People vow to stop making their beds first thing in morning after mum’s grim warning – Mirror Online

From an early age, many of us are told to make our beds as soon as we wake up in preparation for the day ahead.

But one mum and cleaning guru is urging people to break the habit - and the reason why is leaving people grossed out.

Mrs D posts cleaning reviews and tips on her Instagram account, gaining almost 60,000 fans as she demonstrates how she keeps her spotless and envy-inducing home in order.

In a recent post, she wrote about how important it is to let your bed "breathe" after waking up due to the skin-crawling guests that may be lurking in your bedding.

She wrote: "It seems a lot of people get up and make the bed straight away. This is something you need to stop doing.

"Get out of bed and throw the duvet back and let your bed breathe.

"During the night we not only sweat but we also shed skin, and this is a magnet for dust mites & bed bugs.

"They love damp and humid areas, and some people only let their bed breathe in the summer, and think that you dont need to do this in the winter because of the cold weather.

"But this isnt true. With central heating being on in the winter it can attract dust mites/ bed bugs just as much as in the summer months.

"So, by making your bed first thing every morning you are trapping all that damp air and helping dusts mites/ bed bugs breed (sounds horrible, but it's true)."

Instead, Mrs D recommended letting your bedding breathe for at least an hour each day and washing your sheets once a week to reduce dust mites and bed bugs.

She also said you should be deep cleaning your mattress with a vacuum and steam cleaner once a month, and washing your duvet and pillows every six months.

The warning left her fans grossed out, as one commented to say: "I didn't know this! Will definitely do from now on."

Another said: "I air mine every morning, great tips."

People vow to stop making their beds first thing in morning after mum's grim warning - Mirror Online

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