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All the real action in this years GOP primary election is in the gubernatorial race. Ive written that I have no dog in this years GOP gubernatorial primary fight. I signed on with Doug Steinhardt, and we all know what happened with that. It turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me because it has given me the opportunity to say and write what I want, when I want about all the others in the race.

Every word Ive written has been true, backed up with actual facts including articles and social media posts.

Still some campaigns okay, really just one has called us liars for using actual quotes from their preferred candidate.

Because the Republican primary election has turned out to be more exciting than many expected, following is an examination of the field of candidates:


I have to be honest, I kind of feel sorry for Brian Levine. Levine is one of the nicest people you could meet in the rough-and-tumble world of New Jersey politics, and hes smart, too. Hes a former mayor and Somerset County Freeholder and way more qualified than former beauty pageant winner Hirsh Singh or Phil Rizzo. His campaign simply never caught on. If this guy had been in the only gubernatorial debate, some news other than Singhs campaign manager, King Penna, being a jerkoff might have been reported. Ive seen him referred to on social media as a guy no one ever heard of which pretty much sums up Levines campaign.


I dont know much about Phil Rizzo, but thats his fault, not mine. Im the Republican municipal committee chairman in Greenwich Township (the Gloucester County Greenwich). The Rizzo campaign never reached out. Thats politics 101, call the county chairs then call the elected officials in the county, then call the municipal chairs. Even Singh knew enough to reach out.

Sure Ive written about Rizzos past anti-Catholic remarks, bed bugs at one of the family businesss apartment complexes and my hypothesis that Rizzo probably had something to do with the churchs decision to buy the house he lives in. Less than two weeks later Rizzo admitted he was part of the decision to my friend Matt Rooney over at Save Jersey on his SaveJersey Live with Dan Cirucci.

My bottom line on Rizzo is he is Hirsh Singh 2.0. Hes a guy who jumped on the Trump train and thinks that is enough to be an elected official.


Contrary to popular opinion I do not hate former beauty pageant winner Hirsh Singh. I offered him advice shortly after he announced he was running for US Senate, before I met another whack job who ran in that race that Im going to have to sue to get paid for the work I did for her. Outstanding debt that she still doesnt list on her campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission, a violation of law.

Anyway, back to Singh. He chose to ignore the free advice he was given and chose to continue to be a lying douchebag..

When one first meets Singh, they walk away liking him. Thats the thing with con artists, theyre likable. People liked Jim Jones after meeting him, too, then they joined the Peoples Temple, moved to Jonestown, drank a grape flavored drink and died. Im hopeful the Singh followers are a little smarter than the Jones followers.

Ive written about Singh more times than I care to count. His lies have been well-documented on the pages of this blog.

Singh gives only one reason to vote for him this year that he is pro-Trump. Frankly, I believe his pro-Trump stance is one of convenience. If one goes to his campaign Facebook page, clicks on filters, goes to the year 2017 and scrolls through one will notice that Singh does NOT mention President Donald Trump one time during his first gubernatorial campaign, nor during the entire calendar year. Singhs first mention of Trump on this page is on February 26, 2018, after he decided to run for Congress, or was it Senate, before he made a deal with the same establishment Republicans he now claims to be against.

Singh thinks we should simply believe that hes always been pro-Trump. Unfortunately, his cult-like followers believe anything he says.

Even money! Singh still sells the story that he uses his own money. His cult believes him.

It doesnt matter that in 2017 his money came from a loan from his daddy:

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Tomorrow Is Election Day. Don't Forget To Vote! Bob & Steve Show - Bob and Steve - Bob and Steve Show

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