Prosecutor wants to padlock Flint-area hotel, cites drugs and prostitution –

FLINT TWP, MI Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton is seeking to padlock a Flint Township motel for up to a year under the states nuisance law after the police have responded to hundreds of calls in the last 15 months alone.

Leyton announced Tuesday, Nov. 19 that his office has filed a complaint against the Hometown Inn off Miller Road seeking an injunction against the motel.

The bottom line is this: The Hometown Inn is a public nuisance and Im going to close it for a year if I can prove to the court by a preponderance of the evidence that the allegations we set forth in our complaint are true and Im confident that I can do that.

Leyton cited more than 100 instances from August 2018 until November 2019 including prostitution, drugs, armed violence, disorderly conduct and unsanitary and dangerous conditions at the motel. In a March 26, 2019 incident, township officers responded to a female who called 911 to get her money returned due to having bed bugs," according to Leyton.

Flint Township Police Chief Kevin Salter noted there have been a total of more than 400 calls for service to the motel within the same time period as well as approximately 100 calls for EMS.

It takes away from different businesses and different residents of our township that we cant respond to as fast as we would like to, he said of the sheer volume of calls.

The request by Leyton marks the second time since 2015 his office has tried to shut down the motel.

An agreement was reached in March 2015 to padlock the business for 90 days. It called for the motels owners to rehabilitate and improve the facility, including 24-hour security, a security gate at the entrance, fencing around the property and surveillance video equipment to monitor activity at the motel, per MLive-The Flint Journal records.

Hometown Inn padlocked for 90 days as owners agree to improve property

The first closure occurred shortly after a Jan. 23, 2015 incident at the motel during which a Flint Township police officer was shot. Christopher Arren Washington was sentenced in December 2016 to a minimum of 25 years and a maximum of 49 years in prison in connection with the shooting.

Improvements did take place during what Leyton called a paper padlock period," including the fencing which "has been helpful.

They stopped with the narcotics issue and the prostitution, but over a period of time its crept its way back in and now its going full steam again and we just cant have that, he said.

I feel like theyve thumbed their nose at this entire community because they abide by nothing thats in that settlement document, said Leyton. Theyve gone back to their old ways. Theyre allowing prostitution in the facility. Theyre allowing drug trafficking, drug use, its unsanitary. Theres a public health issue out there.

Veteran to spend at least two decades in prison for shooting cop

Hometown Inn declined to comment Tuesday afternoon.

Leyton said this time around there would be no settlement and they would move through the court system as needed to keep the business closed for the maximum allowable time.

I wish it was longer. I wish that the padlock could be for multiple years, he said.

Leytons office has made the move only two or three times during his 15-year tenure in office, he added.

You try not to take peoples property, you try not to shutter businesses that are the livelihood of peoples families, but in this instance, we just cant look aside anymore, said Leyton. There are too many instances and too many incidents that are causing a public nuisance and really are causing harm to the Flint Township community.

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Prosecutor wants to padlock Flint-area hotel, cites drugs and prostitution -

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