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From cleaning your mattress topper to washing inner cushion pads, are you aware of the common cleaning myths surrounding mattresses and bedding?

To help you uncover the dos and don'ts, the experts at MattressNextDay have debunked nine of the most common mattress and bedding cleaning myths to prolong the life of your mattress and help keep bed bugs at bay.

Take a look at some of the biggest myths you need to know about...

Mattress covers don't make the bed immune from dust mites and other allergens, so you will need to clean yours even if it has a cover. Despite common beliefs, it's important to clean your mattress and the cover every six months, using the change in seasons as a handy reminder.

This is true, as they only need to be cleaned every few months. "Whilst mattress toppers and protectors are waterproof and can protect your mattress from stains, dust mites and bed bugs, whilst prolonging your mattress' life they still need to be cleaned to remain effective," add MattressNextDay.

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When do you make your bed? With household dust mites loving the warmth of a bed, it's always important to let your sheets cool down before making yours (experts recommend waiting 30 minutes). As you pull back your covers, open your window to give your room a refreshing breeze.

Cushions can collect dust and dirt, so they also need to be cleaned. "Everything in your bed needs to be cleaned at some point, including the objects that you don't actually touch," say MattressNextDay. "You should aim to wash your inner pillows at least three times a year as they soak up all of your sweat, dust and skin."

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For optimum cleanliness, you should wash your sheets once a week. If you are unable to do this, there are some quick tricks that can help you to keep your sheets feeling fresh, including not allowing pets on the bed, using body products at least 30 minutes before you sleep, and keeping snacks downstairs.

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To kill germs, sweat, dander, dust or other nasties, you should be washing your bedding at 60 degrees. While it may be tempting to pop them on a colder cycle, lower temperatures may not kill all the bacteria or remove sweat as effectively. When washing yours, remember to add a dash of detergent to keep sheets extra soft.

This of course depends on how often you are wearing your pyjamas, but if you are changing straight out of them in the morning, the experts recommend you wash them every couple of days. Always pop them in the machine if you feel they are not looking (or smelling) their greatest.

"It's safe to wear underwear to bed, however, the NHS recommends that you wash your underwear at 60 degrees to prevent germs from spreading," explain MattressNextDay. Used pants can contain microbes which can cause urinary tract infections, thrush and more. You don't want those kinds of microbes hanging around your beautiful bedding, do you?

Your pillowcases can harbour dirt, sweat and products such as body lotion so they should be cleaned more often than your duvet cover. In fact, the experts recommend you wash yours twice a week.

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