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Where to Find...How to Kill or Get Rid of Bed Bugs

Our Personal 100% Iron-Clad, Risk Free, Double Money-Back Guarantee to You!

We want you to be totally thrilled with our service so absolutely delighted you will recommend us to your friends and neighbors if they ever get bed bugs . You are the judge, if our work is not excellent, we will re-do the treatment in question for FREE. If you are still not happy, you will not owe us one cent.

Theres more if thebed bugs are not gone then we will pay another company of your choice to treat your home . Nothing is more important to us than your complete satisfaction of bed bug removal service .

Bed bugs are (bloodsucking) insects that feed on humans and other warm blooded mammals. The current wave of bed bug infestations across America has caused great concern in bed bug prevention, eradication, reported sightings, and overall education about this human pest. Let Bed Bug Detection Remediation Services of South Carolina get rid of these pests for you.

As more students will travel and study internationally the risk for bedbug infestations will also increase. Bed bugs have been found in hotels, motels, hospitals, movie theaters, long term care facilities, thrift stores, flea markets, schools (colleges anduniversities), and vacation homes.

In a recent study of early infestations, bed bugs were found to be on the actual bed and frames approximately 70% of the time while approximately 23% of bed bugs moved away from the bed into nearby dressers, side tables, curtains, that were still within 5 feet of the bed, and 7% of bed bugs moved beyond five feet of the bed into items such as entertainment centers and dressers. Since most bed bugs stay on or near your bed it is so IMPORTANT that you not start sleeping on your couch, recliner, or other room as the pest will just set up in these areas and make the tasks of removing them that much harder. (I know you will be tempted to get the heck out of that room and sleep somewhere else, if you are so freaked out that you must sleep somewhere else go sleep on your porch, balcony, a hammock, or a throw-away tent and dont forget the mosquito spray.).

We service Charleston, Myrtle Beach, Columbia and Hilton Head SC and neighboring cities.

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Where to Find - How Kill / Rid Bed Bugs | Charleston, Myrtle Beach ...

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