Sleep Tight: The Bed Bug Epidemic is Real (2009)

Experts say we are seeing a bed bug infestation at an epidemic proportion in the US. Homes, hotels/motels, college dorms, cruise ships, even taxis and aircraft have reported bed bugs. While they were essentially wiped out in America years ago, the parasites have made a big comeback by hitching rides in the suitcases or clothing of world travelers and have now firmly made a comeback. They have been reported coast to coast in the US including Hawaii. To combat the pest, many pest control companies are spraying toxic chemicals into bedrooms and directly onto your bedding. But the reality is that these poisons only work if they are applied directly to bed bugs and their eggs -- something virtually impossible to do in one or sometimes multiple treatments. Why knowingly put poison chemicals into your home and onto the bedding of you and your children? Fortunately, there's a new, healthy and green method to kill bed bugs and their eggs 100% of the time and with only a single treatment: heat. It also disinfects the structure much like pasteurization. Don't believe the chemical pushers: heat won't hurt your home or your belongings. When properly applied by a licensed ThermaPureHeat technician, sensitive objects are either covered and protected with thermal insulating blankets or removed completely from the heated areas. The following video shows how this patented process -- ThermaPureHeat ( works.

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