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There's no denying that all the adventures going down at Dunder Mifflin are hilarious, but which episode of The Office stood out in each season?

There are very few shows that can boast the same type of resume thatThe Office has, with the NBC comedy arguably being one of the highest-rated series to ever be produced.

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With that in mind, it's no surprise that the highest-rated episode of every season for the sitcom never dipped below the score of an 8, quite an impressive feat that any show would be proud to achieve. While not every episode was perfect, these were clearly the best that the sitcom had to offer.

Half of the company employees made a trip down to Florida for a sales convention while the other half stayed in Scranton, and needless to say that shenanigans ensued. Dwight spends most of the evening trying to seduce Nellie, only to admit upon achieving his goal that he only wanted the satisfaction ofknowing he could, thus refusing to sleep with her.

Meanwhile, Jim proved what a loyal husband he was when Cathy continually tried to seduce him, only to have Jim enlist the help of Dwight (by telling him there were bed-bugs in his room) and cause Cathy to finally leave.

Despite only consisting of six episodes, the first season of the show still put up decent ratings, with the top episode being a fan favorite - the basketball episode. Michael and a select few office workers go head-to-head in a basketball game against the warehouse workers with the losers having to work on Saturday.

The game quickly gets out of hand for the office and things even start to get physical between Roy and Jim (due to tension over Pam). Finally, after a controversial foul/no-foul call on Michael, the warehouse workers are declared victors... but Michael then tells everyone in the office that they don't have to come in on Saturday either.

At the conclusion of season 3, there was a position at corporate that Michael, Jim, and Karyn were all interviewing for, with Michael being positive that he would get the position. However, his interview goes horribly and David Wallace tells him that he won't be getting the job.

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Afterward, Jim has his interview and seems like a shoo-in to get the position... only for him to realize mid-way through that he wants to stay in Scranton, take a shot at dating Pam, and (luckily) that's exactly what he did. In a twist, the episode ends with Ryan Howard getting the job at corporate instead.

The Office: The Best Episode Of Every Season, Ranked According To IMDb - Screen Rant

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