TUI hotel from hell has pervy bell boy, food poisoning, bed bugs and a bone-breaking beach – The Sun

A TUI resort has been crowned the "hotel from hell" amid claims of food poisoning, bed bugs and a beach with waves so dangerous it's impossible to swim in.

Horrified Brit holidaymakers claim they were promised the perfect beach getaway but instead say they were faced with the "worst hotel ever" at Hotel Riu Touareg, in Cape Verde.


One young woman even claimed she had been groped by a bell boy during her birthday trip to the hotel resort as TUI launched an investigation.

The Sun Online can today reveal the extent of the complaints made against the hotel that include numerous reports of food poisoning, construction work and "sewer smells".

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In promotion materials, the holiday destination shows off pictures of the local beach and pooland "vibrant" hotel rooms.

And keen Brits are given offers of barely 700 per person for a week's holiday flying out of London Gatwick.

Yet according to Trip Advisor, almost one in five of the reviews rate the hotel as average, poor or terrible.

Of the more than 11,000 reviews, half rate the accommodation as excellent. Its average rating is 4 stars.

But despite the reviews, TUI today insisted their hotels were "regularly inspected and reviewed" to ensure they met with safety, comfort and hygiene standards.

Holidaymakers are offered the experience of an "Asian buffet, an Italian and a restaurant specialising in local dishes" at the hotel.

But the Sun Online has found dozens of reports of food poisoning spanning more than two years.

In one review, a holidaymaker vented of their June holiday last year: "Out of the seven days I had severe sickness and diarrhoea overnight on the second day and felt unwell and had stomach issues which lasted the holiday.

"My partner also had issues and sickness and diarrhoea all week."

Another also described their January 2019 trip as the "worst holiday ever".

They wrote: "My girlfriend gotfoodpoisoning and was in bed for 4 days, following that I got a sickness bug for another 4 days."

The Sun Online is also aware of cases of food poisoning just this week that has forced holidaymakers to postpone their flight back home to the UK.

Even back in 2017, a couple even claimed they had found raw meat at the buffet.

From family suites overlooking the beach to twin rooms complete with balconies, Hotel Riu Touareg has promoted luxurious accommodation for the beach holidays.

But the resort has been hit with claims of bed bugs multiple times.

One family wrote of their trip in 2018: "The worst part is that it is full of BEDBUGS!

"We discovered couple of days into our holiday that we were covered in bites. We did not know where it came from,but when we got home, our gp confirmed it was BEDBUGS bites!

"I had to throw all our clothes and suitcases away and when we contacted TUI they only apologised ,saying this is very common travelling to hot countries, nothing else."

And as recently as February this year, reviews stated they had found bed bugs in their home rooms.

Meanwhile John Bowe and his partner Sharon claimed they were "bitten alive" during their "five star" holiday in 2017.

John said: "When we did arrive home, we had to strip off and leave our luggage outside, when clothes had to be washed at 60 degrees to kill the bugs - which ruined quite a lot of our clothes.

"We have visited our GP twice since returning home as a month later Sharon is still covered in bites."

TUI has previously apologised over the couple's experience.

Meanwhile, others were left frustrated when they say their holiday was plagued by construction work in previous years.

Hollie Yeomans and her partner James claimed they were surrounded by noisy ongoing work they said they had not been warned about.

Meanwhile Anthony K, of Wolverhampton, described the hotel as the "worst ever" in 2018.

He said: "The service at this hostel is horrendous. Book with caution".





Brit holidaymakers have been choosing the Cape Verde destination for the perfect beach break - with many left frustrated when they realised ferocious waves prevented them from even dipping their toes into the water.

One disappointed holidaymaker told The Sun Online the beach would often be closed with red flags due to the water.

He said: "You can't even step into the water, the beach is that rough with big waves and wind most of the time."

Others claimed some people had even been hurt as they tried to tackle the waves.

In one review, a holiday-maker wrote: "Thebeach90% of the time bad with big waves and wind. we waited whole year to come here but it turn up bad due to the badbeachsituation."

In 2016, a number of British tourists sued tour operator TUI over the injuries they suffered at the beach.

Meanwhile, Brit David James revealed he found faeces in the pool twice in two days.



A Brit tourist revealed this week she had been groped by a bell boy during her trip to the hotel resort last year.

Megan Holmes, 26, was on a birthday trip to the islands last year when she says the man lunged at her - kissing her and grabbing her bum in her hotel room.

And the young woman was left in tears as she revealed she had reported the incident to police, still yet to hear anything from authorities.

TUI is now investigating her claims.

A TUI spokesperson said: "We would like to reassure customers that all of our hotels are regularly inspected and reviewed to make sure they meet safety, comfort and hygiene standards.

"The Riu Touareg continues to achieve good scores in the customer questionnaires we monitor, and we will always take any action that is required when it becomes necessary."

A spokesman for Hotel Riu Touareg said: "The hotel received a total of 87,000 clients in 2019 and the great majority had a very positive holiday experience.

"Of course, when talking of a population of this size, there can be a (in this case very small) percentage that are not satisfied.

"But we can assure that the hotel does not have any Health & Safety issue. In fact, the hotel underwent a thorough inspection carried out by a UK based specialised company last December, with very satisfactory results regarding the cleanliness, food preparation and managing of water of the pools, among other aspects.

"Despite all this, in the event of an issue, we address it with the required diligence and the professionalism that we have accumulated after more than 65 years of experience managing holiday hotels and receiving almost 5 million guests a year in our 100 hotels worldwide."

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TUI hotel from hell has pervy bell boy, food poisoning, bed bugs and a bone-breaking beach - The Sun

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