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Furniture, mattresses and other discarded items are lining the streets of Boston's neighborhoods on Wednesday.

Sept. 1 is the city's biggest moving day of the year with many leases starting and scores of college students returning to campus. In Allston, it's become known as "Allston Christmas."

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Conor Newman,the Allston-Brighton liaison for the Boston mayor's office, urgespeople to take care if they're digging for treasure in all the trash.

"As someone who has lived in Allston I live in Brighton currently I've certainly taken things off the curb. But we just remind folks that if they're taking things such as furniture, be mindful of bed bugs. We have public service announcements reminding folks to be checking and looking over things."

It's the second college move-in season during the pandemic. Newman says vaccine requirements at area colleges are helping ease residents' concerns as students move into the neighborhood.

Here are some scenes from the day:

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PHOTOS: It's Moving Day In Boston - WBUR

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