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Something very strange is going on at the Walmart store in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. It is a story with a number of bizarre twists and lots of small bugs. So connect, because things get weird.

It all started last weekend when Walmart store employees claimed they had found at least one pill bottle that seemed to contain insects. The bottle was found in a coat that was still on the rack, suggesting that someone had pushed the bottle in and then left. However, the bottle was not open.

Believe it or not, it just gets stranger here.


According to the AP report, a hygiene services contractor who worked in the store found bed bugs in and around the mens fitting room. Thats pretty nasty, but it may not be the whole story, because Walmart later disputed that dispute and claimed that no live bugs were found.

A second pill bottle, also with insects, was found in the mens clothing department. The bottle was not open and the insects inside were apparently already dead. Law enforcement takes the problem seriously and has reportedly tested the bottles for fingerprints. Store personnel also scan camera images from the location to see if they can recognize the person who spread the bugs.

Spreading bed bugs in a store is bizarre, but if caught, the individual can get multiple charges. In any case, the police and shop assistants are now very alert to the bedbug bandit, so we keep our fingers crossed to find him or her sooner rather than later.

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Police say someone has attacked a Walmart with bed bugs - BGR - themediatimes

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