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With the changing weather, pest-control businesses are starting to receive calls regarding ant, termite, rodent and bed bug infestations.

While this is common as temperatures continue to warm up, there are ways to stop infestations before its too late.

Most of our calls are about swarming termites and miniature kitchen ants, said David Bjorgaard, owner of Discount Pest Control in Atchison, Kansas. Theyve kind of been in winter hibernation and now theyre out foraging for food and wanting to expand their colonies.

There are a few home remedies for minor ant issues. One involves using a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water that can be sprayed. Bjorgarrd offered a few others.

You can try using a mix of Borax and powdered sugar. That should work for a while, Bjorgarrd said. Immaculate cleaning can help, and putting food and drinks away directly after using them.

Termites thrive in moist environments. They often are first found in gutters and sheds, then will spread to homes when they need more space and food.

When you have a swarming termite, all four wings are the same size and theyre twice as long as the body, said Shaun Robinson, a technician with Preferred Pest Control. But if youre seeing a lot of bugs or discarded wings, theres really no remedy for that and thats when its a good idea to give a professional call.

Discarded wings indicate the start of a new colony and that the bugs have left their nest due to overcrowding or insufficient food.

Termites will often make a tunnel or tubing, Bjorgaard said.

One other pest also is beginning to show up.

We are getting a lot of calls for mosquitoes right now, Robinson said. Essential oils and some candles temporarily work, but getting a treatment gives you a better knockdown and reclaims your backyard this summer.

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Warmer weather brings out the bugs | Public Safety | newspressnow.com - News-Press Now

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