are looking for professional advice call up the leading pest control agency of your area or if you happen to be a resident of New Jersey State then you have plenty of options as well.

The treatment of bed bug comprises of steam treatment which proves to be effective on slits, fissures, gaps, nooks, and tiny corners where the bug happily and securely accommodates itself.

It has been scientifically proved that extremely high and low temperatures are detrimental to the life of the pest. 113 degree Fahrenheit is all that is needed. As a household remedy the bed linen, clothing etc can be spread outside in the summer sun or in peak winters to kill the pest. Their population will go down then sufficiently enough to give you some respite. Exterminators also perform steam and freeze treatment through gadgets. The ones not killed crawl around and are killed by pesticides.

This is a self-help way to escape the discomfort; However if the bed bug persists contact an expert company for effective bed bug treatment methods. In most cases they prove to be satisfactory. A pest control company charges range from $250-$1000 per room. Keep away from companies that eradicate through bug-foggers and bug bombs as failure rate of these methods is high.

Household normal cleaning routine does not drive away the pest. The initial job is to locate them and then apply treatment remedies to kill them where they infect most. The eggs get converted into bug pretty fast. So, even when you have eradicated the adults, the treatment has to be frequent and persistent; that is why patience and hard work is involved in all procedures of eradication.

Bed bug removal –a management procedure

Bed bug removal is a management procedure with a follow up. It is inclusive of non-chemical techniques like vacuuming, high temperature washing of bed linen, steam or heat application, and sealing of habitat of the pest. Insecticides are used in extremely high density population of the pest; however this process has to be combined with other non-chemical treatments. Across the counters, several registered products are on the market for sale. However the bedbug soon develops immunity to the same chemical and thrives in spite of spray. Hygiene of self and the surrounding in daily life is also important.

Among the effective bed bug treatment methods is the application of liquid or dust insecticide in gaps, fissures, furniture, etc. Some of the commonly used chemicals are: pyrethrin, its derivatives like cyhalothrin, bifenthrin, deltamethrin and permethrin. A recently introduced chemical is chlorfenapyr or Phantom, and hydropene or Gentrol. Pyrethroid is now showing failure because of pest resistance to the chemical.

The dust sticks to the bug’s cuticle and erodes its wax exterior or the bug takes it in when it licks causing poisoning. Boric acid, fumed silica, diatomaceous earth, and pyrethriods preparations are used with dust sometimes as well. Insect growth regulators or IGRs effect the pest’s molting, fertility, and egg hatching bringing down the population.

Other methods of finding bed bugs

With time, new additional methods have been discovered to locate the pest. Trained dog’s sense of smell is relied upon to find out even a puny population and eggs of the pest. These dogs are accurate 95% of the times. Pheromone is an alarm scent manufactured by the pest and now mankind is making use of it in control methodology of the pest. Those pests in search of a meal will possibly be caught now through high speed gadgets with carbon dioxide, and chemicals proprietary in nature. Harborage-mimicking gadget comes in the way of the bug and traps it. No method is a success when used alone and the attitude of the premises owner many a times brings down the success rate.

Infused fabrics and bed nets with chemical insecticides let the owner sleep peacefully as the crawling pest die once they sniff the chemical. The follow up service is undertaken after 10-21 days of killing the hatched eggs.

Public responsibility

The education of the public is very essential in the control of the problem which has erupted after decades of absence. Cooperation of the public is very essential. The duty of hygiene, clutter removal, and closing small opening falls is on the shoulder of public and the individual. Moreover if they are familiar with the habits and life cycle of the pest they would handle the situation with understanding.

In USA some of the cities grappling with bed bug problem are Cincinnati, Chicago, Columbus, Denver, Detroit, Washington, New York, Philadelphia, Dayton and Baltimore. Those residing in New York can avail the services of City Express Pest Control, Ecochoice Bed Bug control, Bed Bug Exterminator New York etc. There are plenty more bed bug exterminators as well.

Bed bug is a common domestic insect; it comes to the human skin only for its food and, in the absence of human beings, feed on other warm blooded animals. It lives in the crevices of bedsteads, floors, walls, wallpapers, and furniture. The good news is that it can be eliminated from all these places and therefore lead you to a peaceful life.

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