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A Saline County landlord is seeking guidance in connection with a bed bug infestation issue.

Larry Mattison told the Saline County Commission that he has recently dealt with 3 or 4 tenants who have had bed bug infestations. He said that once the problem is known, it can be treated. But, if the problem is not known, and the tenant moves, the bed bugs will also move with the tenant from place to place.

Mattison approached both the Saline County Health Department and the Citys Neighborhood Services and did not get answers that satisfied him in terms of containing infestations.

Mattison said exterminators treat bed bugs with heat and chemicals. A tent may be created within the rental and pieces of furniture are placed inside the 140 degree tent for a specified period of time. Mattison said the cost of treatment can vary from $700 to $5,000.

Mattison said he has 40 rental properties and manages 20 more.

County Administrator Rita Deister said that Health Department Director Jason Tiller could come before next weeks Open Forum to present his thoughts. This will be televised on ACCESS TV.

Mattison had a second concern, involving a small piece of property that he has not been able to sell. He hasnt paid taxes on the property and it has been part of the tax sales. But, the property still doesnt sell and it comes back to him. He described it as being worse than a time share. Mattison was encouraged to speak to County Counselor Mike Montoya.

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Salina Landlord Seeks Guidance on Bed Bug Problem - KSAL

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